A grizzled old man slouched in a wheelchair perched atop a grassy knoll scanned the lifeless fields before him. Behind him was an enormous white house with blue trim, and acres of ripe strawberry vines could be seen growing next to it. Next to him was a tree with a golden fleece dangling off one of the branches, and an enormous boulder surrounded the tree. If you looked closely, the boulder almost) looked like it might have been breathing. The house was secluded with nothing but a backcountry road separating it and the empty field in which the old man scanned. Behind him, a young couple was making their way up the hill. The boy had raven black hair and deep blue eyes. He stood a head taller than his accomplice. The girl had striking gray eyes and strawberry blond curls bouncing off her shoulders. The two strolled to the top of hill and stood on either side of the old man's wheelchair.

"Any sign of them yet, Chiron?" The raven-haired boy asked, scanning searching the horizon. He looked to be no more than seventeen.

"Not yet, Percy. But be patient," said Chiron. Looking at the girl, he asked,

"Annabeth, are the rooms prepared for our guests?"

"Yes Chiron, everything's ready. I have ambrosia and nectar waiting for them."

"Annabeth, these people are not demigods. They won't be able to handle those foods."

"Of course, Chiron. I didn't realize they weren't different," mumbled Annabeth, flushing. She hated to make mistakes. She looked back to the horizon, and could just barely make out six figures walking in the distance.

"They're here," said Chiron.

As the trio waited in silence as the six figures came into view. They all looked about seventeen, and quite a sight they were. One of them was wearing armor, the rest of them were wearing some sort of tunic with fur coverings. Some carried weapons, and all of them were covered in dirt. Annabeth looked closer, and could make out three, no two girls, and four boys. The boy she had mistaken for a girl was skinnier than the rest of the males, and had his arms around one of the girls.

"They all looked beaten, tired and hungry," thought Annabeth.

The ragtag band finally stumbled up to the borderline and paused.

"Chiron?" called out the skinnier boy. He took his arm away from the girl he was holding and stepped forward. He had reddish brown hair that fell nicely around his green eyes, and had a metal foot in the place of one of his boots. He seemed to be their leader.

"Right here, Hiccup. You can come in." called Chiron from the hill

"Hiccup? What kind of a name is Hiccup?" thought Annabeth.

The six teens crossed over the property line and waited as Chiron, Percy, and Annabeth made their way down the hill to meet the interesting group. Hiccup looked up at the hill and saw that the giant boulder was in fact a dragon. It looked back at Hiccup sleepily. Remembering his dragon, Hiccup bit back tears.

As Percy made his way down the hill, he surveyed the group. The first teen was a muscular male with pitch-black hair and light blue eyes. He held a spear in his hand and looked as though he were about to collapse. Next to him stood a rather large boy with scraggly blond hair coming out under a tiny horned helmet. The boy wore a dress made entirely of fur, and tightly clutched a leather bound book. Standing next to him was a tall, lean, muscular blond with extremely long hair. Leaning on him was his female equivalent, her big eyes closed.

" They must be twins." thought Percy. Standing next to her was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Her blonde hair was pulled back into braid, but stray hairs were flying everywhere. Chilling blue eyes stared blankly ahead weary yet alert, a thin layer of grim distorted her facial features slightly but not enough to take away for her striking beauty. She was the only one wearing clothes remotely close to armor, and in one hand she clutched a very worn battle-axe tightly, and in the other she held the boy named Hiccup's hand just as tight.

"I don't mean to be rude, but who are you people?" asked Percy.

Hiccup opened his mouth to speak, but Chiron stopped him

"As you already know, Percy, this is Hiccup," said Chiron, pointing to Hiccup He pointed to the blond clutching his hand. "That is Astrid," she gave him a piercing glare. Chiron pointed to the twins. Gesturing to the girl, he spoke.

"This is Ruffnut," she opened her eyes and looked at Percy.

"This is Tuffnut," the other twin did nothing but nod his head at Percy. Chiron pointed to the big blonde.

"Fishlegs," and pointing to the last of the group he said


" Interesting names…" thought Percy.

"So where are all you from?" asked Annabeth hesitantly.

Astrid looked from Percy to Annabeth.

"Berk." she said softly but proudly

"Berk? I've never heard of it. What state is it in?"

"Annabeth," said Chiron, touching her arm. "They're from the past."