I wrote this while watching Shrek Two all by myself cause my parents were at a party and my sister was at her friends house.

I really need a life ;-;

Also, I feel how Seto feels right now. I am SO tired.

This is post Joey and Seto getting together, by the way. I think? I dunno. I can't decide. You decide.

Warnings: BL. And excessive ADORABLENESS :D No, I dunno.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. ._.

Seto yawned and walked into the door of his mansion. He had been in a meeting that lasted longer than it should of, rendering his arrival at a late two in the morning. It wasn't that bad to Seto, but he did have a little brother to worry about.

"Moke?" Seto called and wandered into the living room. He set his suitcase down and noticed Joey's shoes on the floor. Mokuba must have called him because he was bored and invited him over. Seto smirked.

Seto trudged upstairs to the "Movie Room." A room that contained a huge wide screen TV. He had his own private theater, but this was for more smaller, quieter viewings.

The T.V. was playing the main menu to Shrek Two over and over again, and when Seto walked over to the couch he saw a huge bowl half full of popcorn on the coffee table and Joey and Mokuba were fast asleep on the couch.

They probably left a mess in the game room. Seto thought. He would've usually been annoyed and would've made them get up and clean it, but he was too tired. He noticed there was a little space on the couch, and stared at it.

"It can wait." He mumbled and took off his jacket, falling over on the empty space of couch.

Seto almost fell off the couch when he felt someone squeeze his shoulder.

"Night, Set." Joey mumbled. Seto smiled lightly.

"Good Night, Mutt." He said and fell asleep.