My first YYY story and it was something I decided to do after the show had ended. Really, I was heartbroken to learn that one of the best Disney Jetix(before it became Disney XD)shows has ended...and on a unanswered question! Who is Yin and Yang's mom as well as Yo's wife?

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"It's amazing how one ginormous battle that had the fate of the world depending on us lasted only for like one day..." Yang grumbled as he lay against his side of the couch.

"Hey, just be happy that's over," Yin stated as she sat next to him while reading a book, "now that Eradicus is gone, now we've got another Night Master on our hands!"

"Yeah, Fero-what's-his-name..." Yang drolled.

"Ferocitus," his sister corrected as she placed her book down. "And if Eradicus was bad enough, this Night Master is bound to be even worse."

"Yeah, big deal," Yang sighed, "we always win, remember, sis?"

"Well, yeah, of course we do," she retorted, "we're the good guys. Plus, we know we'll definitely win now that we know that Master Yo is our..."

As if one cue, in walked the elderly panda himself.

"Daddy!" The bunnies exclaimed happily, hopping from the couch and racing to embrace their father.

"Whoa, easy, kids," Yo chuckled, "you'll make me spill the groceries!"

During the events of battle with Eradicus, had many amazing and unexpecting things happened. Yin and Yang were placed in charge of forming their own Woo-Foo army, saving their home...

And finding out that their master was really their father.

Most of his memory had been brought back, bringing him to realization of what exactly had become of his children. Somehow, they had found their way to his dojo after Ti and Chai had them separate from their father in order for him to meet them once again but without any trace of realizing they were his kids. Now he knew, and he had never felt more proud to have trained them.

The panda placed the food on the table, then he bent down and returned the hug. "Aw, I never knew I'd ever give a hug to my kids..."

"You never knew we were your kids," Yang pointed out.

"Yeah," Yin agreed, "usually, you call us your cleaning crew." There was no frustration in her voice, just teasing.

Yo blushed. "Yeah, I always was a lazy bum and a jerk, huh?"

"True," Yang agreed, "but we love you, anyway!"

"Oh, don't make this old panda cry!" Yo laughed before he put his kids down and went back to the groceries.

The kids went over to the fridge for some snacks, glancing back at Yo every now and then. They held curious expressions on their face as they continued watching him. Finally, Yang nodded to his sister and Yin took a deep breath before she approached the panda.

"Master Yo," she began.

"Yeah?" The panda looked down at her.

Yin took another deep breath. "Who's our mom?"

Yo nearly dropped the can of beans as his eyes widened at the question. He bit his lip as he averted his eyes. "Well, uh..."

"We asked you before," Yang stepped in, "but then that Ferocitus guy came in."

"So, we just want to know..." Yin said shyly, tracing a foot around the floor, "who is our mom?"

Yo, who had been overwhelmed by the question a few moments ago, sighed as he closed his eyes. He turned away from his children, trying to think of what to say.

"Honestly, kids..." He said sadly. "I don't know..."

"You really have no idea who our mom is?" Yang asked, feeling hopeless.

"When my memory was erased," Yo began, "it wasn't only the memory of you kids...but the memory of your mother as well..." He sighed again as he placed the can of beans on the table. "I was lucky to even remember you kids now..."

"But," Yin urged, "you can look back on that hospital scene? When we just arrived? Didn't you see a woman?"

Yo turned to his children, eyes sagging with sadness. "All I remember was you two..." He lowered his head in shame. "I'm sorry, kids...I'd give anything to know who the woman that loved me and had given me you two was...but I guess we'll never know."

The two bunnies looked to each other, hearts pained by the knowledge that their mother was just an unknown person, probably remarried or dead.

"It's okay, Master Yo," Yin assured him, "we have you, at least."

"Yeah, I bet mom would have been happy to know her kids are back with their dad," Yang encouraged.

"I guess, kids..." Master Yo sighed. He gave them a sad smile. "Huh, I must be a real jerk right now..."

"What do you mean?" Yin asked.

"Well, I do believe I remember I've called your mother the most wonderful, most beautiful woman in the world..." He stated. "And I can't even remember her face..."

"I bet she was beautiful," Yin sighed, "I mean, where else would I have gotten my pretty looks from?" And she flashed her eyelashes.

"Just become mom was entitled 'most beautiful woman in the world' doesn't mean you'll be next," Yang insulted.

"Shut up," Yin warned him, her hands threatening to create fire.

"Anyway, kids..." Yo sighed. "I'm happy, really. I have you two, and that's all that matters." He turned back to the groceries, humming a tune to wash away that sadness that had overcome just a few moments ago.

Seeing this as the time to leave him in peace, the two rabbits quietly left the kitchen.

"Man, before I found out Master Yo was our dad," Yang said as they went into the living room, "I'd didn't really care if he was old and lonely. Now I do care!"

"Yang, it's been so long since he had last seen our mom," Yin pointed out, "and us, for real this time."

"I just wish there was some way we could get in touch with her," Yang sighed as they made their way out of the dojo for a walk into the city. "I just wish-"

Suddenly, Yin's cell began to ring.

"Oh, it's Coop!" She squealed before she took out her phone. "Hello, dreamy drumstick!"

"Oh, bleh!" Yang said in disgust, pretending to gag.

"Yin!" He heard Coop's voice shout at the other end of the line. "We need you downtown right now! Ferocitus has unleashed some c-c-crazy monsters and we could really use a hand!"

"Did he say hand?" Yang beamed. With a flash of light, his paws grew to a massive size. "Then let's give them a hand! A big one!"

"Oh, that was hardly humorous..." Yin told him dryly.

Meanwhile, downtown, citizens screamed as they ran for cover as ginormous monsters terrorized left and right, smashing shops, causing fire to the streets, and the Woo-Foo Knights were doing all they can, though, it just wasn't enough. Roger and Dave were slammed against a wall by the swing of one the monsters' flailing arms. Boogeyman and Jobeaux were running all over the streets, their behinds having been caught on fire. Only Lena and Coop remained in the failing battle.

"Where are they?" Lena exclaimed before she sent a high kick into one of the monsters.

"They said they were coming!" Coop shouted in assurance before using his aurora to blast at upcoming fireballs. "My beautiful bunny-kins said so!"

"Bunny-kins?" Lena repeated in disgust. "Dude, pet names were cute a thousand words ago, now it's just annoying."

"Look out!" Coop exclaimed, just as a monstrous hand was headed straight at them.

"Paws of Pain!"

And suddenly, that monster that intended to attack Lena and Coop was knocked across the street. Lena and Coop turned to see Yin and Yang, armed and ready to fight.

"Did you miss us?" Yang chuckled, a determined look on his face.

"Yincinerate!" Yin shouted as great orbs of fire shot out through her hands and hit directly at incoming monsters. "Fight fire with fire and you just end up with something not even the fire department can handle!"

"Lena!" Yang shouted to her as he extended a large paw to her.

Lena smiled and nodded before she held her hand out to him as well. "Pretty Paws!" And with that said, her hands became just as big as Yang's.

"Pretty Paws?" Yang exclaimed in disgust. "Man, you are such a girl!"

"Excuse me?" Lena asked sassily. But she had no time to argue as they stood back-to-back fighting off incoming monsters that surrounded them.

"Wood power!" And in came Dave, being used as a battering ram by Roger and Jobeaux, taking down the miniature monsters.

"Time to get funky, ya'll!" The Boogeyman exclaimed before he took out his giant radio and played the music to full blast, which served as his special weapon as the music created a field of light that shot out and hit and knocked down most monsters.

"I got these ugly few right here!" Lena told Yang before hopping into the action.

"You do that! I'll make this one's face more messed up than it already is!" Yang stated before sending a punch into one.

"Look out!"

"Wha-?" Yang turned his head, confused.

And he nearly lost his breath.

There, a few yards from him, stood a girl. A very pretty girl.

But Yang had no time to admire her as he got himself a punch across the face, sending him flying...landing right next to the legs of the girl herself.

"Uh, hi..." Yang greeted, despite the obvious pain he felt across his cheek.

"Hi..." The girl greeted in concern. "Uh, I was trying to warn you..."

"And I really appreciate it," he assured her, getting to his feet. "You new here?"

"Look out!" The girl shouted, pointing toward an incoming fireball.

Yang acted quickly as he grabbed the girl's hand and leaped them out of the way just in time.

"Thanks," the girl told him gratefully, "you're quite the Woo-Foo Warrior."

"Well, I'm no ordinary Woo-Foo Warrior..." Yang said, blushing.

"They're retreating!" Yin shouted.

"Not this one!" Lena stated as she came face-to-face with a monster whom remained to get the job done. "Time to pack the punch!" And she sent one straight across the monster's jaw.

The monster shook itself, growing angrier as it glared down at the little warrior. But instead of lashing at her, he grabbed a nearby piece of the street that had been torn down during the terrorizing, and threw it at her.

"Oh, snap..." Lena muttered as it headed straight for her.

"Oh, no!" The girl shouted before she rushed forward.

Lena closed her eyes...and the next thing she knew...she was pushed out of the way.


"No!" Yang cried.

The monster let out a vicious roar before running after the other monsters, satisfied with injuring at least one young person.

"Lena, are you okay?" Yin asked her best friend worriedly as the others came to her aid.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Lena assured her. "But who saved my life?"

All eyes turned to see Yang trying to push at the chunk that almost crushed Lena.

"Where is she?" Yang cried out frantically.

"Who's she?" Yin asked in confusion.

"The girl!" Yang exclaimed.

"You mean this girl?" Dave asked as he pointed in the direction.

Yang shifted his eyes away from the chunk and spotted the girl's unconscious body next to it, never had been victim to being underneath.

"Phew!" Yang said with a sigh of relief before he rushed over to her. "Oh, man, she's hurt!"

"No, duh, Dr. Obvious," Yin said sarcastically.

"She needs help now!" Yang shouted before he gathered the girl in his arms.

"Why are you so worried about this chick you just met?" Lena asked him suspiciously.

"Uh...uh..." Yang stuttered nervously. "Because every Woo-Foo Warrior must help those in need?" He gave her a nervous, innocent smile.

"Yup, he's smitten with her..." Yin said to herself.

Bi felt herself ache all over, and she could see nothing but darkness...

But she could hear voices.

"So Ferocitus sent out his monsters just to mess with us?" Asked one voice.

"One one of them nearly crushed her!" A familiar voice stated. "Oh, and Lena, too..."

"Hey, she's waking!" Another one exclaimed.

It took a lot of effort for Bi to open her eyes, but she was successful as she finally saw blurry images before her. After blinking a few times, she managed to see in front of her a pink and a blue bunny and an elderly panda. Slowly, her gaze scanned the room, and she found herself to be in a bed, noticing her head bandaged.

"You okay?" Bi looked to see it was the blue rabbit she had talked to earlier.

She gave a weak smile. "Yeah, I'm alright...where am I?"

"You're in the dojo of Master Yo." She turned to see the elderly panda look at her in concern. "I'm-"

"You're Master Yo, of course," the girl smiled. "I heard a lot about you. And these Woo-Foo guys..." She glanced at Yin and Yang. "I'm sorry, you two are?"

"I'm Yin," the pink rabbit introduced. "That's my brother, Yang."

"Hi, we met earlier, remember?" Yang asked hopefully, his cheeks red.

"Oh, yes, I remember," Bi said, "you were so brave..."

And Yang's face became even more red.

"And who might you be, young lady?" Yo asked her softly.

"I'm Bi," the stated, "Bi Bai Tan."

"Well, Bi," Yo began, "you sure came at a heckish time to this town...what brings you here?"

"My mom and I were coming here for some special trip," Bi exclaimed. "Then the monsters came in, my mom told me to run...then here I am."

"Oh, no," Yin gasped, "you got separated from your mom!"

"You have any idea where she might be now?" Yo asked Bi.

Bi sadly shook her head. "I just saw her fight the monsters as I ran father and farther away..."

Yang looked at the girl in sympathy, while he did that, he took his time to gaze at her features.

She was human.

Glowing white skin, raven hair, tinted pink lips and eyes the color of purple...she was quite a beauty, and Yang bet her mom was just as beautiful.

"Well, then that settles it," Yo announced. He gave Bi a small smile. "You can stay here until your momma comes around."

Bi's purple eyes widened at the offer. "Really?" She was smiling. "It would be an honor to be sheltered with the world's greatest heroes!"

"Ah, come on..." It was Yo's turn to blush.

"That's great," Yang chimed in. "You can bunk in our room! My sister rarely sleeps in her bed."

"Uh, yes I do," Yin corrected him, giving him a warning look.

"Right..." Yang's voice trailed off. "Then may I offer my bed to you!" And he beamed at Bi.

"Well, I wouldn't wan to be a bother, Yang..." Bi's voice trailed off.

"Trust me, having you here would be an honor to us..." Yang assured her. "Especially me."

"Oh, boy..." Yin rolled her eyes.

Deep within the darkness of his cave, Ferocitus gazed at the portal that served as his televised screen. He gazed at the town he had sent his monsters to terrorize earlier.

"Those brats were able to defeat my monsters!" He exclaimed in not in anger, but in a whiny child-like voice. "No fair!"

"I doubt the children even wanted to play fair," a bat with glasses chimed in as he flapped beside his master. "They have defeated Eradicus."

"B-but..." Ferocitus whined. "That bird brain got his army from a yard sale." He clenched his fists. "There's still time..."

"Until what?" His bat servant asked.

"Until I can finally wipe out Woo-Foo off the face of the Earth once and for all!" Ferocitus shouted. And he let out a cackle, his voice erupting through the walls of his cave. He laughed maniacally...until finally, he was coughing.

"Cough drop?" The bat offered.


Just to let you know, Bi Bai Tan is Chinese for 'beautiful butterfly'. ;)