Flashes of orange and red dance behind my eye lids as morning light seeps through the blinds. I wallow in the bed for a few minutes before I decide it's time to get ready for school. I take a shower, get dressed, put on makeup, and mentality prepare myself for the day ahead. Today will surely be a grueling of drama, class, drama, lunch, class, and more pointless over the top drama. So, I pop in my ear phones for a few minutes of peace before the bus arrives.

When the bus arrives I take out one of my ear phones give it Amanda and we talk over everything that happened the night before while splitting a blueberry muffin. The daily nonsense included Tyler cheating on Cynthia, Lindsey breaking her arm, and Adam getting a girlfriend. My first block included Cynthia crying hysterically and glaring daggers at Tyler while I try to console her and figure out y intercept. When the bell rang and I rushed out hopping to avoid Adam getting all wide-eyed and explaining how great the new girl is. Second block is earth science so I became really bored and started texting Paige. The teacher caught me and took away my phone so now I'm stuck in the lunch line with no way to talk to Amanda and actually have to talk to Tyler and Adam today The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

I arrived home and headed straight to my room hoping to avoid the family. Everybody was In for thanksgiving. By everybody I mean an array of aunts, uncles, and grandparents. In the chaos of us all being in the same I got moved from my room, to my sisters, to my brothers, to the couch how pleasant. I grabbed my stuff out of my room and practically ran to the basement before any of my grandparents could see me. When I got to the bottom of what seemed like a thousand stairs I was meet with the sight of all my uncles watching football. I was considering making a run for it when I heard, "Hay, Kiddo how was school?"every turned around as if they hadn't seen a new person in weeks. I was soon grilled by 10 men who didn't really care about the answers just trying to fulfill their uncle duties. I ran upstairs and bumped into my aunts where the same thing followed except now I was stuck cooking.

An hour or two later I got a text from Amber asking me to go see a movie. I replied short simple yes and told my mom I was going out which caused an argument she wanted me to be home when my brother got there My brother and I had a huge falling out last year because he took off the day he turned 18 without a sign for two months. The whole family thought he was lying dead in a gutter but two months later he showed up at the front door with a grin, a new girl, and a tattoo. The rest of family let it go saying he was 18 and wanted to be free but I didn't let it go we had several arguments before we just stopped talking. Needless to say, I didn't want to be anywhere near him for any reason. So I hoped in Amber's car and didn't come back for three hours.

When I got home every one was passed out so I feel asleep on the couch dreading the morning to come.