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She paced, Yuuki finding herself to be rather anxious as she awaited the arrival of her tutor. After what had transpired between them two nights prior, she had no idea how to react to him. He'd left the next morning, determined to trudge through the snow that had accumulated during the night. He'd not uttered a word regarding their confusing circumstances, had only kissed her cheek before telling her to be ready for her next lesson. Then he'd disappeared down the hallway, leaving her nearly gawking after him.

Still utterly confused, she took a deep breath as the knock sounded at her door, the girl attempting to prepare herself for whatever would come.

Yuuki felt more than a bit awkward after opening the door, Zero meeting her with the same cool face she'd grown used to witnessing. She moved aside, the man gliding past her before she shut the door, turning towards him as he shed his coat. Realizing how preoccupied with her own two feet she'd become, Yuuki ventured a glance upward, meeting his lavender eyes directly.

"What?" he wondered, amused by her countenance.

"Nothing. I'm just surprised you came," she told him, forcing herself to retreat to the desk in the corner. Passing her finals, she reminded herself, was more important than hooking up with the enigmatic man that was busy pulling up a chair beside her.

"Why? I told you I'd help you and I'm going to. Don't tell me you're still worried about the other night," he said, being dead on as usual.

"I was never worried about it, actually," she corrected, opening her Calculus book as she began scanning the first set of problems.

"Then why do you seem so tense?" he asked, his hand brushing against her leg, causing her to jump in her seat.

"I'm all right. Just a little stressed over finals, that's all. But you're going to save me, so it's fine," she managed, gasping as she felt the warmth of his breath on her cheek.

"You're sure you're ok?" he wondered, brushing her hair from her face with his fingers.

"Definitely. Let's go," she said, Zero assuming his role as her teacher and at last getting to work.

Somehow, they managed to make it through the usual round of studying, Yuuki feeling as though her brain had been scrambled by the time they were finished for the night. From time to time, he would brush against her, leaving her heart thumping irregularly in her chest, though by some miracle she'd managed to live through their lesson.

Now she sat beside him on her futon, her mind wandering back to two nights prior when she'd nearly lost herself entirely to his touch. Even now her body was threatening to betray her, the girl tapping her fingers nervously against her thigh.

"Only a few more days before finals. I really can't thank you enough for your help," she told him, hoping to God he wouldn't bring up her nervousness once again.

"Don't sweat it. You'll be just fine," he assured her, "and you're the best student I've ever had. You're really easy to teach."

"Good. Glad to know I haven't made you want to kill me through all this," she joked, Zero rising to his feet as he prepared to take his leave for the night.

"The thought never crossed my mind. Look, I'd better get going. I'll see you later," he said, the girl nearly toppling over as he leaned down, his lips touching hers as her hands rose to rest upon his shoulders. They moved to his cheeks, her head swimming by the time he pulled back.

"Bye," he told her, his thumb tracing along her bottom lip before he was gone, leaving her gaping after him as the door slammed shut.

What the hell was this man doing to her? Never before could she recall becoming so bemused by anything or anyone, and yet here she was, feeling as though she was losing her mind entirely on his account. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to maintain her composure in his presence, especially when he took her off guard. Since she'd first experienced his touch only days before, even her dreams had been filled with him, her mind already filled to the brim with everything else going on in her life.

Akio had been absent for days, though it wasn't entirely unusual for him to disappear without a word until he needed something from her. She dreaded having to deal with him again, the very thought of his hands upon her enough to cause her to cringe. After what had transpired between she and Zero, she realized that she now faced making a decision that had needed to be made for quite some time.

Her boyfriend, if he could even be called that, was a self serving, arrogant bastard that only used her when it was convenient for him. She'd realized long ago that he harbored no love for her in the least, that he only wished to own her for show. Before she'd been able to force herself to accept their farce of a relationship, but now that Zero had come into her life…now that she'd experienced the feeling of his hands and lips upon her, she knew that she couldn't continue living the life she had before. Now, it was time to put an end to the madness that had nearly wrecked her for so long.


Several days had passed, Yuuki and Zero still meeting for their tutoring sessions, the man having complimented her on her progress each time. Things were still shaky between them, Yuuki unable to properly articulate what she wished due to one very pressing issue. There was something standing in the way of her allowing herself to be carried away by him, something that needed to be taken care of and quickly.

As it happened, she was granted the opportunity to do so as she sat looking over the last of her Calculus homework. Her head rose as her phone rang, Yuuki taking a deep breath before answering.

"We need to talk," she said immediately, a familiar chuckle sounding on the other end of the line. This, she knew, wasn't going to be an easy task to accomplish.

"What do you think we're doing, dumbass?"

"Look, I've had enough. I've had enough of you treating me like shit…calling me names, getting drunk and coming to me for an easy lay all the time. I've had enough of you, Akio. I'm out. I don't want it anymore and I don't want anything to do with you," she informed him, both relief and dread washing over her as silence followed. After a time, he spoke, her stomach paining her as he delivered his retort.

"Are you high? Did you honestly just say that shit to me?" Akio wondered, his wicked laughter filtering into her ears once again.

"No, I'm not. And I did just say it. Every last word. I am done being your toy!" she shouted, met shortly by his all too calm voice.

"You think your dad's gonna' be happy about this? Did you forget what everyone expects out of you, you fucking bitch?"

"I don't give a shit about what anyone thinks. Not anymore. I'm sick of this façade and I'm sick of you. Just leave me alone, Akio. It's over," she spat, before hanging up on him and throwing her phone halfway across the room. She shook with rage, his words echoing in her ears as silent moments passed her by. How dare he bring her family into this? As if it weren't bad enough that she had to deal with him, now she was sure he would bring her father into the mix. When he found out, she knew she'd be facing hell dead on, though she no longer cared how difficult it would be. Anything, she knew, would be better than dealing with Akio and his beastly ways any longer.


The days seemed to have flow by, Zero having worked a true miracle as the girl received the results of her final Calculus exam, her eyes growing wide as she realized she'd actually gotten a 'B'. Professor Tanaka smiled as he handed her results to her, stopping to congratulate her.

"Fine work, Ms. Kuran. I see Zero was able to assist you. I'm quite pleased by this outcome," he said, before continuing on his mission, leaving the girl speechless as she tried to comprehend the outcome of her final exam. She found herself dying to see Zero, to inform him of how well she'd done. It was all because of him, she realized, a small smile gracing her lips. She wanted to do something for him, to thank him for working so patiently with her for the past couple of weeks. Without him, she knew she never could've pulled this off.

Yuuki dug around in her bag for her phone, pulling it out in order to make a fateful phone call, though she was unaware of it at the time. She'd put him on speed dial in case she ran across any math emergencies in his absence, though that wasn't the only reason. Secretly, she'd been elated when they'd exchange numbers, though she'd done her best to hide it from her tutor.

She waited as it rang once, then twice. On the third ring, his voice filtered into her ears, her breath catching for a moment.


"Hey, it's Yuuki. Look, I know we're supposed to be finished now that finals are over, but I was wondering…could you come over later? I'd like to do something to thank you for all your help," she told him, the man pausing on the other end of the line.

"Thank me? So can I assume it was a success?"

"Yeah. I actually got a 'B'. I still can't believe it," she informed him, heat pooling in the pit of her stomach as he spoke once again.

"Congratulations. I told you it'd be fine," he said, the girl making her way across campus as she started home.

"Well, you were right. So…are you free tonight?" she asked again, her heart warming as he answered.

"Sure. I've got some time," he told her, Yuuki feeling as though she'd won a small victory.

"Awesome. How about around seven then?"

"Ok. I'll be there. Later," he said, the line going dead before she snapped her phone shut, dropping it back into her bag. She had no idea what she could possibly do to thank him for pulling off such a miracle, but she knew she wanted to do something. Still, she realized she didn't exactly know much about him, leaving her pondering what she could even gift him in order to show her thanks. What would he like, she wondered, unable to come up with a single thing the entire walk home.

As seven o'clock approached, Yuuki ran around her apartment like a mad woman, having just barely managed to dry her hair after her shower, hopping around on one foot as she put on her jeans. She had no idea what she was doing, nor what her plan of action was. All she knew was that it'd been too long since she'd been granted the sight of a pair of lavender eyes gazing back at her. This, she thought may be her last chance to drown in them.

The knock sounded, the girl nearly jumping from her skin as she realized he'd arrived, walking quickly to the door. Her breath caught as usual when she beheld him, his eyes seeming to gaze right through her.

"Hi," she managed, moving aside as he entered, Yuuki closing the door behind him. He tossed his coat over the back of her futon, amused to see her fidgeting nervously before him.

"Hey. So you passed, huh? I have to admit, I'm kinda' disappointed," he told her, seeing the befuddled look cross her face.

"Why's that?" she wondered, her breath catching as his hand reached out, clearing her hair from her face as she nearly gaped at him.

"Because it means I won't have an excuse to see you anymore." His words shocked her, the girl feeling her face warming, the calm, collected look on his face killing her where she stood. Almost able to hear the moments ticking by, she at last managed a response.

"About that. I was kinda' thinking that maybe…you know, if you wanted…we could hang out sometime," she said, amazed as he leaned in closer, his breath tickling her cheek.

"Why do you think I'm here?" he asked, his voice low just next her ear.

"I'm glad you came," she admitted, immediately cursing herself for being so honest. She felt herself losing control of her faculties, his proximity both unnerving and exhilarating at once.

"So now that I'm here, what did you have in mind?" he wondered, straightening himself up and leaving her feeling a bit denied. She was at a total loss, still having no clue as to what she could do to show her appreciation.

"Um…well, I dunno'. What would you like?" Yuuki felt her world come to a dead stop as the last thing she expected occurred, the man leaning down until their foreheads touched. His fingers moved to tangle in her hair, tilting her head back as she stared wide eyed up at him.

"This," he nearly whispered, her breath catching as his lips claimed hers, Yuuki finding herself backed against the futon, his larger frame pressing her against it as he kissed the breath out of her. His arm snaked around her waist, pulling her tightly against the front of him, her hands gripping his biceps as she attempted to remain upright. What the hell was happening?

The knock sounded at her door, snapping them both out of their small reverie, Yuuki quickly realizing what a precarious position she held. She immediately withdrew her hands from under his shirt, wriggling from his grasp in order to quickly make herself decent, her hands then smoothing down her disheveled hair. Likewise, Zero straightened himself before taking a seat, his arm stretched along the back of her futon as he watched her walk towards the door. The all too familiar voice sounded, Zero immediately realizing something was amiss.

"Yuuki! Open the damn door!" Akio shouted, her blood running cold as she hesitated, looking back at Zero, who had gotten to his feet. She held up her hand, halting his progress before taking a deep breath. She unlocked the door, Akio nearly mowing over her as he stormed inside, the usual smell of liquor assaulting her.

"What the fuck took you so long?" the raven haired man demanded, his eyes immediately falling upon Zero, who stood several feet away, watching him.

"Oh, what the fuck? Is this why you tried to leave me?" he demanded, starting forward towards the silver haired man behind Yuuki. She moved to stand in his way, her heart racing as she spoke.

"I didn't try, I did leave you. I already told you, Akio. Just go," she tried, the man brushing past her, her hands gripping his arm to halt his progress. She cried out as he pushed her aside, the girl hitting the wall, her disgruntled ex drawing back to strike.

Zero was between them, violet flames dancing within his eyes as he sent the drunken man reeling backward, Akio crashing into the nearby table before recovering.

"It's you," he said, a chuckled escaping him as the situation registered.

"And?" Zero wondered, feeling Yuuki's hands gripping the back of his shirt as she stood behind him.

"You're dad's gonna' love this, Yuuki. Why don't you stop being stupid and save yourself a whole lotta' trouble?" Akio asked, glaring at the man who stood between him and his intended prey.

The girl appeared, Zero's arm snagging her about the waist before she could step any closer to the unstable man before them, keeping her close to him.

"I don't care anymore what you do. Just get out and don't come back. I'm done," she told him, Zero pulling her in against him as Akio moved forward, looking the two over before beginning his exit.

"Whatever. It won't take you long before you're bored with someone like him. Some lowlife can't keep a princess like you satisfied. You'll be begging for me to come back soon enough," Akio told her, the sight of Kiryu holding his ex enough to cause his very blood to boil in his veins. At last he left, slamming the door loudly behind him, Yuuki at last releasing the breath she'd been holding.

"Damn it," she cursed, sighing mightily as her head came to rest against his chest, his arm still around her, his anger yet to ebb.

"You ok?" he asked, turning her to face him, his hands cradling her face between them.

"Yeah," she answered, wishing he hadn't been made to witness such a scene.

"Has he always been like that with you?" Zero wondered, the girl's eyes refusing to meet his, worrying him to no end.

"Yuuki, look at me," he requested, her eyes at last rising, what he easily recognized as hurt swirling within them.

"He's just an asshole. He's a privileged, selfish, arrogant bastard that I let treat me like shit for way too long," she told him, the backs of his fingers brushing against her cheek.

"When did you break it off?"

"A few days ago. I'm a real idiot, too. I actually thought it'd be over. But no, now he'll just make it his life's work to make my life even more of a living hell than he's made it for the past 10 months. I'm sorry you had to see that."

"No, I'm glad I was here. If he did something to you, I…" he said, trailing off as her head tilted back, her arms slipping around his neck.

"Nobody knows anything about you, do they? If they did, they'd never leave you alone," she told him, his arms lacing about her, pulling her closer against him.

"Just you," he answered, the girl pulling back at last.

"You should probably go. I don't want to bring you any more trouble," she told him, surprised as he took her hand in his.

"I think," he began, "that I should stay. Who knows if that psycho's gonna' come back? I can't leave you alone."

"Zero, you should…"

"Are you afraid of me?" he asked, Yuuki shaking her head in response. So much had already occurred tonight that the girl wondered if she could in fact handle any more.

"I'm not. But if you stay, I know exactly what I'll do."

"And what's that?" he asked, watching as she locked the door once again before turning back to him.

"Beg," she answered with a small smile, taking his hand in order to lead him back over to her futon. He stopped her, the girl turning back towards him curiously.

"Yuuki…would you hate me?"

"For what?" she asked, his hand tilting her chin up, his eyes seeming to glisten in dim light of the room.

"For what I'm about to do."

Her response died against his lips as they claimed hers, her heart nearly stopping, his arms enveloping her as she met his kiss in kind. Her mind spinning, she realized that she'd never kissed anyone besides Akio, Zero's kiss so unlike those she was used to being dealt. She recalled the first time she'd tasted it not so long before, the memory forever locked in the depths of her mind.

She felt his fingers weave through her hair, his hand tilting her head back as his kiss became more intense, his tongue touching her bottom lip. She gladly parted her lips, his tongue slipping between them, tasting the saccharine flavor of her. His tongue ran along her teeth before tangling with hers, her body burning despite the cold surrounding them. Her hands moved to frame his face, her body pressing against the front of him as she pulled back, nearly gasping for breath, her lips hovering just short of his.

"Why?" she asked, her head spinning from the intensity of his kiss.

"Because I wanted to," came the simple reply, his hands beginning to unbutton her shirt, Yuuki unable to comprehend what was occurring, though the call of her body was trumping the protests of her mind.

His lips touched her neck, her eyes closing as she felt them upon her skin, Zero landing atop her on the futon as she looked up at him with hazy eyes. She allowed him to finish his task, tossing her shirt aside before he went about removing the lace between them, leaving her chest bare, his head bowing over her. A small moan left her as his mouth closed around one breast, his hand kneading the other. Her fingers tangled in his hair, holding him to her as he continued to pay homage to her, the heat of his mouth in stark contrast to the air pricking at her naked skin.

She felt the heat pooling between her thighs, her hips straining beneath his as she realized just how overcome by the moment she'd become. His touch was driving her to madness, her body longing to feel more of him. She knew she was playing with fire, though she had no fear of being scorched by it. This, she knew, couldn't be stopped.

He pulled back, pulling his shirt over his head before tossing it to the floor, the man pleased to feel her small hands trailing up his bare stomach. Yuuki allowed her hands to trail over the taught muscles of his body, feeling out each line and sinew before he went about divesting her of what clothing remained upon her, leaving her feeling as though she'd slipped into the realm of dreams.

She lay there before him, the most beautiful sight he'd yet to witness. His conscience bit into him hard, though his body demanded that he continue, certain parts of his anatomy giving him hell as his lips flowed along her body. Her soft moans only drove him on, his teeth nipping along her skin, his lips leaving bruises in their wake.

"I'll show you how it's supposed to feel," he told her, the girl in a haze as her eyes watched him, unable to look away.

Yuuki was shocked as she felt his lips moving down her body, his tongue trailing along the insides of her thighs before his hands spread them wide, her voice crying out as his tongue dove inside her. Her hips strained beneath him, his hands holding her in place, his tongue lapping at her ruthlessly and nearly causing her to lose herself entirely.

"Zero…Ze…ahh!" she cried, her body lost to his touch, his tongue wreaking ungodly havoc as he teased her, his fingers slipping inside her. Her entire body felt engulfed in flame, his fingers moving in and out, his tongue ruthless as he showed her a pleasure unlike any she'd ever known.

He felt her body quake beneath him, signaling her end. He pulled back, his fingers still moving within her as he looked down upon her, his body aching for her as he watched the pleasure play across her face. His hand unbuttoned his pants, his fingers at last slipping out of her as he shed the remainder of his clothing, her eyes trailing over his naked form before dipping to his arousal, her hands reaching out to touch him. He nearly growled as she took him in her hand, stroking him hard as he closed his eyes. He stopped her before he came, his body craving even more of her.

"If you don't want this, now's the time to say so," he told her, his hand molding to the flesh of one breast as she turned, her hand soon digging through the inn table drawer. She found what she'd sought, her lips touching his as he prepared himself to claim what he so craved. She broke away, her legs lacing around him as she pulled herself close to him, her arms clinging to him.

"Zero," she breathed, his hands lifting her as she steadied herself, her hands upon his shoulders. He lowered her onto him, her heat all consuming as she began moving over him, his hands on her hips as he guided her. She cradled his face in her hands, her tongue invading his mouth, her body consuming him greedily as their hips ground together.

He felt her fingers tugging at his hair, felt her fingernails raking down his back as he lost himself to her heat, her cries like heaven as they echoed throughout the room. He laid her down, her legs hooking over his shoulders before he began driving hard into her, her small body rocking beneath him. Her hands clung to his biceps, her body moving to meet his every stroke as he showed her the full extent of his desire.

"You want it?" he asked, her eyes half lidded as she answered.

"Don't stop. Please, Zero. Please," she nearly begged, looking down to see their bodies joined, his body thrusting into her again and again.

"God, Yuuki," he groaned, feeling her body clamping down around him, tremors rippling through her soon afterward. He kept his pace, her body still tight around him as he met his own release, his body coming to rest atop her, her legs still laced around him. Her head tilted back, her eyes closed as she attempted to regain her breath, his pleasant weight atop her.

His lips trailed lazily along her chest, the man finally slipping from within her before leaving her for a moment. She watched him as he walked back to the futon, slipping back under the blankets, his warmth permeating her as his naked skin meshed with hers. His arms encircled her, holding her against his chest as she sighed. She realized exactly what they'd done, though she refused to allow it to faze her. For now, all she wanted was to relish in the moment at hand. Reality she would deal with afterward.

Somehow, it felt so natural to her to be in his arms, his warmth chasing away all her doubts and fears. After a time, his voice broke her from her blissful reverie, the girl tilting her head back in order to look up into his face.

"Are you ok? I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked, his fingers tracing along her jaw line as he awaited her response.

"No, you didn't. That…I've never actually enjoyed sex before," she admitted, her eyes closing as his lips touched her forehead.

"I told you, didn't I? That I'd show you how it's supposed to feel?"

"Yeah. I'm glad you did," she said, kissing him softly before burying herself under his chin, the warmth of his body chasing away the chill of the slight chill of the room.

"So where is this gonna' leave us in the morning?" she wondered after a bit, still tucked in against him as his fingers ran absently through her chestnut tresses.

"That depends. Where would you like it to leave us?" he returned, his warm breath beating down upon her brow.

"Somewhere where I can stay like this with you. I've had a crush on you for a while now, you know," she informed him, a small chuckle escaping him.

"If you hadn't noticed," he said, "I'm kinda' in the same position." Her head rose, the girl looking down upon him, taking in his smirking face. He reached out, the backs of his fingers stroking along her cheek.

"I never expected any of this," she told him, suddenly feeling a bit reserved as she sat by his side.

"You're not already regretting this, are you?" he wondered, his voice laced with melancholy, the girl quick to answer.

"No! No, I don't. I just…screw it, never mind. I just want to be with you. That's all," she said, moving to straddle him, her lips claiming his as his arms laced themselves around her. Soon, her voice was again crying out in the night, their bodies meshed long into the early hours of morning before they found sleep, Yuuki secure in her partner's embrace.


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