For a few days now have the young Woo Foo Warriors and Master Yo fought the dark, slaved army of Ferocitus, and it didn't seem like they would be finishing the war anytime soon. For such a childish Night Master, Ferocitus was just as powerful, just as evil as the last Night Masters.

The children were doing all they could to fight to save their controlled parents, especially Dave, whom took his anger out seriously whenever he had the chance to attack the Night Master. No one had seen him so angry before, even when someone had missed his birthday he wasn't one to vent and let out such a powerful punch. And he punched hard such a stump kid.

"Mom! Dad!" Dave exclaimed in a whimpering tone before he sent a punch to another dark slave of the Night Master. "It's me! Your son! You love me, remember?"

"We only love the Night Master..." His mom droned as she used the vines of her hair to grab at Lena and Coop. "Forever we love the Night Master..."

"Okay, now that's just creepy..." Lena muttered, despite being entangled in dark vines.

"KI-YAH!" Bi shouted before sending a high-kick right through the plant prison, breaking Lena and Coop free while making sure she didn't harm Dave's mother.

Lena and Coop stood behind her, preparing to attack their enemies. When stood before them no other than Coop's mom...

"M-m-mom!" Coop bucked, fear visible in his voice as he gazed at his mother's dark, shadowed figure. "Snap out of it!"

"Must defend Night Master..." She droned before she used her sharp chicken-like fingernails and intended to slash at him.

But Yin stood in front of Coop in defense and sent a powerful orb of light straight at her, knocking her to the ground.

"Sorry for hitting your mom..." The pink rabbit told Coop sheepishly.

"It's okay..." Coop assured her. "However, she will have a fit about having her hair messed up when all this is over..."

"If this will ever be over..." Yang responded before he sent a punch at a nearby enemy. "This Ferocitus dude is really serious!"

"Yang, loo out!" Bi exclaimed.

Before Yang had time to react, he was grabbed by a long extended vine of Dave's mother.

"Man, does your mom ever trim her hair or whatever it is?" Yang exclaimed as the vine tightened around his body.

"She only does so once a month," Dave called back as he watched in fear as his mother began began raising Yang high in the air.

Yang struggled as he tried to free himself from his plant prison, even biting at the vine. "Man, this is why I hate plants!"

"Good, you have the blue rabbit..." Ferocitus cackled before coughing a bit as he gazed down at the action high above from his floating chair.

"Are you planning to hold Yang as prisoner, sir?" He bat asked.

"Not really..." Ferocitus muttered. "I just like seeing him powerless and held against his will. That makes this fight more suspenseful. Especially..."

Suddenly, a great surge of electricity rooted through the wine, shocking Yang. The blue rabbit cried out in pain as the impact of the powerful attack made his body even limper with every surge.

"Yang!" Lena and Bi exclaimed.

While the others fought, both girls moved forward and leaped up, hands out and angry expressions on their faces. Lena was the first to send a powerful punch across Dave's mother's cheek and then Bi sent a kick to the woman's knee, making her cry out in agony before finally dropping Yang.

"Yang..." Bi whimpered as she ran to the unconscious blue rabbit's aid while Lena still fought Dave's mother. She cradled Yang's head in her arms. He was so limp and charred from the shock he received. "Please wake up!"

Lena took her anger out on Dave's mother, wanting to beat her to a bloody pulp after what she had done to her boyfriend. However, that didn't distract her from the scene involving Bi and Yang...

"Oh, man, you need CPR!" Bi exclaimed before she lay Yang down.

She inched her face close to his...

Yang coughed. "What happened?" He looked up to see her face inches from his. "Am I dreaming? Because I don't think I want to wake up..." Despite the pain, he gave her a sheepish smile.

Lena, seeing the interaction between them, pouted, before sending a blow across Dave's father, not tearing her eyes away from Bi and Yang enviously.

Bi helped Yang up before they stood close together, ready to fight again. Yo leaped beside them.

"Yang, Bi..." He told them. "Looks like you two got to put your heads together for this..." He said as more darkened slaves surrounded them. "Better yet, your hands..."

"Oh, that's really no problem..." Yang said in a slightly giddy voice as he looked back at Bi with a small grin.

Bi gave him a nod before she reached her hand toward his and they linked their fingers together. They leaped up in the air.

"Fighting Fists of Fury!" They shouted before a strong surge of light wrapped around their connected hands.

Their fists grew massive and they used this new advantage by striking at the armies that were having their friends outnumbered. Soon, all dark armies, even the parents, were down.

"No fair!" Ferocitus whined. "You two cheated!"

"Hey, you're a bad guy, you've cheated a lot worst..." Bi threw him an annoyed glance before she and Yang came down, their fists to normal size.

"That Scrabble game was confusing!" Ferocitus retorted. "But forget about games!" He turned to his bat. "Bring it out."

"Will do, sir," his bat responded before he let out a high-pitch scream.

"Man, is this how he sings in the shower?" Yang grumbled as he and the others covered their ears.

Before anyone could make a response, the shadowed figures and their enslaved parents all huddled together. And the next thing they knew...their shadowed figures combined...

Creating one huge, shadowed monster.

"Oh, I think I'm going to wet myself..." Yang muttered, his eyes gazing at the beast in fear.

The beast growled before letting out a terrifying scream, much more powerful than Ferocit's bat.

"Permission to scream like a girl..." Dave muttered. Then he jumped into Lena's arm, screaming like a girl.

"Grab the girl..." Ferocitus ordered his beasts.

"Eh, which one, sir?" His bat asked. "There's a rabbit, a human, and a..." He gave Lena a confused look.

"I'm a dog, fool," Lena grunted.

"Whatever," the bat rolled his eyes.

"The pretty, raven-haired one..." Ferocitus said as he pointed a finger at Bi. "Yes...she'll make quite a wonderful student of mine..."

"What makes you think I'd want to be taught by you?" Bi demanded.

"What makes you think I'll give you a choice?" Ferocitus cackled before snapping his fingers.

The beasts responded with a growl before it leaped up..straight toward Bi and the others.

Bi and the others screamed, while Master Yo stood in front of them ready to fight...

...then something flashed across the beast, leaving a huge mark across its chest.

"What the-?" Ferocitus demanded.

"Uh, who just came in and made the beast more angry?" Yang asked as he looked at the beast rubbing at its wound.

"Ask her," Roger Jr. said before pointing at their mysterious helper.

Landing on her feet beside them, there stood a mysterious figure dressed in an incredibly long, purple robe that covered the arms and legs. Even her face, but everyone noticed she had blue eyes. And she seemed to have gray/black hair.

"Mom!" Bi exclaimed happily.

"Mom?" Yin and Yang asked.

The figure turned and looked at them. The kids weren't sure whether she was smiling or worried because everything was covered except her eyes.

"Oh, Bi, honey..." Emerged this worried, motherly voice. "Thank goodness you're okay..."

"Mom..." Bi said softly before she ran into the woman's arms.

"Aw, isn't that sweet?" Coop bucked as he watched the mother/daughter moment.

The women embraced her daughter lovingly...then her eyes met Yo's. The elderly panda...his eyes widened when his eyes met hers for some reason.

"Fools!" Everyone became startled when Ferocitus's voice boomed. "Nothing can stop me! Nothing!"

"Yeah, yeah, we here you, Feroc-twit..." Yang rolled his eyes. When the beast let out an ear-piercing growl, Yang's knees were shaking. "Retreat!"

And with that said, everyone, including Bi's mother, ran off.

"Oh, I am so good at this!" Ferocitus cackled. Then he coughed. "Cough drop!"

"Catch," his bat responded before tossing it to him.

Back at the dojo, all the kids, despite having been defeated once again by Ferocitus, gathered around Bi's mother thanking her for helping them as well as asking her questions about her and Bi.

"So you've practiced Woo Foo?" Yin asked her.

"Why, yes," Bi's mother nodded, her robe and mask bobbing with her movements. "For many years."

"My mom's been training me," Bi announced proudly. "But I still need a little more practice, considering my performance today..."

"I think you did well, sweetheart," her mother told her, patting her back.

Master Yo, who had been quiet the whole time, stood from the kitchen...gazing at the mysterious woman.

Why was his head suddenly spinning? And why was his heart thumping against his chest? What was this feeling toward the mysterious woman?

He was startled when her eyes met his once more. Those eyes...

"Okay, uh..." Yo began, averting his eyes away from Bi's mother's. "Soup's on, kids. Time for dinner."

The kids chattered as they marched into the kitchen for dinner, Bi's mother behind them. While the children ate, Yo finally managed to have a word with her.

"So, you're Bi's mom, huh?" He asked lightly, gazing at her interesting attire.

"Yes," the woman replied quietly. "Raised her all by myself..." There was sadness in her voice.

"Where's your husband?" Yo asked, his voice becoming thick with suspicion. He thought he saw her flinch.

"Well, see, the thing about my husband is..." She began.

"Mrs. Bi's Mom?" Yang called from the table. "Roger Jr. spilled soup on his shirt. Can I use your dress to wipe it?"

"Uh, I'll get napkins." Master Yo thought he heard the relief in the woman's voice. Bi's mother gave him an apologetic look before doing the task.

Something was very suspicious going on here...and the feeling that the panda felt wasn't going away.

He needed to know.

Night came, and all the kids were sleeping in Yin and Yang's room. Bi's mother, who was offered the couch in the living room, knelt down to each child and, through her mask, kissed them on the forehead, indicating to wish them each a good night.

"Wow, thank you..." Yin said with surprise after Bi's mother gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"You are all wonderful children..." She told them softly before she came over to Yang and tucked him in. "And I have hope you'll stop Ferocitus and save your parents..."

"Oh, mom and dad..." Dave whimpered as he lay in his sleeping bag.

"Calm now, Dave..." Bi's mother assured him as she removed his cap and gently laid his head against his pillow. "Rest now. Your parents will be saved, I promise."

Dave sniffed before giving a tired yawn. And soon, everyone fell fast asleep. The look in Bi's mother's eyes were that of warm devotion as well as satisfied calmness before she turned off the lights and slowly left the room. She was just on her way to the couch-

"We need to talk."

Startled, Bi's mother turned to see Master Yo, arms folded and a serious expression on his face.

"Oh, Master Yo!" Bi's mother said in a surprised tone.

"Mrs. Bi's Mom..." He began more calmly. "I really need to discuss something important with you..." And he motioned toward the door which led to outside.

"Is this about Ferocitus?" She asked as she followed him outside.

"More important than that..." He said quietly.

Soon, they were outside in the dark, gloominess of the night. Master Yo took a deep breath, then gazed into her eyes.

"Do we know each other from before?"

He saw the widened eyes in her masked face, but Bi's mother remained calm. "What are you talking about?" She asked.

"I'm talking about 'are you my wife'?" He asked, his voice a bit louder. "Please, I need to know!"

"Your wife?" She asked him.

"Look, ever since I met you earlier, I've got this nagging feeling inside me that under all that ridiculous clothing..." He began as he observed her attire covering her body. "Is my wife..."

Bi's mother just looked at him. She took a deep sigh before her hand reached her mask...Yo felt himself tense as he watched her undo it.

Finally, she removed it.

She was not the beautiful woman Master Yo had talked about.

She had a huge pink, human-like nose over what appeared to be purple skin and green freckles. Plus, she didn't seem to care for waxing as she was sporting a tiny mustache under that massive nose of hers.

Yo's eyes widened, all suspicion and hope dying within him. He thought she was her! He felt like such an idiot for thinking that some woman out of nowhere, the mother of a girl who was nowhere close looking anything like a panda! This must be what happens when you suddenly regain a blurry memory when you're old...

"I..." Yo began nervously, feeling like an idiot. "I-I'm sorry, I...I just thought..."

"It's not your fault, Yo," she assured him before placing back on her mask. Now he could see exactly why she wore the mask. "You just miss your wife so much and I can see your kids feel the same way..."

Yo sighed, lowering his head. "Even though I have no idea what she looks like or who she is...I miss her." Bi's mother noticed the tears in his eyes.

"I'm sure she misses you, too," she told him softly, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Mrs. Bi's Mom..." He told her with a sad smile.

"Oh, what's with all this Mrs. Bi's Mom?" She laughed. "Call me Gem."

"Gem..." He repeated. "Okay."