It was the sound of something thudding close by that woke Dean Winchester out of a sound sleep but then he remembered his recent days and instantly looked for the sleeping baby brother who had been right by him for…hell, he had no clue how long he'd been asleep.

Seeing that Sam wasn't in the bed made him wary until the door to the bathroom opened and he immediately locked eyes with his brother.

Sam still looked pale and drawn but the bruises were starting to fade on his face and chest…though he'd have to check his back to see about those. Dressed in a pair of faded and worn jeans, he was holding one of his old hoodies when he noticed his brother was watching him. "Hey," he murmured, voice quiet as if he wasn't sure what would happen now.

"Hey yourself," Dean nodded, sitting up fully with a groan. "How long have you been up and moving?"

"About an hour," was the reply and Dean sensed that his brother was awkward. "Dean…um, you didn't have to stay or…"

Pushing to his feet, he reached over to place a firm hand on the back of Sam's neck and pulled his head down so their foreheads could touch. "Sammy, I said I was staying and I meant it. How much of what I said do you remember hearing?"

Having been more in control of his thoughts that night, Sam had been surprised that he did recall most of what his brother had said and also what he'd done…though he was going to give Dean the easy out on most of it. "Did you mean what you said?"

"Sammy, I just woke up and I said a lot so narrow it down. Did I mean what?" his brother returned, noticing that things in the room had been moved which meant Sam had been awake for awhile and that always meant trouble cause Sam thought too much when alone.

"When you said that you'd never think me a monster and that you'd always…" swallowing, Sam let his focus turn to getting the hoodie on over still sore injuries. "…that you'd always be my big brother?"

Moving a hand, Dean helped pull the hoodie that was once too huge for his brother but now was only a little loose, down fully in order to find shy hazel eyes. "Yeah, I meant it. You'll always be my little brother…even when you're a pain in the ass," he replied then smiled. "Now, lay back down and rest while I shower before I find a certain person who still spoils you rotten and…"

"She's gone, Dean."

Three words that still managed to throw him. Dean turned to see his brother holding an envelope and he instantly felt the change in the cabin. "Damn her!" he growled, fighting not to snatch the envelope from Sam who was watching him carefully.

"She's still protecting you, Dean," he sighed, knowing what his brother was thinking. "Plus, I think she's a little scared. I mean, she still have feelings for you so it has to be hard to face all of this."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Dean unfolded the letter and immediately recognized the handwriting as he began to read…

'Dean, I know you'll be mad when you wake up but it's for the best right now. You still need to focus fully on Sam until he's completely healed and feels safe with you again. This wasn't the time to unbury the past and dig up stuff that you buried because you won't like the real reason I left. There'll be another time because I know Sam showed you the diary…the little sneak swiped it out from under me somehow, so you know that I've always been keeping an eye on you two jerks. That won't stop because contrary to what John thought, I've always had yours and Sammy's best interests at heart.

'Jack and his family will work on keeping their relatives away as much as possible…and yeah, I'm sure you have questions on how Angels can be related to mystics but that's another headache. Just keep your bloody head clear and remember that you have one vital thing to protect and that's Sammy because if I ever find him in the state that I did this time, head slaps be damned, you and me will have more than words, Dean. Just remember the cemetery the first night we met and ask what I know now. Watch yourself too, you damn stubborn moron.

'My cell number is at the bottom and Jack made sure the Impala, God I can't believe you still have those bloody cassettes, arrived on one piece and it's out front. Stay at the cabin for as long as you and Sam need to, it's mine so don't worry about it and it's shielded from Demons and Angels now.

'Tell Sam to be good, get his hair cut back to shaggy length and…be careful, Dean. Love, Morgan.'

Swallowing, he refolded the letter and slipped it into his pocket. "She says to cut your hair," he knew Sam had been watching him intently even before the bed dipped down as his brother sat beside him.

"She's still as bossy as you," Sam muttered but he seemed pleased, laying a hand on Dean's arm. "We'll see her again, Dean. We can find her now."

"Oh, we're going to find her, Sammy," Dean promised, then looked up with light eyes. The letter hadn't made him as angry as he figured it would. In fact, it had been exactly what he'd expected Morgan would say. "Lets see what our girl stocked this place with before I check to be sure the Impala made it here without a scratch."

Sam grinned but rolled his eyes, he could remember what was in the kitchen and figured his brother wouldn't go hungry. "Morgan knows what that car means to you so I'm sure she pressed that point to Jack," he replied.

"Yeah, but I need to complain to her about something when I use this cell number she left for us," Dean paused to watch Sam's movements.

He was slow and his one leg still seemed to limp but Dean knew those would heal. Breathing freely and without tension for the first time in awhile, he laid a hand on his little brother's shoulder. "We'll hang out here until you're well enough to travel."

"Dean, I'm fine. We can…" Sam blinked when the hand tightened slightly.

"We stay until I know you're well enough to handle traveling, Sammy," Dean repeated then added in a low mutter. "Bitch."

Sam rolled his eyes again in what had been his standard 'Sammy eye-roll' but finally shrugged. "Whatever…jerk," he grinned when his brother smiled and then just waited for the yelling because Sam had already looked over the Impala and he figured Dean would not be happy when he saw the harmless little addition that was waiting on the drivers seat.

Like Dean would react well to the CD player adapter when he threw a fit over Sam's Ipod but Sam knew that if he and Dean had some nifty prank wars than the little digs he and Morgan exchanged were always an interesting distraction. "Yep, fun times." he smiled as he caught the box the Lucky Charms and his brother's soft muttering about being her favorite.

The End…for now

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