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Cold hands wrapped around Malfoys pale neck, he let out a strangled cry as his hands grasped the air, aimlessly.

Grabbing for something not there, anything that could save him. 'It's pointless, you're going to die, there is nothing you can do,' a mocking voice in his brain whispered, 'you're hopeless, and you are going to die hopeless' He let out another cry as he stared into Ron's piercing blue eyes.

A boy he thought to be so gentle, weak even, was strangling him so mercilessly with such a cruel and evil look in his once placid eyes.

The urgency slowly left Malfoys body as he accepted the inevitable. Yes, he was going to die, but at least he had done some good, some good with the girl he loved.

He almost smiled, and that was good enough for him….

Malfoy awoke sharply, a cold sweat had drenched his clothes and sheets. Instinctively he put his hands on his neck and gently prodded it, no pain. He frowned and looked around the room. No homicidal killers, he thought mockingly even though relief was flooding through him. He lay back down on his now damp bed, mind too active sleep as questions flashed through his mind. Did his mind admit he loved Hermione? Is Ron coming back? 'Ugh…' he muttered as he rubbed his eyes trying to block out questions he fought so hard to keep down. Stiffly he craned his neck to look at the small wooden clock by his bed: 3.32 am. Begrudgingly he slammed his face into the pillow, let out a loud groan and let himself fall back into sleep, hoping for no more murderous dreams.


Hermione had barely even opened her eyes before she was running to the sink of the dorms bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach. As quickly as it had started, her morning sickness was over. She sighed and numbly walked back to her bed clutching her aching stomach, she had heard about the effects of pregnancy but never thought it would be THAT bad. 3 months along and her morning sickness hadn't slowed. She frowned and once again scolded herself for wanting to stay at Hogwarts. Dumbledore had offered to send her home but the Hermione spark within in her simply could not allow that. If she was going to raise this baby, she wants to be able to support it to the maximum of her abilities. Even in her predicament she thought sourly, education is still very important and the one bright light in her gloomy days, well maybe not the only light….. She mentally cursed herself. Once again she caught herself thinking about Malfoy. They hadn't talked since their fight in the bathroom and she promised herself he wasn't worth any thought. His hair was so soft to touch, remember the way it felt when you ran your hands through it' .Damn. Another slip up. She bit her lip and checked her watch, she let out a surprised squeak. 30 minutes to class. She ran to her dresser, grabbing clothes off the floor in the process, oh boy was she going to be late, but that was the least of her troubles she thought bitterly, her first class was joined with Slytherin.


Malfoy waited by the door of the dark arts room joking with one of his friends, but not whole heartedly. His mind was somewhere else, which could easily be known by the distant look in his blue eyes. He smiled uneasily and ran a hand through his white blonde hair. He didn't know why he was nervous. It was probably his upcoming quidditch game. 'Yeah, that's what it is' he assured himself. Not Hermione being in his class this morning. Not the way her eyes come alive as she answers a question, not the way she smiles as she grabs her stomach when she thinks no one is watching, not the way her barely manageable hair frizzes up and is barely maintainable….Guiltily, he found himself smiling but quickly snapped out of it when a cold voice cut into his daydreaming, 'Out of the way.' Snape said menacingly as he shoved a key in the door, 'Perhaps if you spent as much time studying as you did daydreaming, Malfoy, all your assignments would be finished.' He smiled unemotionally as he walked swiftly into the now open classroom, his sleek cape flying up behind him. Malfoy took his seat sheepishly and automatically scanned the room for Hermione. She was one down of his row and about 7 seats away, her back straight and her hair in a messy braid. Her slight frame showed no signs of pregnancy yet and hardly anyone knew. The students would have a field day if they found out any of this scandalous information. It would spread like wildfire if anyone knew, Malfoy sighed, the people here would kill for such a convicting story. His mind drifted back to class, Snape was explaining (in detail) different types of Gnomes. Resentfully he started copying down notes but found his eyes drift back to Hermione. She seemed completely indulged in the lesson, she always was, regardless of the subject, such a love of learning he thought happily, a half smile came upon his face but it was short lived as Snapes intimidating voice boomed his name, ' Draco Malfoy,' He waited a few seconds that seemed to last forever as the whole class eyed him, ' I do believe we are studying Gnomes, not Ms Granger, so if you could please tear your eyes away from her and focus it would be much appreciated.' He smiled menacingly looking Malfoy dead in the eye. Unhurriedly he turned and flipped a slide and continued on with his lesson. Malfoy looked down; ashamed. His face going beet red. 'What is wrong with me?' He muttered to himself as his friends nudged him and laughed.


Ron made his way through the busy streets on London as stared at a piece of paper with a simple address handwritten in cursive writing. A man knocked his shoulder and muttered a 'Sorry' as he hurried along, Ron almost made a grab for his wand but stopped himself before he did something he would regret, he still had work to do. He walked along the streets until he found a simple suburban street with identical houses. A slow smile spread across his face as he found the right house. He knocked on the door and not 10 seconds later a kind looking middle aged woman answered the door. She had high cheekbones a long brown hair and looked like she was a heartbreaker in her youth. She smiled ' Hello, what can I do for you?' Ron chuckled politely, ' I am a friend of your daughters, she wanted me to give you a message.' The womans eyes came alive, ' Oh! You know Hermione! Your Ron right? Come in, come in.' She ushered him inside and they both sat down in the living room on a comfy brown leather couch, the room was classically decorated with pictures of Hermione all over the walls and mantelpiece. 'Hermione told me so much about your adventures at Hogwarts! Though I haven't heard from her or the school for about 3 months.' she frowned for a moment but perked up as she focused on Ron, but her instincts picked up sending her silent warnings, she ignored them half-heartedly, dismissing in claims of foul play on this innocent young man. 'Hermione is fine,' Mrs Granger could instantly her the change in his voice, 'but she won't be for long.' Ron smiled sweetly as he whipped out his wand, 'Okay well I think it's time you should leave..' she muttered, obviously in a panic. 'Oh I will, in a minute.' He pointed the wand at her as she screamed.

'Avada Kedavra'

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