People gathered all around the grave that day, Haldir - who had watched as the coffin was placed into the ground whilst Gimli stood beside him - stood beside Aragorn and Legolas letting his sobs fall now not bothering to hide it. Sam had been right after all. Hiding it was really of no use.

"Gandalf, what happened?" A woman approached Gandalf and Haldir recognised The Lady Éowyn. Not many knew of what had happened to Will that day apart from the people that had been there and Sam, Frodo and Gandalf.

"Will fell upon the Black Gate, trying to get Aragorn's attention to help" Gandalf answered back whilst Haldir cried out more. This was utter torture, knowing that his true love was never going to return.

"Haldir he shall never forget you, never should you" Aragorn's words brought out the happy moments in Haldir's time spent with Will, he knew the man was right but still.

"Tis never fair, tis should have been me" Haldir replied back kneeling on the ground whilst Aragorn placed a hand on the man's shoulder. Never should something this bad have happened to someone like Haldir.

"Will was loved by many, he shall never be forgotten" Legolas said eyes fixed on the gravestone in-front of him trying not to think about the death.

Haldir nodded knowing it was true before he looked up at the gravestone where Aragorn who was now king had asked the people to engrave words onto it, it read...

Hence forth lies Will Of Mirkwood / Will Turner.

Loyal friend.

Never be forgotten.

"Aragorn, tell you're people be thank-full, he rests in peace" Haldir shook back one more sob as he sat at the front of Will's grave watching as people began to leave but each person stopped to say how sorry they were for his loss.

"Will, my friend, my love, live on in life, be with me for ever" Haldir chocked out kissing his hand before placing it on the tombstone.

"Olórin, who once was...

Sent by the great powers of Port Royal

To guard the lands of Middle Earth.

Wisest of all Maiar

What drove you to leave

That which you loved?

William, William , O wisest of gun

No more will you wander the green fields of this earth

Your journey has ended in darkness.

The bonds but, the spirit broken

The great man has left this World

A great light, has gone out."

Haldir looked to see it was Faramir who had sang the song and he smiled blessing the valar on him. It was good to have people singing of good songs than bad at this time.

"My people, let us gather to bless grace upon Will of Mirkwood" Aragorn called out and everyone gathered round doing so before it left only Haldir, Aragorn and Legolas sitting around the gravestone.

"Let him live on in peace" Legolas said standing and shooting an arrow into the sky which soared before flying upwards and bursting into flame much like Gandalf's fireworks had done as Frodo had told him of the fireworks after he had seen Aragorn about the gravestone.

And live on in peace he did, for in years to come, no-one not even Haldir would forget the very first time that he met William Turner nor anyone else or the many adventures that happened with him by their side. If it wasn't him, Haldir would've died on the Black Gate, if it wasn't for him Aragorn or Legolas or even Gimli would've died in the paths of the dead. Those that are gone never trully leave us, they are always in here, in your heart till life is over.

And Haldir got a second chance at life, Lady Galadriel with her magic bestowed his immortality on him once more. He took this seriously visiting everywhere knowing that Will would live on in his heart forever.

Will's story would live on for years and years to come but also good things had become of this, the One Ring was now destroyed. It was in-fact all over.

Haldir sat upon one of the chairs at Aragorn's palace. He was always welcomed by the king and Prince Consort, Legolas whilst there son, yes their son. Legolas's people were slightly different that way in which males could carry children. Yes Aragorn and Legolas's son would sit and listen to his uncle Haldir's story's of the one and only Will Turner, the one who had took his heart but also was fair to people that were to him.

As Haldir sat that day outside in the grounds recalling one of the many stories where Will had done something whilst Aragorn and Legolas stuck in some points as well since Haldir did not know everything about, the elf failed to notice a figure standing beside the fountain.

When Haldir did look up, all he saw was the figure turn and disapear off into the sunset. He knew it was Will's spirit looking on him from afar.

If I die, live on knowing that I will always protect you. That had been Will's final words upon the Black Gate and Haldir knew deep down inside he would never forget such words as they came from a man so pure.

Never was there any like Will Turner and never ever would there be in Haldir's eyes.

He also knew himself that Will was looking down on him right this moment as he taught Aragorn and Legolas's son to sword fight. He knew the exact words which would have come from his mouth if he had been there. The words Haldir could hear everyday when all was quiet. The words...

I Love You Forever And Always. Never Shall You Be Forgotten.


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