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Note: My dreadful writers block has left me! YAY! ^.^ After Ron rapes Hermione she seeks comfort in someone, anyone. But somehow this leads to her falling for Malfoy, and him doing the same.

The sound of Hermione's whimpering echoed through the dark room, she hung onto her flimsy nightgown trying to gain some comfort.

Ron cocked his head to the side and smiled cruelly, "Oh, poor Hermione. Why are you so sad?"

Hermione blinked back tears and said nothing.

Ron's eyes narrowed; briskly he walked over to the crumpled figure of Hermione. Grabbing her viciously by the hair he whispered, "You won't tell anyone, will you Hermione? You wouldn't want my wand to…I don't know, accidently slip."

Hermione snivelled, and nodded quickly, tears running down her face.

She felt his rough hands slide over her cheek, "Good-bye sweetheart, don't take our…little encounter seriously. Just fun and games." He let go a triumphant sigh and left, leaving the broken girl lying on the floor….

"Granger?" Malfoy's cynical voice entered her head. Hermione blinked back tears, her jaw set, "Yes Malfoy?"

Malfoy pursed his lips angrily, "Where meant to be watching the corridors, not zoning out."

Hermione nodded in agreement but stayed silent. Malfoy frowned, not once had Hermione ever shown any weakness, usually if he made that comment she would have fighted him all the way.

"Hermione?" Malfoy's voice softened, she looked up at him an angry expression plastered on her face, "What!"

Malfoy bit back his unkind words, even though he'd never shown any affection towards Hermione, he'd always liked her in a weird kind of way.

"What's wrong?" Hermione raised her eyebrows in astonishment, never had Malfoy ever cared how she felt.

"Nothing! Now shut up and leave me alone!" Throwing Malfoy's kindness back into his face was kind of like kicking a puppy. Hermione swore she'd seen a hurt look in his face but didn't get a good enough look at it because it changed into an angry glare.

Hermione closed her eyes and exhaled, a second memory flashed through her head….

Coarse hands bound her wrists as she screamed for help, a slap whipped across her cheek.

She yelped in pain, this made Ron chuckle "Hermione, we can do this the hard way or the easy way."

Suddenly the tip of his wand was on her neck, she sniffled. "Please Ron, don't!"

Another slap thrashed across her face.

"Shut up!" He whispered savagely in her ear.

Hermione felt her skirt been removed, Ron was so eager he nearly ripped it….

Her eyes shot open, Malfoy was staring at her. She touched her face self-consciously; a brown-purpley bruise covered her cheek.

She silently cursed herself, why hadn't she used a spell to cover it up.

Besides Malfoy's annoyance with Hermione for treating him that way, he wanted to know what happened to her face.

Malfoy tried talking again, "What happened Hermione?" Hermione looked at him again, her eyes narrowed angrily, "Nothing-." Malfoy cut in, "Look Hermione, I know we never get along, and your friends with Weasley and Potter, but I do care about you. I may not show it all the time, but I do. So please, please just tell me want happened to you."

Malfoy's voice was filled with desperation. Hermione felt bile rising in her throat, but it wasn't because of Malfoy's words. She got up and ran, leaving Malfoy staring at her wide eyed.


Hermione emptied her stomach contents into the toilet, and lent up against the toilet door. What was wrong with her?

Malfoy had just said the sweetest words and she couldn't even face him.

"What has happened to me?" She whispered to know one. Suddenly the answer came to her, Ron hadn't used conception. Hermione was pregnant.

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