Excuse the short chapter again. This is all I've got written as of yet, figured the story would need an update.

OrangeChima: Yeah, but we're not out of the woods yet.

Things were going to smoothly for Jeremie's tastes. It wasn't like X.A.N.A to just leave them alone like this, especially since he had just lost a hostage. He shut down the elevator and all of the electronic doors just to be safe. Granted, a ghost would probably just phase through a wall, but since Jeremie was inoculated against ghosts, it would have to find another way in.

It seemed inevitable, but it was happening. Things were becoming worse on Lyoko. X.A.N.A had, even though he couldn't do much physically, was still pulling in any power he could, and it was having an obvious effect on the supercomputer. Voice communication was becoming sparse due to the degradation of the quality. Monsters were also appearing and disappearing. He had to make a decision. A winning move. The only thing he could think of to give themselves an edge against X.A.N.A to win this was restarting the supercomputer. Then he would more or less have to reset every aspect of the supercomputer (except for programs, of course) by resetting the circuit breaker. This would mean that Aelita would be pseudo-dead until the process was finished. The last time this had happened, they had found her in about 20 minutes. Doing this would take at least an hour. He needed to exhaust any options he had.

He would have to make sure the supercomputer would be able to take the stress of restarting. All of the processors looked okay, except one who had the occasional computing error. The RAM was top notch, although he would have to flush it before the restart. He turned the focus back to Lyoko. "Guys, how's it going?" he asked into the headset. A voice responded, "Pretty well, we're about to deactivate the last auxilliary tower," it said. Jeremie couldn't tell who it was. "Okay, I'm bringing you all in. I need your help." Jeremie said, as he started the process.

Aelita had heard the call, and quickly stepped out of the cabin with her friends. She was the first person into the elevator. Upon reaching the mainframe, Jeremie walked in the elevator without a sound, pressed the down button and waited. When they reached the supercomputer room, he spoke, "We're in the home stretch now, I think I have a way to get us one step ahead of X.A.N.A, and let Odd go to sleep." he said. Odd was nearly asleep now, leaning on Ulrich for support.

"Okay, what's your idea?" Aelita asked, eager to get this over with so she could talk with Jeremie in private. "Well, I'm basically going to do a little bit of spring cleaning on the supercomputer, but there's a catch," Jeremie said slowly. "Which is?" Ulrich asked hesitantly. Things were never easy with the group. "The supercomputer is going to need to be turned off. Aelita will be down for the count while this is going ," Jeremie replied, which was accompanied by a collective gasp from the group.

"That's too dangerous. We shouldn't do that," Yumi said. "Yeah, Einstein. I thought you were all about PROTECTING Aelita," Ulrich added, which Aelita met with a slight blush. "I am. " he answered, "But if we want to end this within the week, we have to do this." Jeremie said. Then, a loud bang sounded in the room. "What the HELL was that?" Odd asked, jerking awake. Jeremie looked sullen as he said, "X.A.N.A's found us. And by how loud that bang was, my guess is he's pissed."

"I guess we'd better hurry it up then," Aelita said slowly. "Uhh, are you-" Jeremie began, but he was interrupted. "Yes, I am. Now hurry before X.A.N.A gets down here and makes this whole fight for nothing," Aelita said. Jeremie walked over to the supercomputer, and after one last reassuring look from Aelita, he threw the switch, and she collapsed with a soft thud.

"Good catch," Jeremie said, annoyed.

"Hehehe.." Ulrich and Odd laughed nervously.

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