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Epilogue : Where real fights are.

5 days later, after Shingo and Chris defeated Yashiro and Shermie, who escaped before they could do anything, they lived peacefully on Shingo's apartment.

"Hey, Chris." Called Shingo.

"Yeah?" Chris replied from the kitchen.

"You think you're up for another fight?"

"What do you mean?"

"Your skills and powers can be very useful in the tournament."

Chris emerged from the kitchen with 2 bowls of soup. "No, no. The public hates me. You know I can't participate this year's tournament! I don't have my teammates and no one will want me to join in! I can't even add myself on the single entry!"

"Shingo laughed, "I didn't mean the KOF Tournament. What I meant is, you can participate on the Liandri Grand Tournament."

"The what!"

"No one really knows you there. And the Tournament offers real fights. Not to mention the glory and wealth for the victors, of course."

Chris was still unsure. He wasn't familiar with this kind of fight. "What if I ended up kill someone."

"Well, not if that someone kills you first." Shingo joked. "Perhaps 'fight' is not the right term. How about 'war'"

"You mean this tournament is a war?"

"Sort of. Using weapons, kills opposition, thinking of strategies, sounds like war enough to me, except you can't kill someone, because they'll be revived instantly. So, are you in?"

"Well, let's see if this tournament suits me enough."

Shingo's bowl was almost empty. He finished his soup and then said. "It suits you well, trust me."

"So when are we going to go there?"

"What about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Chris' jaw dropped.

"Nah, just joking. We'll leave next week."

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