A/N: Enjoy!

Pair: A/S

Set: During 2.14 The Samaritan Kind


"You're not happy." He states. It's the most ridiculous thing he can say – she's so far from happy she's about to smash the biscuit container into a million pieces because she's not thinking clearly enough to open it.

It's cruel, and a little bit wrong, and he'll deny it to the death, but he does it for the expressed purpose of seeing that little dramatically-sardonic smile playing about her lovely lips.

She launches into legal jargon, and he doesn't even listen because he knows already that their client has put them in a spectacularly bad position by lying in her statement. He doesn't need to listen because he didn't want an answer, he just wanted to watch her launch into a one woman court-room role play with her starring as Judge, Jury and Opposing Council.

One of her arms raises itself grandiosely as she puts on her 'different voice' {it's not different at all, just silly} and demonstrates how the plaintiff's lawyers will bring their client undone in mere moments, and Simon has to hide his smile behind his teacup.

He wishes she could be a little less adorable when she's feeling borderline homicidal.