A Different Side Of Me.

Part 1.

Chapter 1 - Where In Middle-Earth Am I?

"Come on, come on" I said to myself for the fifth time that day.

I had been waiting for months and now that the day was here I was rather nervous for you see today was the day that I, William Turner was to marry Elizabeth Swann under her father's order's of course and I was waiting for the man, Jack Sparrow whom I had made my best man who had still not arrived so that meant that the wedding would be late in starting thanks to him.

Groaning, I walked into the bathroom splashing some cool water onto my face before walking back to the main room and sitting in the wooden chair that had once belonged to my father, William Turner, people got mixed up between us but soon came to know as I was the younger one.

I sat there for what felt like fifty hours but was only really five minutes before I got up heading to the door to open it.

It was just as I was doing this when it happened.

Once second I was reaching out for the handle and the next the door was slamming into me, knocking me backwards onto the floor and the last thing I seen before I drifted into unconsciousness was Jack's face in-front of me before I knew no more.

I awoke what seemed like hours later to hear many voices around me but some were far away and some close so I could not make them out but the voices were a lot different they were rather angelic and soft quite unlike Jack Sparrow's or Weatherby Swann, Elizabeth's father's.

I blinked my eyes twice before finally opening them to see a bright light in-front of me and in one corner of the room a figure was lying on a bed but I couldn't make them out as there was another figure in-front of this one bending over as if to make sure the person was alright.

"Excuse me but could you tell me where I might be?" I said to the figure beside me, a tall man with long chestnut hair in wind braids at the sides which made me think of a little girl but this man was neither little nor a girl, in-fact he seemed much taller than me.

"Yes I may, you are in the land of Rivendell."

Rivendell, Rivendell I wracked my brains trying to remember if I had ever heard of that name before but after not too long, I realized I hadn't or I would have remembered it in the lesson's I had with Jack about lands known in the Caribbean.

"What may you're name be?" The man said and I answered Will back.

"Ah, Will, many call me Elrond, I am the lord of Rivendell" The man whom I now knew as Elrond said and I nodded still not quite understanding just as a man who looked no older than me maybe about twenty or something burst into the room panting.

"Ada, the ring arrives" The man said before turning to me.

"Who in middle-earth may you be?" He said causing me to raise an eyebrow at him.

Middle-earth what sort of place was this, I had never heard of it in all my years and now I was confused.

"I'm Will Turner and who may you be?" I said back wanting to know something about this stranger.

The man opened his mouth to say something just as the other figure in the bed at the far end of the room awoke.

"Aragorn" He said looking up at the man whom I had just been talking to.

"Where may I be?"

"You're in Rivendell, my child-hood home, Frodo" The man whom I now knew as Aragorn said walking over to someone by the name of Frodo.

"Thank you for bringing me here or I may not have made it" Frodo said whilst I sat up intending to leave but Aragorn stopped me.

"Will, why not wait, I'm sure you wish to hear about a quest we are to take."

I shook my head not understanding what Aragorn was talking about.

"What quest?" I asked but all Aragorn did was shush me before leading me outside.

"What is going on?" I demanded wondering why Aragorn was being so weird about this.

"Well Frodo, has to go to Mordor to destroy a ring..."

"What ring is that, I know of no ring in my land, I just need to get home, I have a wedding to get to, my own if I'm not quite mistaken" I snapped at Aragorn not wanting to talk about some ring that I had never heard off, why did this guy have to destroy this said ring anyway.

"I apoligze but we must ask Gandalf how to get you home, no-one in middle-earth knows about you so..."

"When does he get here" I shouted grabbing Aragorn by the shoulders and shaking him as if I was trying to get something out of him.

"Lower your hands" A voice from far away shouted to me and I did so looking to my left and right to see where the voice had come from before I looked back to Aragorn and saw in-front of him was a man with long blond hair styled in much the same way as Elrond's.

"Legolas, please" Aragorn said placing his hand on the blonde man's whosse name I now know was Legolas shoulder and Legolas calmed down slightly but still held in-front of me a bow and arrow.

"What business do you have here?" Legolas said lowering his weapon slightly so it was now facing my heart instead of my face, this was a smart person.

"I did not mean to come here, I was going outside to meet up with my best man, it's my wedding day and I opened my door and the next thing I knew I was waking up here not knowing why I came upon this place" I said and Legolas placed his arrow back into it's holder and placed his bow over his back.

"Why do you speak in such common tongue?" Legolas asked and I knew he thought I was different as these people seemed to talk in riddles a lot of the time.

"I come from a place where that is just the language that we speak" I said groaning as I realized I was starting to speak in riddles as well.

"Legolas, he was in Elrond's healing house when I saw him, I had just came upon here with Frodo the ring bearer" Aragorn said smiling at me as if to say he knew I wasn't a threat.

"amin mela" Legolas said back and Aragorn smiled at him this time nuzzling his face into Legolas's hair.

"Never have I found a love so pure" Aragorn said and I gave a soft smile, even though I didn't ever think about two males loving each other, I still thought it was good that they had someone who made each other whole like me and Elizabeth.

"Okay, could one of you please tell me when Gandalf will get here so I can go home?" I asked looking at the two before I got my answer.

"He is here" A voice said and I turned round hoping this person was whom I had been searching for to help me return home...