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-testing area-

"Zack!" Louise cried as her familiar quickly rushed towards the golem and dodging it's strikes. "Damn! I can't find a weakness...Maybe this thing can only be taken down with brute strength?" Zack asked himself as he dodged the golem's incoming right arm with renewed agility and ran up it's forearm. "Take this you pile of dirt!" Zack shouted as he cut through the surface of the golem's arm with Derflinger, it only took another swing from him to completely destroy the golem's lower half with the shockwave that he caused by just swinging the sword at super sonic speeds.

-testing area-

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"H-how..h-h-how...HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT!" Louise yelled in surprise after recovering from her shock upon seeing Zack's display. "YOU AREN'T REALLY A MAGE ARE YOU!" She shot a questioning glare at Zack as he raised both his hands and slowly backed away, "Woah woah woah, Relax now Louise, it's not really that much of a special thing" He tried to calm Louise down, the Louise who can't even cast a single spell correctly...CALM her down by explaining the fact that almost anyone can use magic...

And the results were a really pissed off Louise."LIES! NOT EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD CAN USE MAGIC! THIS IS BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE FOUNDER!" Louise pointed a finger at Zack while ranting about how the founder found magic, saved the lands and etc.

She then looked at Zack once again and paused, before opening her mouth and asking her question. "How do you equip it?" said Louise as a question mark appeared above her head and Zack face vaulted after realizing his mistake. "Sorry, guess I forgot to teach you the basics…"

Reaching his right hand into his pocket, he promptly searched for something and after a few seconds,"Ah HA!" Zack exclaimed as he held a bluish materia in his right hand. "Now let you teach you the process, it's reeaaal easy, you just have to do this" Zack slowly 'pushed' the materia into the palm of his left hand and it went through slowing emitting a gentle glow through his flesh. "Now you try it!" said Zack as he grinned.

Louise looked at the small orb in her hand, as she took a deep breath to steel her resolve. She slowly imitated what Zack did by slowly pushing the materia into her left hand. But the results were unexpected. The materia didn't enter her hand but instead just remained in contact with her skin, but not melting into it or anything.

"What is the meaning of this Zack?" Louise asked as she turned to her familiar. "Wait, let me see it" Zack approached Louise and tried helping her equip the materia. Keyword being tried.

"My guess is that the body structure of you guys are really different from those in my world..." Zack mused as he scratched his head in confusion after several tries in trying to equip the materia for her. "Though it works fine for me." Zack responded after he equipped the materia with no troubles.

"I guess once a zero...always a zero..." Louise mumbled sadly to herself as Zack unequipped the materia and turned to her. "You said something?" Zack asked while tilting his head. "No, nothing...It's going to be dark soon, it's going to be cold. So let's get back inside..." said Louise as took a glance at the setting sun and started walking towards the entrance for the dorms. "Come on, move faster already!" said Louise as Zack started walking slowly,"Coming, coming..." Muttered Zack as he rolled his eyes and came after Louise.

A few hours have passed and the sky was littered with multiple twinkling little stars next to the presence of the two moons...
In a specific room at the third floor of the dorms, A raven-haired teenage boy and a pink-haired girl were quarrelling together...

"What do you mean I have to wash all you're undergarments?" Zack shouted as he had a stare-off with Louise.

"Because you're my familiar! And familiars do what their masters tell them to do without any qualms!" Louise barked back as her stare hardened.

"I thought you aristocrats have you're own servants in the dorm, if so why do you need ME to wash you're laundry!"

"Why should I even rely on the servants working for the academy when I already have a familiar that could do all the manual labour for me?"

"I swear in the name of gaia that you're personality changes every minute!"

"What do you mean by that? And who's gaia!" Louise growled as she stare instantly changed into a hard glare and Zack cringed a little at the sight of it.

"Ahhh! Even bowing down to you and staying humble has a limit!" Zack shouted as he started stomping towards the exit of the room.

"Wait! Where do you think you're going!And you haven't answered my question yet!" Louise shouted as he opened the door to the exit.

"My dear mistress, you have already breached the line which you should'nt have breached at all...And I'm going to run away...For now!" Zack barked out the end of his sentence as he quickly slammed the door and bolted for the stairs that led to the first floor which was the lobby. While hearing a war cry from Louise that made his hair stand on it's ends, he quickly increased his speed.

Making a swift decision, he jumped down the last few steps and did a barrel roll, he hearing some voices to his left as he was about to touch the ground. "-I would love to taste some of you're handmade souffles, my one and only true love, Kate..." Zack quickly stopped the momentum of his roll and stood in a half-kneel position beside a small fountain out of view, and looked at a blonde guy having a conversation with a brown-haired girl near the stairs.

That guy...he was at the summoning ceremony this afternoon, he even had a few laughs at Louise too... What he noted other then the face of that guy was that there was a color difference between both of their cloaks. Years in SOLDIER had taught him that different colors for a specific cloth wear, might differenciate different levels, skills, ranks and etc.

The blonde's in a purple cloak while the girl's in a brown one, and if i remembered correctly, Colbert did mention that today was the 'spring time familiar summoning ceremony' for the second years. And everyone present today were wearing purple cloaks, so if my observation is correct, second years wear the purple cloaks. And at least this information is better then nothing...

As he finished assesing what little information he had, the conversation continued as the brown-haired girl spoke to the blonde. "Guiche-sama, I would be delighted to let you taste my handmade souffles, I would bring you some of them tomorrow at tea break. Is that alright?" said the girl named Katie.

Before Zack could eavesdrop for anymore useful information, his heightened senses pick up angry stomps and curses directed at him. He was about to wait for Louise to arrive and confront her, but then suddenly he had a gut feeling that he might not really want tostay around and wait for her. He dashed for the door to the outside, which was only a few metres away. Always there...Just another metre! That was when a yell echoed throughout the whole of the lobby.

"GET BACK HERE YOU UNFAITHFUL FAMILIAR!" yelled a fuming Louise as she clenched her wand tightly and ran down the stares as fast as she could, attracting Guiche and Katie's attention. "Nu uh! I'm going independant from now onwards! I'm not going to be a familiar to a girl who disregards gender and age issues!" Zack quickly casted Haste on himself and ran out of the building into the courtyards.

As his eyes slowly adjusted to the night sky, Zack tried to keep up his speed and escape the academy via crawling over the concrete wall that seperates the academy of magic from the outside world. "FREEDOM! I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT!" Zack yelled like a madman as though he was confined for years, although it was just mere hours. Not to mention the air in Tristain was supposedly filled with the scent of flowers since it was spring...Oh the irony.

Being careless and letting his guard down for a second, Zack tripped on an unseen pebble and fell head first to the ground. Although the SOLDIER program allowed him to shake off the damage like it was nothing, it still shook his brain causing him to have much slower reflexes, buying the pursuing mages enough time to get to him. "Levitation!" Guiche shouted out the name of the spell as Zack was lifted into the air against his will. Aw crap...Back to the slave drivers room I guess. Better tried escaping then never... Zack thought to himself as he got lifted back into the dorms by Guiche who was talking to Louise.

"Hahahaha! First time I saw a familiar run for his life from his master...HAHAHA!" Guiche laughed out loud as he started holding his ribs,"I- Hahaha! -can't...HAHAHA Breathe!-HAHAHAHA" Louise, who was standing next to him was beet red at having Guiche laugh at her, so she tried to retort. "Shut up Guiche! Get him back into my room and get lost!" Louise shouted with a high-pitched voice as they neared her room, of course with Zack floating in the air behind them, still struggling.

When Guiche finally decided to stop laughing and let Zack down, he helped Louise tie him up and laid him on a pile of hay that a servant prepared under Louise's orders. Just as Guiche was about to close the door upon his exit, he poked his head back in and stifled a giggle before quickly closing the door. Mili-seconds after closing the door, a thick reference book came into impact with the door as loud laughs could still be heard from the hallways.

Flinching when Louise's attention was shifted from the door to him, Zack started to sweat bullets as Louise closed in on him. Staring at him with her death glare, Louise revealed a sadistic smirk and pulled a hazel-brown whip seemingly out of nowhere. "Look's like it's time for some punishment..." She slowly raised her whip over her head as she stood in front of the now tied-up Zack.

"U-um Louise c-can we ta-alk about this in a c-civil like manner?" said Zack as he gave an awkward smile knowing full well it's a do or die situation here. " you want to talk in a civil like manner eh?" Louise narrowed her eyes as she lowered her whip and took a few steps away from Zack. As she went into a thinking pose, Zack visibly relaxed a little.

"Hmmm..." Louise pondered on the subject for a few seconds, it felt like hours to Zack, fearing his punishment. And as he saw the look on Louise's face, his heart sank as deep as it can into the sea of despair. Once again wearing a sadistic smile, Louise gagged Zack with a random rag that she found and once again rose her whip above her head.

Muffled screams and shrieks of agony were heard throughout the dorms that night, some thought it was just their imagination, some thought there was a ghost in the dorms...But only two people know what happened in the dead of the night. It was also the day, where Zack learned that not all the girls in the world or dimensions can really control their temper. And to never provoke Louise and or escape from her again, as it might detriorate the already bad situation.

An hour before the first rays of light shone through the kingdom of Tristain, Zack woke up from his makeshift bed after having a weird dream and remembering what happened last night, nothing a Cura can't heal. But he still shuddered at the mere thought of enraging her again. He slowly yet silently started stretching his sleeping muscles before beginning his light morning work out which consisted of squats, push ups and sit ups.

After finishing the last of his sit ups, he noticed that he was starting a sweat alittle before opening the windows and letting the early morning breeze do wonders on his slightly overheated body. He stood in front of the window and watched the morning sunrise. Sighing a little he did a quick review on the recent events and could only sigh as he looked at the Buster Sword which was leaning against the wall next to his 'bed'

Looking out of the window again, he saw the rising sun and decided to wake Louise up for breakfast since he was instructed to do that after the beatings had ceased.

"Better wake me up the second the sun rises you unfaithful familiar!" Louise barked as she stopped her onslaught after releasing all her pent up frustrations on poor Zack and untying him. "Y-yes, Ma'm!" Zack stuttered as he sat upright in front of Louise's piercing glare. After switching off the lights, changing into her sleeping attire and leaving her laundry in a basket next to the cabinets, she slid into bed and covered herself up. Zack shook his head for being a feminist and having a soft spot for them.

Drawing out curaga, he unequipped Quake and started to heal himself back into a better shape. Glancing at Louise for one last time, Zack unhooked the Buster Sword from his back and left it leaning against the wall next to his hay pile. As his head hit the hay, he slowly difted to sleep thinking about ways to learn more about this world.

Moving to the side of Louise's bed, Zack extended both arms and held onto Louise's shoulders before shaking them gently as he spoke,"Louise, wake up. It's morning already, you're going to miss breakfast if you wake up late...I think?" Zack tilted his head to one side as he said the last part. "Nggh...hhmm? Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" Louise reached for her wand and Zack was engulfed in an explosion that was big enough for only an adult human.

As the smoke cleared, a soot covered Zack stood there staring at Louise with a deadpanned expression that says, You forgot about me just after one day?. Noticing the look he had, Louise cleared her mind and picked up the bits and pieces. That was when it suddenly hit her as she remembered yesterdays events. "Oh! You're the familiar I summoned yesterday!"

"Oh geez, the second day and you forget my name already, all knowing mistress of mine." said Zack sacastically as he rolled his eyes. "Who I forgot about you're name! Let me change my clothes before we leave, Zatch." Louise smirked internally as she thought about how great she was if she even bothered to remembered her handsome familiar's name. Realizing what she just thought about her familiar, Louise quickly shook her head to get rid of the blush and waited for Zack to help her change her clothes.

Zack face-palmed as he quickly reminded the pinkette his name,"Hey Louise, it's Zack Fair, ok?" Waving him off, she looked at Zack as he looked back at her, both of them exchanged stares before Louise asked her question."What are you waiting for?" Zack raised an eyebrow and responded to her question with a question."What are YOU waiting for then?" Louise shifted her line of sight from Zack to the cabinet that held her change of clothes and her undergarments then shifting it back to Zack who rose another brow.

"You really don't want to change you're own clothes do you?" Zack asked as he gave her a slight frown with her repeating the words she said last night. "Why should nobles do their own work when they have servants to do it for them?" Zack gave a long hard stare at the cabinet as though it was his greatest enemy, slowly approaching it, he chose her undergarments by random and took out a neat stack of her uniform complete.

Placing Louise's change of clothes next to her on the bed, he proceeded to tie a blindfold on his forehead, only pulling it down concealing the world from him, he started the hellish process of taking off her underwear and putting on fresh ones on her, as he was working, a small trail of blood trickled down his nose.

After finally putting the cape on for Louise, Zack took off his blindfold without wondering why didn't he take it off and make life easier for him after he buttoned in her shirt. He pondered on that question for a few seconds, before shrugging and hooking the Buster Sword on to his back. Approaching the door, he found Louise waiting for him with the door open while tapping her foot impatiently against the floor.

Both of them left the dorms and strolled towards the dining halls with hungry stomachs, wondering what was going to be their breakfast...

"Ok...This is worst then having to eat SOLDIER issued rations that would probably taste better then this piece of bread, period" Zack muttered to himself as he starting chewing the cold, hard, stale bread. That was not really refilling his lost energy, but having some is better then none. "You know you should be glad that I even allowed you to enter the dining hall, familiars usually stay outside of the dining hall whenever a meal is in process" Louise huffed as she finished swallowing a piece of steak.

After breakfast was over, Louise brought Zack out to one of the courtyards where the second year students were gathered at and were having some sort of a tea break. "Hey Louise, why are all there students gathered here?" Zack asked as Louise turned to face him and replied."Today is a day off for all the second years for them to bond with their familiars and increase the trust between the both of them." Zack just did an 'o' with his mouth as Louise just sat down on a chair and Zack wandered about the courtyard.

Feeling something creep up to him, Zack quickly spun about to find himself face to face with a levitating eyeball that had wings. Blinking a few times, he decided to see if his 'natural' talent was still working,"Hey there little guy, how's you're day?" Zack asked as he looked at the familiar in front of him. Hearing a few soft shrieks, Zack nodded and replied."Yeah, I know that she has a bad temper and all but we can't really judge people since we just met them right? uhhh What's you're name?"

After a few shrieks that was meant as a respond Zack broke into a grin,"Hey, nice to meet you too Kazum, hope we can be great frie-" before Zack could finish the last sentence, he got hit squarely on his flank by a salamander and flew towards an unsuspecting black-haired maid.

Hearing a cry of surprise, Zack landed on the ground with a thud while wondering what, or who did he get flung into, "Oh man...That hurt..." He quickly stood up and turned around as he heard groans from behind him. Looking at the maid who was kneeling on the ground frantically trying to pick up a sponge cake that fell probably when he hit her. Quickly took in her features Zack focused on her hair and eye color. Black hair and onyx like eyes...Seems to be of Wutainese heritage to me, but I can't really assume...

Moving quickly, Zack approached the downed maid and helped her up after she finished collecting the fallen pastry."Thank you very much" the maid bowed quickly before frantically trying to continue what she was doing previously before she got hit. "Hey wait" Zack held her by her shoulders as she turned around asking him,"Yes, What seems to be the problem?"

"Well, I could help you out if you even need any helping" Zack waited patiently for an answer as the maid eyed him up and down before having a tinge of red appear on her face after stopping at his face. "My name is Siesta, you are?","Zack, Zack Fair. You can just call me Zack because I don't really like being formal and all those other things." Zack gave her one of his signature smiles as she pondered on something.

"Well, if you could, please help me deliver this tray of desserts to that table over there" Siesta pointed to the table where a male blonde was seated with his back facing Zack and a female blonde who was having a conversation with her seemingly fellow blonde. "Ok, you can go ahead and do you're other things while I deliver this." Zack waved her off as she thanked him again before reentering the kitchen.

Approaching the table, Zack sat the tray down on the round table and distrubuted the plate which held the cake. Just as he was about to leave, a voice called out to him. "I would like a refill for my tea, on the double" Turning around, Zack recongnized the owner of the voice as Guiche who wasn't even looking up when he gave the orders. Seeing him talking with the girl seated oppersite to him.

"Oh my dear Montmorency, You're beauty is like nothing I have ever seen, you're perfume are the work of the founder himself, you-" Zack decided to intervene seeing that he remembered making a promise with the girl he saw last night and flirting with another girl today. "Well, too bad cause I'm not exactly a servant so you're tea might arrive a bit behind schedule" Zack announced as he saw Guiche turn around and reveal an astonished expression.

"You, you're Louise's familiar who tried to escape yesterday! Like his master, he must be incapable too..." Guiche whispered the last part to Montmorency who was more then willing to laugh at Louise's failure. "Yeah, well...we'll see about that" Zack just took off ignoring Guiche ranting about the improper ways on treating the nobles. I will treat you with the respect that you deserve if you would only treat others with the respect that they deserve...Although I can't really say that to Louise, her 'horse' is higher then any other... sighing once again, he started his search for Siesta to return the tray that he took from her.

Just as he saw Siesta and was about to advance in her direction, he saw someone interesting, that could trigger an event. He saw...Katie! One of Guiche's female friends that were tricked by him. She looked like she was searching for someone as she looked left and right holding a box. Then Zack remembered what he overheard last night and grinned evilly to himself as he walked towards the brunnette.

"Excuse me, might you be looking for Guiche?" Zack asked politely after stopping in front of Katie with an innocent grin. "Um, yes, Might it be that you know where Guiche-sama is at now?","His just right over there" Zack pointed to the table where Guiche and Montmorency were seated at and proceeded to return the tray to Siesta while stifling a few giggles.

A few minutes later, two loud resounding slaps echoed throughout the courtyard, wanting to see the results of his plan. Zack quickly approached the table where Guiche was at, which was surrounded by a crowd now. Just as he arrived, he saw Montmorency and Katie leaving the scene with Guiche clutching his artificial rose saying,"Ah, the two lovely ladies do not know the life of being a rose that needs to satisfy the girls of the world..."

"You mean you're a master of two-timing?" Zack shouted and Guiche turned towards his direction."Hey Guiche, seems like you're cover finally got blown!" a plump boy from the crowd shouted as everyone started laughing. "You...YOU!" Guiche started as Zack put up both his hands and responded,"Hey hey Guiche, now you're after guys too?" Another guy shouted from within the crowds and everyone laughed again.

"Hey man, wasn't me" Zack grinned sheepishly as Guiche narrowed his eyes and looked at Zack with distaste."You, lowly familiar...I challenge you to a duel!","Why do I have to duel with you?" Zack looked at Guiche as he clutched his rose even tighter then before. "No questions familiar of zero, I will be waiting at the Vestri court. Come if you dare" Guiche then walked off as Zack just looked at his retreating back. Arrogant kids...But at least I get the chance to show him his place, that's better then nothing... Zack smirked just as a certain pink-haired girl approached him.

"What do you think you're doing?" Louise asked as Zack just looked at her while grinning,"I'm going to knock him down a few pegs, maybe get him to respect you while I'm at it." Zack then turned towards a plump boy and asked,"Hey, You know where's the Vestri court?" "Ho, so you're really going after him? Well, go west from here and past through those two other courtyards and you're at Vestri" the plump boy responded as Zack gave his thanks and started advancing towards the given location.

"Malicorne! Why did you do that?" Louise shouted as she glared daggers at the plump boy before running off to stop Zack from doing something stupid.

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Omake: Metal Gear Fair

Zack's front roll quickly came to a halt as he hit behind a crate, with no weapons other then the Buster Sword and loads of materia, most of them which cause big booms. Obviously unsuitable for a stealth mission like this.. Shaking his own head at his misfortune, he quickly peeked over the top of the crate, making sure his raven-black hair was held down by his bandana and was blending in to the night sky. He vaulted over the crate and started making his way towards the wall which was one of the key objectives to his freedom.

Steathlily ducking into the clumps of waist-high grass and weeds, he watched the area for guards, civillians and or any other things that could alarm the forces pursuing him. Seeing that the coast was clear, Zack doved out of the grass and started a mad sprint towards the wall. Tripping on an unsuspicous rock, he felt his Phoeniex summon activate on accident, bathing the area with a totally epic CG cutscene which included fake fire and explosive fireworks.

And as he was suddenly levitated by an unknown force, after being found out. He heard people randomly screaming his name like he was in some spy, action, espionage game that has something related to robots. Then as everything slowly faded to black, a blue panel box appeared out of thin air and told him that he acquired a Phoniex Down.


Game Over,Continue?



When Zack woke up, he found out he was just having a dream, and shrugged off the thought that it might be his sixteenth attempt to escape the academy already although it was just the second day for him. Shrugging, he stood up from his hay pile and proceeded to wake up Louise for breakfast and started doing his warm ups...


"You're not even worth making me serious with you're arrogant attitude..." Zack finished off the last few Valkyires without even drawing the Buster Sword.

Zack focused on casting Quake to prevent the golem from escaping and to rescue his master,"Hang in there Louise!" Zack shouted as the materia glowed brightly.

"Would anyone want to volunteer for the search party?" Old Osmand asked as he stroked his beard, eyeing the mages(SOLDIER 1st Class+1) in the room, waiting for a response.