AN: yep. Another Amanda & Simon drabble. Every time I watch MDA I find something new to write about.

Pairing: A/S

Set: During 2.16, Caveat Medicus - just before they get into their euthanasia debate.


Amanda turns on her ball and takes in the surgeon and the lawyer sitting behind her. A smile pulls onto her face at the sight of the surgeon and joy dances across her.

He's staying; and the sight of him there once again heightens her perception, makes her skin prickle. She fights her lips into a neutral line rather than an ecstatic curve, because he's not supposed to know all this – she's not even supposed to think all this. But she does, and he's here, and he's not going, which means he's staying; and Amanda will continue to be able to turn around on her bright aquamarine exercise ball and see him there.

And that makes Amanda think – regardless of everything: of cases and debates that turn into arguments and the fact that the Queensland high court is quite possibly going to shoot her feet out from under her – that everything will be okay. Simon will be there.