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The Reason For Pouty Lips

By Waterrain

One might call me crazy for thinking this about Moon Jae Shin out of everyone. He has quite beautiful lips despite the fact half the time they are a bit busted due to fighting and also so tempting too. His lips look soft and I wonder far too often if they would be soft like a girl's. I have touched him with my hands and with my fingers they are soft, but I wish to touch them with my lips.

My life changed the day I met Moon Jae Shin and I questioned my growing feelings toward him, but never asked or voiced them out loud. The first thing I noticed was his voice and those lips. The strong, firm, and yet gentle voice. Those lips were beautiful, I was curious if they were soft like a girl's, or a bit tougher than mine.

"What are you doing? Did you taste something bad or do you have a cold?" Jae Shin asked me and his arms were crossed. My hand was on his face and it slipped down to the surprisingly soft jaw. My thumb felt his lips for a moment, but then his hand pushed it away and he shook his head at me.

'His lips are tender and he has a small cut on the side.' I mentally thought to myself and then smiled fondly at him.

"What's the big idea?"

"You got into another fight."

"So what?"

I want to do more to Jae Shin, I want to touch his whole entire body, and yes I'm quite greedy. Yet I do not care, but on the other hand I do not wish for Jae Shin to hate me if I did such things to his body. I read several forbidden books of sex to try and forget how much I long for my best friend. I have known him for ten years, he is interesting, and I'm not ever going to leave him.

I enjoy playing, teasing, and jokingly picking on him. He is rather cute and luckily no one really notices him. Those kissable lips, begging to be kissed, and yet has not been kissed by anyone. He is not scary at least not to me.

His chest has some scars, but it only adds to him. I touch his lips with my hands and fingers, but I wish to have them inside and I'm going too far. I can't help it, I want to have him completely and utterly to myself. He is precious to me, my little gem who is not truly seen by others, and I'm content to keep it this way having him by my side.

"You know I care about you, right?" I commented smoothly and he rolled his eyes at me. I smiled faintly at him and then grabbed him by the hips. "You really shouldn't fight so much and get your lips busted up."

Moon Jae Shin shook his head and then he smiled faintly at me.

"It will heal in a few days or less." He told me and I chuckled at him.

"Geol Oh, Your lips always look tender and pouty due to them being injured so many times." I stated calmly to him and he rolled his eyes at me. "Always having to heal over and over again."

I touched his lips with my thumb and smiled fondly at him. He sighed quietly and didn't bother to bat away my thumb.

"Your lips are like a girl's." I commented smoothly and then decided to give him a brief kiss on the lips. I grinned at his shocked expression and I stood up while grinning.

"And they feel like a girl's too. Ah, It was just like kissing a girl." I said smugly and Moon Jae Shin got over the shock. I chuckled as I ran for my dear friend was upset, I stole his first kiss, and I couldn't stop smiling for my friend was saying to me firmly after he caught me by the shoulder 'Stop taking your sexual frustration out on me just because there are no girl's here'. I chuckled and grinned at him for it was rather funny in a way. So funny it almost makes me want to cry, but instead I smile brightly at him and agreed that it was just because there are no girl's here instead of telling him the truth.

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