Pair: A/s

Set: Post series, not too far in the future.

Spoilers: None

A/N: I found this in my documents marked with 'ready to post', so I thought I would. It's been there for I've-forgotten-how-long. Enjoy!

It Works

It works because she's been through a divorce before; it works because he can talk to her about it. It doesn't work because he doesn't talk to her about parts of it– doesn't work because he tries to protect her and inadvertently ends up shutting her out.

It works because she knows when he needs space, but also when she needs to stubbornly stand by him. It doesn't work because he's not sure he likes being that well understood. It works because she understands that.

It doesn't work because he's scared to let it. It works because she's brave enough to make him.

It doesn't work because life is complicated and difficult. It doesn't work because they're both flawed. It works because everyone is. It works because it's worth the effort.

It works because she loves him, and she's willing to make it work. It works because, even if he's not ready to admit it, he loves her too, and he couldn't let her go if he tried.