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Warning: Slash pairings.
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Drabble 8 - "Jealous?" - Percy x Luke, slight mentions of Percy x Nico

"You're impossible. How can you think for a second that I would like Nico? Out of all people, Nico? He's a kid, Luke!" Percy shouted to his boyfriend with all his might. Okay, Percy decided, Luke's totally lost it. He could understand him feeling jealous in some occasions, but this was just plain ridiculous. Nico? Out of all people, Luke is jealous of Nico?

"Yeah, and I just didn't so happen to walk by to see you two walking arm to arm." Percy groaned. That's why Luke was feeling jealous? If Percy was a girl, he was sure he would have slapped Luke by now.

"I was helping him to the infirmary, and it was because of you! You shot that 'wild' arrow!" Percy shouted. Percy and Nico were at archery class with the rest of the Hermes cabin when suddenly, an arrow shot Nico in the back of his knee. Percy had been elected to carry him to the infirmary and in that exact moment, Nico tripped up so Percy had to walk arm to arm with him.

"Sure, you were just 'helping' him to the infirmary." Luke said as he air quoted 'helping' with his fingers. Percy groaned in annoyance. This was going on for too long. Before Luke could rant on for something about him and Nico, Percy grabbed hold of him and kissed him. Luke was still for a moment, but kissed back.

"Better?" Percy asked as he broke free of him. Luke nodded.

The two weren't seen for a while, only with them re-emerging at dinner. As they walked, Luke had a possessive arm around Percy.

"Jealous?" Luke asked as they passed Nico, who just looked completely confused as Percy laughed off.

Drabble 9 - "Popcorn" - Luke x Percy
Part one of the Food trilogy

Percy stared up high as he watched the New Years' fireworks, courtesy of the Hephaestus cabin. It showed various events through the year, but most of them told stories. Percy chuckled as the fireworks erupted to show Chiron being harassed by another centaur. Who thought Chiron was a Centaur magnet? The fireworks diminished as the Hephaestus cabin prepared for the second round.

"Hey Perce," Luke said as he plops down next to Percy. Handing him some popcorn, which Percy happily munched. Luke couldn't help but his heart soared as he watched Percy nibble on the popcorn. When Luke learned that Percy's favorite food, other than his mom's blue cookies, was popcorn, Luke went out of his way to find the perfect batch of popcorn. He experimented frequently at the Camp's kitchen with random brands of popcorn until he found one just right.

"Mm.. these are delicious." Percy muttered as he munched down a handful of popcorn. Luke resisted with all his might, which was pretty huge, to lick the side of Percy's lips which was dripping with butter. It oh-so looked yummy. As much as Luke wanted to do it, Luke had to think about Percy. What would his reaction be if his best friend suddenly grabbed hold of him and kissed him right in front of everyone? Will he hate him? Will he loathe him? Will he stop munching those popcorn so loud?

"Perce, you have butter on your cheek." Luke commented. Percy returned his fistful of popcorn to clean his cheek. Luke sighed as the opportunity passed, but was deeply surprised when Percy came close and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks." Percy muttered as he resumed his fistful helpings. But Luke didn't hear it. He just sat there, dumbfounded at the kiss. Luke could still feel Percy's butter coated lips touching his cheeks. With one quick pounce, Luke had pinned Percy down on the sand.

"You're welcome." Luke muttered as he kissed Percy, this time, fully on the lips. They now could hear waves roaring in the beach, the Campers fleeing as Poseidon's fury built up. But the two just stayed there, kissing. The two were on cloud nine and were never coming back down.

The fireworks in the background was also a nice touch, but the screams, not too much.

Drabble 10 - "Chocolate" - Luke x Percy
Part two of the Food trilogy

Valentine's day. The day where boys give girls chocolate while the girls just get fat with the chocolate. But this year, it was different. Luke, the hottest bachelor of Camp half blood was taken. By Percy -freaking- Jackson. Hounds of Aphrodite girls sought out the entire camp, looking for the two, in hopes to break any Valentine's day events they planned.

"Sssh," Luke whispered as he peeked out. The group of Aphrodite girls had passed and they were safe. For now. Percy sighed as Luke relaxed. Valentine's day, a day which Luke used to partake in was now some kind of Hunting season. Damn those Aphrodite girls for being stingy. Because of them, Luke hadn't been able to go and buy chocolate for Percy.

"Are they gone yet?" Percy whispered. Luke nodded and the two relaxed. Luke couldn't feel angry at the Aphrodite girls because of them, his valentine's day with Percy is ruined. Percy was feeling angry at them too. But was silently thanking them in his mind, but only because they brought them here.

"Hey Luke," Percy said as he popped a Hershey's Kisses to his mouth.

"What?" Luke asked as he flashed a smile at Percy. Even at moments like this, Percy manages to calm him down, ease his fears and what not.

"Happy Valentine's day." Percy said as he latched himself to Luke. as their tongues fought for dominance, the sweet taste of the chocolate hung on Percy's lips, then Luke's and then it was mixed with their saliva. It was their sweetest kiss as of yet.

"You too Perce," Luke said as he licks the remainder of the chocolate from Percy's lips.

Drabble 11 - "Eggnog" - Luke x Percy
Part three of the Food trilogy

Christmas day. For the first time in fourteen years, Percy was celebrating Christmas. At camp. With Luke. Unlike those cheap knock-offs at Hollywood studios, Camp Half Blood's Christmas decorations were a total knock-out. Enchanted fires lit the cabins, except for the Hades cabin which eminated shadows, woodland animals filled the entire camp which often ended up in Mr. D's walls.

Sally and Paul Jackson-Blofis were out spending the holidays at Paul's relatives, and Percy had managed to get out of it by staying at Camp. And now, here he was, Percy Jackson along with his boyfriend for eleven months and five days, Luke Castellan. The two were at the Poseidon cabin, which sort of became their main base of operations and lovemaking.

"Merry Christmas," Luke said as he handed Percy a cup of eggnog. To stick with the Jackson tradition, Luke turned the eggnog blue, much to the delight of Percy.

"Thanks Luke," Percy said as he kissed him softly in the cheeks. Percy leaned in to sip some of the eggnog, eager to taste the drink/food. But then, Percy's eyes popped up.. "OH MY GODS!" Percy exclaimed. There was a burning taste in his mouth. Percy accidentally dropped his cup of eggnog and Luke stood up, wondering what the heck was going on. That is, until he sipped his own cup.

"TOO SWEET!" Luke exclaimed, which surprised Percy.

"What do you mean too sweet? It's too spicy!" Percy shouted, but Luke shook his head. That was when he saw the traces of Salt. Luke's eyes popped open with anger. That was magic Salt, an ingredient Hephaestus developed to humiliate Aphrodite for reasons nobody knew. What it the world was it doing in their cups?

That was when he heard the snickering from outside. Luke's eyes glowed with anger as he watched Connor and Travis share a high-five with each other. So those jokesters were the one behind it. He should have known. But before Luke could get them back, he first needed to take away the sweetness out of his mouth and the spicy-ness out of Percy's.

As Percy jumped around, fanning his burnt out tongue, Luke had an idea. Grabbing Percy before the other could react, not that it would have mattered, Luke pulled him into a deep kiss. And so Percy's spiciness cooled down with Luke's sweetness.

"Travis and Connor says hi." Luke said as he pulled back.

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