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Chapter One

"Daria, I would like you to lead the training workshop this week." My boss, Anne said as she handed me the folder with the list of training exercises.

"Right, this week I'm teaching the patrons how to use the online catalogue, or is this week the database workshop?" Both workshops were in the folder and Anne was always a bit scatterbrained.

"Actually I was hoping you could combine the two, maybe include some research techniques as well." She smiled and I grimaced. It was hard enough to narrow the lessons into an hour when they were a single topic, let alone this combination.

"Anne, I know you're my boss and it's my job to do your bidding but this request is just not possible. We're in Charming, half the people don't know that the mouse does not refer to the rodent. I'll be strained as it is getting the catalogue training into an hour long session. Maybe we could add an addendum lesson for a less formal time? Maybe create a weekend study time for students?" I knew our budget was miniscule at best, but I hoped I could get through to her; this work was too much for one librarian to handle.

"As long as you do the work and help do the promotion I believe we could do a weekend study session. There are always students coming around who wish to get out of Charming. Have the script and visuals ready by the end of the day and I'll sign off on it." She smiled and I couldn't help but to smile back, she was understanding my point.

After she left I went out to the main desk, usually I was in charge of the reference desk when Anne was on duty. Today, however, she had to run an errand for her daughter so I was left in charge of the main circulation desk. Since the main computer was strictly for circulation purposes I set up my laptop and started working on the script for the workshop, since I knew the ins and outs on the system and knew my audience the script practically wrote itself.

As I was getting into it I heard the door at the entrance closed and looked up to see the most interesting man I'd ever seen enter the library. He was unconventionally handsome with darker skin and hair shaved into a strip with tribal lightning bolts gracing the shaved areas of his skull. He looked around nervously as he spotted the magazines, then he grabbed one of the Auto Traders and proceeded to find a seat where he could see every exit and entrance. He was obviously using the magazine as a disguise, and I left him to whatever he was doing and continued my work. Eventually he got up and started looking around at the books nearest my spot at the desk and I had a chance to look at him closer. His head wasn't the only spot he had ink, there were tattoos on his arms, including an image of the reaper that I'd seen around town and knew was associated with the local motorcycle club. Anne had told me that though they seemed scary, the men in the club were good men who loved their town and protected it in their own way. If any of them came in we were supposed to give them the king's treatment but since this guy didn't seem to need anything I just left him to his own devices. I looked away from him and tried to work on my computer, only to realize that it was frozen, I had saved my work but computer issues still bothered me. I used CTRL +ALT +DELETE but didn't get anything; I waited to see if there was a lag, but no. No matter what I did it didn't work. Eventually I let out an unprofessional curse and the man looked at me with a small smile.

"Computer problems?" He asked and I detected a New York accent, as rare as my Minnesotan one here in California

"Sorry, I didn't mean to say that. But, yes, I am having issues." He smiled and I found myself falling into it. If I were to rate smiles his would have been an 11 out of 10.

"I'm kind of a tech guy, you mind?" He pointed at my laptop and I turned it over. We stood silently at the desk while I saw his fingers moving over the keys. The speed and surety of his movements made me smile; this man had definitely impressed me. Eventually, there was a loud noise from my computer and he smiled and turned it back to me. My script was up and still intact, I couldn't keep the gratitude out of my eyes and he smiled even wider.

"Thank you so much! I'm Daria." I reached my hand over the desk and he tentatively took it.

"Juan Carlos, you can call me Juice." He shook my hand like most men do, afraid they were going to crush it so I put all my strength into it and he kept smiling. I was a farm girl; no one was going to crush me with a simple handshake.

"Thank you again Juice." I smiled wider at the oddity of his nickname, but felt my smile droop as our resident tweaker entered the library.

I had only worked in the library a few months but I'd been here long enough to get to know some of the local criminal element. Rodney was part of that element, he was suspected to be a dealer but we all knew he was a user, of what we weren't sure. He looked over to the circulation desk and gave me what he thought was a flirty grin and I cringed. He looked at my savior and his look turned to fear. Juice simply looked at him and gave his head a jerk before Rodney moved toward the back. Then his attention turned back to me.

"It was great to meet you Daria, maybe we'll run into each other again." He gave me the smile again but it wasn't in my heart to smile anymore, he was going with the tweaker. I tried not to be a judgmental person but I couldn't help it this time. Recreational drug use was ok, hell I smoked bud every once in a while but I doubted Rodney was a simple stoner. Soon enough both men walked out and Juice gave me a wave as he headed out the door and I nodded. I had work to do and handsome, potentially druggie bikers weren't part of that work. Thank god I could compartmentalize.

Juice's POV

It was amazing how one simple word could turn the toughest guys I knew into pussies. Even more amazing was that the word was "Library". It was like simply saying the word would turn them all gay or something. I think that's part of the reason Rodney used the Charming Public Library as his base, he knew no Sons would hassle him. Well his careful planning was about to be for shit since Clay needed him. Clay would have rather had Tig or Bobby deal with him, but since neither of them wanted to come to the Library it meant that I had to get the tweaker. Clay didn't tell me what he wanted with him but it wasn't my place to question my President.

I walked into the building, attempting to be inconspicuous. I'd even left my cut with the Prospect to keep up some kind of anonymity but my tats were kind of obvious. I looked around taking the woman at the large desk in front into consideration. She was cute, not as hot as the girls at the clubhouse, but she was fucking adorable. She had this little button nose, holding up small dark rimmed glasses that did nothing to hide beautiful grey eyes. Her hair was a red I was sure wasn't found in nature and the blonde roots starting to show confirmed it. I couldn't see what she had going on below the waist, but above wasn't too bad. Again hotter girls at the clubhouse but I had a weakness for good girls, especially if they were nerds or smart girls. It looked like she was the kind of girl that hit my weakness.

After I was done checking her out I went to the magazines and found an Auto Trader. Good for a laugh, as a mechanic I could see the lemons and it was always great to see people trying to pass them off as cherry. Eventually I got fed up with the magazine and decided to get closer to the cute librarian. In front of her desk there were a lot of books, mostly new releases and the popular shit but I pretended to look over the titles and she worked on something on her laptop.

"Fuck!" She whispered angrily and I held in a chuckle.

"Computer problems?" I asked as those beautiful eyes met mine.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to say that. But, yes, I am having issues." Her accent was faint, almost a non-accent and I had to smile. Though if I were to admit the smile was also a bit flirty this chick was definitely of the nerdgirl variety and I was a sucker for the nerdy girls.

"I'm kind of a tech guy, you mind?" I pointed at the computer and she nodded and moved her laptop around to me. She was really trusting; I didn't know if I should be grateful for that instant trust or find a way to teach her that blind trust isn't a good thing around here. I decided to just let things work themselves out and started working with her computer. It took no time at all to find the error and she gushed when I gave it back to her. I was about to ask her if she wanted to get a drink or something when I saw her smile drop and looked over to see Rodney. Evidently, Daria, the cute librarian didn't think much of the dealer, but Clay needed him so I had to associate with him. After a very lame goodbye I went with Rodney to the back and gave a brief overview of what I needed. He'd simply nodded and come with me. Trying to improve my luck I'd waved at Daria as I passed but got a simple nod in return. I'd definitely have to visit the Library in the future; maybe there'd be more tech stuff she'd need help with. I definitely could add cute librarians to my list of weaknesses.