Chapter 1- A Sudden Reunion-

Sister Davis sits alone in the darkness of her living room. Once again she has eaten alone as she waits for her husband to arrive from church. She holds the pocket watch in her hands flipping open and then closing it again. She does this routinely as she thinks about her only son, Aaron.

She wipes away fresh tears as old ones feel dry against her skin. She mumbles something but she can't put into words what is happing in her life. She feels guilty for refusing to accept her son's true identity and for agreeing with her husband to send Aaron away as soon as he got out of the hospital. She shivers as she thinks about what they must be doing to her son.

Past memories of Aaron come to her mind. She remembers the time when Aaron was born and she kissed his rosy cheek promising that with the help of god, she was always going to be there to protect him. Sister Davis, sobbed at the memory, she knew she was failing her son, but she was brought up to believe that homosexuality was wrong and it was the devil's work. How could she accept her son when nobody else did, not even his own father.

A sudden ring interrupts her thoughts; Sister Davis hurries to answer the phone. "Hello…." She says, but no other words come out of her mouth as she hears what the man on the other end of the line was saying.

"He escaped, we searched, but he was gone."

Gladys dropped the phone leaving the man speaking alone. She raises her hands to her face and began to cry like a child.

-Los Angeles-APOV-

Julie's song continued to ring in Aaron's mind. He knew that song was meant for him, she was singing to him. He knew he had to escape after listening to her message, he knew those were Christian's words and it was those lovely words that made Aaron realize that Christian was worth the sacrifice of leaving everything behind. He loved him, and Aaron was sure now more than ever that, Christian loved him too.

He arrived at Los Angeles with nothing but hopes to find Christian and finally be with him. He felt ready to accept who he was and live his homosexuality freely like he was supposed to. He knew that there was nothing holding him back now. His parent's hadn't accepted him, and his church closed their door to him. Now all Aaron had was Christian's love and that was either going to be his hell or his heaven.

After a long trip, Aaron was finally only a block away from where he stayed with his fellow elders, the place where he met Christian. Aaron walked as fast as he could, he couldn't wait to knock on Christian's door and surprise him. He felt as his heart throbbed hard against his chest. He felt excited, anxious, almost aroused as the memory of him and Christian came to his mind. He hurried his pace and in seconds Aaron was facing the door that was about to change everything, he raised his fist to knock and when it finally opened he was surprised to find that Christian was not the one who opened as he had wished.

Hurt to find another man in Christian's apartment Aaron felt betrayed, stupid, and ashamed to have come all the way to L.A. only to find another man. He cleared his throat to sound indifferent before he spoke to the attractive young man that now perhaps was Christian's new conquest.

"Is Christian here?" he asked, hoping that perhaps he was wrong and that in reality Christian was waiting for him.

"No…he's not here." The man replied. To hurt to continue on with a conversation, Aaron turned and began to walk away looking down at his steps. "Do you want me to give him a message?" He heard the man yell behind him. Aaron smiled sarcastically, what did it mattered now, he thought, and continued walking.

Aaron felt his entire body shivering, the weather wasn't cold but somehow he felt cold, he wanted to cry but tears didn't come out. He didn't want to believe that Christian had forgotten him and what they had shared together at the airport. He knew it was real and it was inaudible to think that Christian just took another man and leave him like nothing. Pushing away negative thoughts Aaron placed his hands in his pocket and removed a small rectangular piece of paper. It was Lila's business card; Aaron turned the card around and read what was written neatly behind it. "Come see me…" was what it said, that was enough for Aaron to know that he had somewhere to go.

Lila's Place-CPOV-

"Dude, seriously, you've got to stop." Traci said to Christian, when he continued to take out his orders looking more death than a zombie. Christian didn't reply he was careless about what everybody else thought. He had lost Aaron and now Julie was somewhere in New York. He was alone and nothing really mattered to him anymore.

Traci looked at him with eyes full of pity; she had been looking at him this way ever since he revealed the news of Aaron's death. After throwing in a few jokes about his suffering both her and Andrew finally understood that what he felt for Aaron was true love, but now all he had was a memory. As soon as that thought came to his mind, Christian's eyes filled with tears once again. Traci hurried to his side and traced her hand up and down his arm.

"Are you Ok?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah…it's just that he's in my mind, today more than ever." Christian said his voice breaking as he spoke. It had been really hard loosing Aaron, thinking that he was gone because of him. He felt guilty, Aaron's parent's found him guilty, and he knew they were right. If only he had never gotten close to Aaron he would been alive.

"It's my fault….Traci…he…." Christian couldn't finish. Traci left Christian's side only to go get him a chair. "Sit…Chris…I'll take out the orders." Traci offered as she placed the chair next to Christian.


Finding Lila's place hadn't been difficult a man directed him straight to her place. As soon as he arrived he saw Lila's standing beautifully next to the bar. He walked directly to her and tapped her with his finger.

Turning to see who was calling for her attention Lila saw that it was the young man who had spoken to her that dreadful day. He held out her business card exposing her writing. "Is this still good?" He asked quietly, she smiled and nodded.

Aaron hesitated to speak to Lila about everything that had happened to him after he spoke to her. However, Lila reassured him and he began to openly speak to her as if she were his own mother, he confessed to her that he was gay, that he met someone special, that he was returned home in shame, that he tried to commit suicide, and that his parent's interned him in a asylum to give him reconstructive therapy. Aaron continued on explaining that while he was there he heard the voice of an angel.


Feeling better, Christian got up from where he was sitting and went to take a tray off of Traci's hand, "I'll take this one," he said. Traci hesitated reassuring him that it wasn't busy and that she could handle the work.

"No…it's ok…. I got it." Christian insisted. Giving up, Traci handed him the tray. Christian took a deep breath and put on his best smile for his customers. He walked out of the kitchen and began walking towards the dining area, as he was about to reach where he had to go, Christian saw Aaron standing in front of Lila talking to her so beautifully, before he knew it he dropped the tray calling the attention of those around him, but especially of the one who mattered the most. Christian's eyes filled with tears as soon as Aaron looked up at him.

"I want you to meet my young friend." Lila said, ignoring the fact that Christian had just dropped a tray full of food.

"We've met." Christian said, his voice sounding strange even to him. He couldn't drop his gaze from Aarons.

"I went to your place." Aaron said.

"I couldn't stay there." Christian replied as he hurried to embrace the love of his life. Aaron and Christian hugged each other tightly as if someone was going to come over and separate them. "I love you; I thought you were gone, dead." Christian whispered in Aaron's ear. Aaron hugged him tighter, "I'm here now, and I love you too, so much."

Both Aaron and Christian looked at each other's eyes and began to kiss passionately ignoring everybody's gaze. All that matter now was that they were together again.