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Rose woke up early the morning of Ravenclaw's Quidditch try-outs. She wasn't nervous, in fact, she was actually a little excited. She really did love Quidditch and maybe it was about time for her to try out. And besides she had said she would, and Rose was a girl of her word. Clary, Ashley, Lily, Al and Scorp were all going to be there watching. Clary and Ashley were so excited that Rose was joining the Quidditch team, both girls were fans, but not players. Rose pulled on her Ravenclaw Quidditch robes and walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

"Rose you're going to do so well! I just know that you're going to get on the team!" Ashley told Rose excitedly. Clary smiled and wished Rose good luck. Lily also joined the Ravenclaw table for breakfast.

"I can't believe you're actually doing it. Good for you, Rose," Lily said. Al was ecstatic and went on and on about how great it was that Rose was finally joining.

"But don't go thinking that you can beat Slytherin. Because you're not that good," Al said seriously. Rose smirked in a very Scorpius like manner.

"Wow, thanks for the encouragement, Al."

"That's what we're here for," Scorpius said from behind her. Rose turned around and saw her blonde best friend.

"Hey Scorpius, thanks for convincing me to try out. Oh, and don't forget about that new Nimbus X model that you're getting me for Christmas!" Rose reminded him, beaming. Scorpius smiled back at her antics.

"Yeah, maybe the amazing quality of the broom will distract the rest of the school from your horrible flying."

"Shut up, Scorp. You know that I'm an amazing flyer. After all, during the summers I can get the Quaffle past you no problem."

"You keep telling yourself that, Rose. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you good luck. We'll be cheering you on during try outs." Scorpius told her before he walked back to the Slytherin table for a quick breakfast.

"Thanks Scorp, but I don't need luck," She called out teasingly. He smirked at her.

"Of course not, you're Rose Weasley." Was his teasing rejoinder.

Rose walked onto the Quidditch pitch, broomstick in hand. She was almost tingling with anticipation now. She loved flying and now wondered why she had never tried out for the team before! Sure, she had her reasons, but they didn't seem very valid any more.

Steve Grayson, a blonde seventh year and the Ravenclaw team captain flew into the air. He was, according to Al, the only player on the Ravenclaw team that was actually decent. This was probably true. Helen Summers had been the Ravenclaw captain for the past three years, but she had graduated. Unfortunately, she gave all the spots to her friends regardless of their skill. Steve, Rose hoped, would change things up.

"Right, hello everyone, my name's Steve and I'm the Ravenclaw captain for this year. I'm going to start off by dividing you up into groups based on positions, then I'll have you complete a lap or two around the course, we'll run a few drills and then I'll make up some teams and we'll have a few matches. So, keepers over here, chasers right behind the keepers, seekers stand to their left and beaters to the right. Okay, so get started on those laps."

The laps were definitely a good idea, a few first and second years with no talent at all had tried out. Steve sent them away as kindly as possible. During the drills, Rose scanned the chasers for any competition. Since Steve himself was a chaser, there were only two spots available and Rose desperately wanted one of those spots for herself. Besides herself and Steve, there were five other potential chasers. Besides a tiny, but talented fifth year named Hank, the rest were all seventh years. Rose knew that she could out play Rebecca and Chloe, Hank she could also probably beat, but Jolene and Ryan were a bit more serious competition. Ryan had incredible strength and aim that alone was probably enough to get him onto the team, but he was utterly lacking in any type of strategy, which was something that Steve was all about. Jolene was Ryan's opposite; quick and agile, she was probably the trickiest player on the pitch. However, her tosses lacked strength and that was her major weakness. Rose was the in between, she was strong, but could not compete with Ryan, and she had strategy, but Jolene was much better. Finally, Scott decided that he was done with his drills. Only two seekers remained. A fourth year boy and a fifth year girl by the names of Sean Waylon and Gracie Benton. Rose, Jolene and Ryan were the only remaining chasers, as Rose had suspected. Scott had apparently already chosen his beaters, for only two remained on the pitch. Trevor de Luca and Kyle Barkley, two of Steve's best friends. Rose prayed that they were actually good and not just on the team because of their friendship with Steve. They did look the part though, both had to be around six feet tall and had very defined muscles that were visible through their Quidditch gear. Two seventh years; Emma Yale and Mickey Frank were also left as keepers. Rose knew that Mickey stood no chance against Emma, for not only was Emma a spectacular keeper, she was also Steve's girlfriend and there was no way that he would kick her off the team.

"Okay, first I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone for making it this far. That alone attests to your talent. So I'm going to split you all up into two teams. Since we don't have enough people for a complete team, each team will have a keeper, one beater, two chasers and a seeker. The first team will consist of Gracie Benton as seeker, Trevor de Luca as beater, Emma as keeper and Ryan and Jolene as chasers. The rest are with me, you know your positions.

The match began, and after a good half hour of play Rose felt that she was doing very well. Another thing that she had noticed was that Kyle and Trevor really were spectacular beaters. Rose almost found herself wishing they weren't quite so good because Bludgers were flying left and right and it was hard to concentrate on the Quaffle. Rose flew towards Jolene as fast as she could, trying to catch up with her in order to steal the Quaffle. Rose saw her opportunity. Jolene had just thrown the red ball in Ryan's direction, but with a burst of speed, Rose intercepted the pass and raced towards the hoops. While she was zooming towards the hoops, a Bludger, courtesy of Trevor nearly took off her head, but she continued flying, trying to plan out a strategy to get the Quaffle through the hoop that Emma was guarding. Emma wasn't so easy to fool though, but Rose had an idea. She flew directly towards the left hoop, making it appear obvious that she was going for the left. Emma picked up on this, believing that Rose was about to fake right, she positioned her broom towards the right hoop. But instead of faking, Rose through the ball with all her might into the left hoop. Surprised, Emma did not have enough time to catch the ball and Rose scored yet another point for her team.

"Nice work. It's not easy to get passed Emma," Steve commended. Rose felt ecstatic and the sensation was only increased when she saw her friends and cousins cheering her on in the stands. Rose gave them a quick wave before she turned back to the game. The competitive play continued for a few more minutes until the little fourth year by the name of Sean Waylon rocketed down from the sky, hurtling after the snitch. Rose stared in shock. Sean flew faster than anyone Rose had ever seen. He zipped passed the Bludgers and within a few seconds he had caught the snitch. Rose, along with the rest of the team was absolutely flabbergasted, that kid could probably out fly Al.

Steve flew down from the sky and dismounted next to Sean and patted the fourth year on the back.

"So you all played extremely well today, and it's going to be a very difficult decision as to who is joining the team. So, I'll have the list posted in the Ravenclaw common room after dinner tonight, so be sure to look for it." And with that the potential Ravenclaw team members were all dismissed. Just as Rose was heading up to the stands to meet up with her friends, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Rose turned around and saw a pale, auburn haired girl with dark green eyes behind her; Jolene (AN: yes that was inspired by the song Jolene by Dolly Parton if anyone knows it).

"Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you did really well today. I think that you definitely have your spot on the team already," Jolene said, smiling at Rose. Rose blinked back in surprise. Jolene had a reputation for being… a little less than friendly, but here she was, congratulating Rose on a game well played.

"Thanks, Jolene, you did really well too," Rose replied warmly. Jolene grinned.

"I know. I hope we both make the team. See you later, Rose." Rose smiled at the pretty girl and waved after her. Then she went off to find her friends.

"You did so well, Rose!" Ashley cheered, hugging her friend.

"Yeah Rose, I think I am going to end up buying you that Nimbus for Christmas. Did Grayson tell you when the list was going to be posted?" Scorpius asked her.

"Yeah, he's posting the list right after dinner. I'm so nervous though that I don't think I'm going to be able to eat any dinner, let alone lunch!" Scorpius laughed at that and pulled her into a congratulatory hug. Rose blushed and hugged her friend back. Suddenly, she felt slightly self-conscious, she probably smelled awful after all the Quidditch that she had played. She quickly excused herself and made her way to the prefect's bathroom, it was much nicer than the one in her own dorm.

Rose was walking down the hallway towards the bathroom when she heard hushed voices. Rose began turning left, towards the bathroom, but her curiosity made her pivot around and she quietly made her way towards the right. She could tell that the voices were coming from an unused classroom a few doors down, and she could also make out that it was at least two girls, but apart from that she had no idea. Before she got any closer, Rose stopped. Rose's mother had always told Rose that eavesdropping was wrong, but Rose found that she could not resist the temptation. She stood right outside the cracked door and listened intently. Suddenly, Rose recognized the voices. Katherine Goode, Tiffany Sinclair and Charlotte Penhallow were whispering to each other in hushed tones.

"Just get over yourself, Tiffany. You aren't dating him anymore so what's the big deal if I date Chris?" Katherine demanded, her voice was not quite a whisper anymore.

"I don't have a problem with it at all Kathy, I'm just concerned that you're going after my sloppy seconds. I didn't know that you were that type of girl." Tiffany responded snootily.

"Girls, just drop it. It's not really a big deal. Besides, you have Scorpius now, right Tiffany?" Before Tiffany could reply, Katherine cut in.

"Oh yeah, that's another problem. I can't believe that you're dating that slimy Slytherin. What would your parents think if you ever brought him home. They've told you the war stories a thousand times and you're still mixing with Death Eater scum?" Tiffany responded in a much quieter voice, one that was- to Rose's utter disgust- mixed with shame.

"Don't-don't say stuff like that Kathy, he's not that bad, and besides, it was a long time ago."

"He's not good enough anyway, and what happen to your 'I only date Gryffindors' policy? Have all your morals just flown out the window?" Katherine was yelling at Tiffany now and Tiffany's reply was barely loud enough for Rose to make out.

"Be quiet, Kathy."

"And if you're berating me for accepting 'sloppy seconds' than you are a hypocrite! That Malfoy jerk has been with practically every girl in Hogwarts. By dating him you're practically labeling yourself as a slut! And Charlotte and I wouldn't want to be friends with such a despicable person, would we Charlotte?" Despite Charlotte's kind nature, she had grown up in a family similar to Tiffany's where the war villains were looked upon as dirt.

"I'm, I'm really sorry, Tiff," was Charlotte's muffled reply. Rose, who was seething with fury by now, allowed herself a brief glance in the room. Katherine was fuming, her hands on her hips, looking down at Tiffany who looked like she was about to cry. And even though Rose didn't want Scorpius with Tiffany, Rose hoped that the girl wouldn't succumb to her horrible friends.

"Bu-but, you guys…please," Tiffany whispered. Katherine rolled her eyes.

"Just dump the Death Eater and everything can go back to the way it was. Wouldn't that be best?" Katherine asked maliciously. Tiffany looked up at her friends.

Rose was faced with a severe internal dilemma in those moments before Tiffany answered. On one hand, Rose would like it if Tiffany and Scorp stopped seeing each other, but not like this. Tiffany was not supposed to hurt her friend and if Tiffany dumped Scorpius because of this, Rose would never to be able to forgive the beautiful Gryffindor. Rose held her breath as Tiffany took a deep breath before answering Katherine's question.

"Okay…you're right. I'll tell him that I don't want to see him anymore and everything will go back to normal, but Kathy…please don't mention this to my parents, if they find out, they'll never forgive me." Katherine grinned.

"Of course, Tiffany, so break it off tomorrow, alright? Do it after dinner." Tiffany nodded her head while Charlotte and Katherine walked out. Rose quickly hid behind a nearby suit of armor.

Rose could not believe how those three girls could each be so, so awful! Even Charlotte, who Rose had always thought well of was just as malevolent as Katherine. Rose stepped out from her hiding place as soon as the two Gryffindors had left. Rose walked past the door and made her way back to the prefect's bathroom, she needed some time to cool off and think about what in the world she was going to do. As she past the door she heard Tiffany gasp.

"Rose?" Tiffany called out quietly. Rose turned around and stared at Tiffany's puffy green eyes.

"What?" Rose snapped.

"How-how much did you hear?" Tiffany asked, horrified. Rose glared at the girl.

"Enough." Tiffany looked scared, but she opened her mouth one more time to speak.

"I'm sorry… can you not mention this to anyone?" Rose gaped at the girl in revulsion. She couldn't even respond to this.

"Please?" Tiffany pleaded, but before she could say another word, Rose ran past the room, past the bathroom until she made it back to Ravenclaw Tower.

When she finally arrived she was panting. She had never run that fast in her life, but she couldn't bear to stay there for another second. Rose couldn't believe that someone could be such a bitch! All three of them were! But what was she supposed to do about it? She couldn't tell Scorp, that would kill him. And as much as she liked Lily now, Lily was too much of a gossip. Her friends were also out of the question for the same reason that Lily was. And Al…Al wouldn't believe her after she had freaked out on him last week. He'd think that she was just jealous. Rose flopped down onto the bed in frustration, pondering over any alternatives in her mind. She knew that she had to tell someone, but no one fit the bill. Eventually, Rose fell into a fitful sleep, dreaming of the events that she had witnessed today.

"Rose…Rose, wake up! The Quidditch list is posted!" Clary said and Rose woke up with a yell. "Don't be scarred, silly, it's just me. Now come on, the list is up. Don't you want to see if you made the team?" Clary continued. Rose blinked a few times in confusion before realization suddenly dawned on her. She pushed the memories of today out of her mind and rushed down to see the list.

Ravenclaw Quidditch Team:

Captain Steve Grayson- Chaser

Emma Yale- Keeper

Trevor de Luca- Beater

Sean Waylon- Seeker

Kyle Barkley- Beater

Jolene Anderson- Chaser

Rose Weasley-Chaser

Congratulations to all of you. Practice will begin tomorrow at four o'clock. See you all there.

Rose was unable to contain her excitement, she screamed in excitement and hugged Ashley and Clary.

"I'm so happy! I made the team!" Rose called out.

"Nice job, Rose," Jolene, who had recently checked the list too, told her. "See you at practice."

"Thanks Jolene, see you then." Rose called after the girl.

"Come on Rose, let's celebrate. There's probably still some time to catch some dinner and I know that Al, Lily and Scorpius are anxiously awaiting the good news!" Ashley said before dragging Rose out of the common room. But the only thing that was on Rose's mind now was what she was going to do about Scorpius. Rose sighed before settling on a conclusion. I have to tell Al.

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