I slammed his swim locker shut an leaned up agains the icy, hard metal that he felt reflected his heart.

"Rayne, This is one step too far into the modern world." I muttered to himself

I looked at himself in the mirror. I hadn't been this badly hurt since the incident four years ago when Zach was unkind enough to put him in a Rhinecliff Jersey and let the other football players attemp to squash me like most people did bugs. I diddn't. Bugs diddn't deserve to be squashed for existing.

Neither do homosexual people.

The people at Claverage high school were okay with having a gay hippie being the most popular guy in school. At least the seniors. And no one messes with seniors. I wasn't popular because I am a super-jock. I am popular because I am different. It was a long and complicated story originating in the eighth grade. I saved a bus driver, got them all out of class to tye-dye, and taught them yoga.

Rhinecliff was a diferent story.

The moment I stepped on the floor of the UCLA physical education swimming department that morning, I knew something wasn't right.

"You'll be ok Cap. Rhinecliff's swim team is terrified of you" said Zach


Beautiful Zach.

Zach who would never love him back.

Everyone lined up at the starting block.

"Hey flowerboy! Betcha can't swim with them dreds!" shouted one of the Rhinecliff neanderthals

"Looked at your nasty head lately?" replied Zach

"Ohhhh-LSD has a boyfriend!"


The Rhinecliff boys cackled and sickened me

I looked at Zach, the blue eyes showing pain like no other. everything about him showed compassion for me

O god it was making my body do funny things. Things you shouldn't do in tight spandex.

The match went horribly at first. It's hard to swim with an erection and i came in dead last. So did all the other unkind people from our rival school and they decided it was a good time to beat me up.

It wasn't like the wedgies and buckets of urine that Hugh used to get.

This was sickening torture.

I'll spare the details, I don't want to relive them.

I slipped on my jeans, not bothering to put on a shirt. It would probobly get bloody.

Suddenly, the door opened.

I ducked, preparing for the worst.

"Hello?" said Zach

My heart lept

"Zach? I'm over here"

Zach came over to me and jumped back

"Dude-Youre covered in blood!" he shouted

There were a dozen things I wanted to say but the one that came out was

"Why were'nt you there for me?"

There was a long pause after that, then he removed his shirt. He was bruised and bleeding too.

"I wasn't there because i was getting pounded by those gay-hating Rhinecliff douches"

He looked up at me and drew closer.

"Cap-look. I've always been attracted to you. That's why I hated you so much at first. Naomi broke up with me when i wouldn't put out for her. I love you Capricorn."

Zach loved me. He loved me!Not even the mass-produced fluorescent lights could take away his shaggy brunette beauty.

"I have always loved you too. You made my transition into the world of autotune and Vampire-crazed fangirls a lot easier. Modernization hurts sometimes."

"So let's not hurt each other"

Zach leaned in for a kiss.

His voluptuous lips met mine and the world simply melted.

I felt so safe in his arms as he hugged me.

Perfect harmony in an imperfect world.