This is just a short thing I did for Veteran's Day today. Slightly AU and Royai. Sorry it most likely sucks, I'm getting back into writing and this is also my first attempt at Royai AND Fullmetal Alchemist.

Roy sighed as he left the office for the day. Another day the Brigadier General slaved away under ruthless amounts of paperwork and playful banter from his gorgeous wife. Said gorgeous wife had left earlier in the day in order to pick up their kids from school. The black haired man ran a hand through his hair, getting into his car and driving towards his home.

He realized that today was somewhat gloomy. He blamed the chilly air and the storm clouds looming ominously overhead. Of course it would rain tonight...

Riza Hawkeye sat back into a chair in the kitchen with a sigh. The children, she could hear, were currently upstairs playing while they waited for dinner. She kept thinking back to what the two had said on the way home...

"Mommy...?" Her daughter, Elena, started.

Riza glanced back at her through the rearview window, "Yes?"

Elena fidgeted in her seat, "Umm.. nevermind..." she looked to her brother, Sam, for help.

"Yeah... we wanna wait until daddy gets home first." he spoke timidly.

Riza's eyebrows rose a bit before going back to a neutral position. How strange... she thought.

"I wonder what in the world is so important they need to wait for Roy..." she spoke aloud standing again, having heard theteapot whistling for her.

She poured herself a cup and then heard the front door open and close before Roy's voice boomed through the house, "I'm home!" he said, already walking into the kitchen.

Both kids barreled down the staircase and ran after their father, who at this point already had his arms wrapped around their mother's waist.

"Thank you mommy and daddy!" They both screamed latching onto their parents legs, almost making the adults fall over.

Roy and Riza shared a quizzical look before directing it to the two children. Both kids had smiles on their faces as they explained.

"Our teacher told us today we needed to say thank you to the army people!" Samuel started.

"Yeah! The teacher said today was Veteran's Day. And that that meant all the army people deserved to get thank yous for being in the army!" Elena finished, looking at her brother and parents with a smile.

"Ooooh." Roy said with understanding in his eyes. Both parents scooped up their children and hugged them tightly before shifting them into the other parents arms and repeating the action.

As soon as the kids feet touched the ground once more they bolted from the room. Roy allowed a chuckle to escape him as he took up Riza in his arms once more.

"You know..." he started, "I completely forgot about today actually having some meaning."

"As did I." Riza mused, struggling to get out of the embrace and return to fixing dinner. "After all, Central Headquarters didn't say anything about it." She heard her husband hum in agreement.

"Thank you for serving in the Amestris military." The two said to each other with warm smiles.

Okay so that's that! Please tell me how I did, and how I can improve my writing for both Roy and Riza. And anything else you can tell me. I really hope you all enjoyed! Please review and remember to thank those who've served this country.