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Just Another Night And Morning

By Waterrain

"Yong Ha, What is wrong?" Jae Shin asked me and he looked a bit concerned, but my friend shouldn't feel that way for I sneaked a small kiss from him a couple of nights ago. I placed a hand on his shoulder and looked at him. Those lovely lips that crying out 'Kiss me', but I care a lot about him and I do not want to risk ruining anything.

"Have you had sex with anyone?" I asked calmly. His cheeks flushed and he stared at me.

"Why are you asking?" He asked and I innocently smiled at him.

"Because I felt like it." I replied simply while moving my hand from his shoulder. "So my dear and precious friend have you had sex?"

"No, I have not had sex." He told me. I smiled and after a moment hugged him.

"I feel better now." I commented cheerfully. His body feels nice, warm, and if only I could hug him forever. However I pull away and smiled playfully at him before saying it is such a shame that no one has agreed to have sex.

"I have not asked anyone." Jae Shin said to me firmly, he looks annoyed, and his cheeks are red like apples. I smiled at him and he crossed his arms before walking away.

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