A/N: Wow, this is old! Poor thing, I've just left it to rot. So, here it is! One of my earlier MDA drabbles. Enjoy. The lyrics are from Idina Menzel's 'Jealous'.

Pair: Amanda & Simon

Set: 209 - Crossing the line.


I'm jealous of the air that fills you,

The cigarette that slowly kills you,

The novelty of other women,

All their kisses, that's a given

Amanda McKay's head flicks around in the direction of her newest co-worker. The object of her affection.

The aforementioned object of her affection is on the phone to one of his many "completely platonic female friends". One she's not heard of before. But, she deduces, they must be close for him to be able to say something like "it's me".

Leanna is the woman's name. Obviously, Amanda decides, her parents were looking for some compromise between Leanne and Oleanna. David Mammet enthusiasts, no doubt.

She feels the need to belittle Simon's female friends, make mental jokes about there being more than she can count.

And why is that, Amanda? She asks herself, mercilessly. She knows the answer already:

Pure, unadulterated jealousy.