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Chapter 1 : Unexpected Guest

It was really a normal morning for Shingo. He ate his breakfast on the table, a sandwich.

Shingo was now in the apartment he lived in. He was really glad that it was big enough to hide. His secrets. You see, in the last 5 days, he was disappeared into another dimension, where he had to fight for freedom. That fight had changed him, a little bit, not much. He was less moron and less trouble maker, or that was what he thought.

On the wall, was some pictures of the KOF logo, and Japan team, and also a picture of Kyo Kusanagi, his idol.

Shingo was really anxious to finish his breakfast. He wanted to meet Kyo Kusanagi this morning so badly. He also needed to practice for 2 oncoming tournaments. One was of course, the KOF. The other one was the tournament of the world he disappeared into.

After some bites, the sandwich was no more. He quickly dashed to the door, when some knocks were heard. They were really slow and quiet. Shingo wondered who would visit him. His first thought was Kyo, but then he remembered that Kyo was probably doing some daily training on his house. The second thought was Iori, but hey, he didn't do anything wrong, or did he?

Shingo opened the door slowly. On the door was a small boy who wore blue shirt, white pants and blue shoes. Both his hands had a watch on each wrist (A/N : I'm giving you a chance to guess who this is!). His clothing had many tears on it, and it was also covered with some blood. Shingo couldn't see his face, since the boy wore a helmet. He recognize the helmet as Iori's, but the person wearing t was definitely not Iori.

Shingo lifted the helmet up, to see the last person he expected to meet.

It was Chris (A/N : So is your guess correct?). His face was covered with bruises, and his brown hair was a mess.

Chris collapsed on the floor. But before he passed out, Shingo heard something like, "Help me…"

Chris was awake now. He tried to remember everything.


On the place where Orochi appeared on KOF '97, Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris were lying on the ground. They somehow were aliver. Chris' eyes began to open.

He saw his friends' eyes began to open slowly too. Chris stood up while trying to remember what had happened. He still remembered how he and his friends gained their powers, how they tried to summon Orochi on Chris' body.

But something was wrong…

They were supposed to be dead…

Whatever happened, Chris' loyalty to Orochi was somehow… gone. He couldn't tell why, but he had grown hate on Orochi, like everyone else should be…

but not him, or any of his friends.

Yashiro and Shermie began to het up. "We're alive!" exclaimed Yashiro. "But… how?"

"The sacrifice musn't have fully done." Replied Shermie.

"So Orochi is sealed again. Damn, I thought we've done it right!"

Chris was listening to everything, but he was surprised to what he had heard. He had been freed from Orochi's will...

... and his friends hadn't.

His mind screamed for him to run. Trying not to be noticed, he did run.

Chris was at South Town that time. as much as he rejected the idea, he also knew that his friends wouldn't try to look for him in the public.

"Hey, is that him?" I heard an unfamiliar voice, 'Oh great', he thought, 'The public's just the last thing I need'

Chris tried to run, but he was then cornered in an alley. "Time for the justice, you punk." The citizen started to beat him to pulp. Chris couldn't and didn't want to fight back. He let the citizen's anger rained him.

5 minutes later, he was full of bruises. His strength had worn out. He need some place for a shelter.

But where...?

Suddenly his eyes was locked on a helmet on a motorbike. Yeah he could look for a place to stay later. Right now, his top priority was to cover his face.

He knew he was hated by anyone, so that meant staying with someone he knew was out of the question. Suddenly he stopped. He knew 2 people closely. They'd listen to him.

He headed to one of them in his apartment. One of the people he knew closely, Shingo Yabuki.


Chris was about to stand up, but he couldn't. He then realized something.

He was handcuffed.

The handcuff was a bit too... futuristic, as if it was really made in the future. The handcuff was not really different, except the fact that instead of chain, it was connected with some kind of purple plasma beam.

Suddenly Shingo emerged from the other room, with an armor vest and what Chris thought resembled a plasma rifle.

"Well, I want to hear your story."

A/N : Okay, Shingo was a bit OOC, but that was because of the Tournament in my story, UT Xtreme overs. I'll try to recover his personality later.

The plasma rifle was ASMD Shock Rifle.