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In this version, Diana has a different mental illness that will reveal itself in time. I don't want to give too much away.

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The Price Of Love Is Loss

The violet silk night gown slid off of her gently taking her in his arms, he held her tight wishing that this moment between them could last forever. Slowly, he began to kiss her neck, inching his way up to her lips. Each kiss sweeter then the last. She moaned softly, feeling his hot breath against her flesh.

"Dan". We can't. We're going to be late. We have that final today in Building Types. You know we both need this course if we're going to get our degree and have our own company. We can't just stay here and have sex all day. What if something happens?"

"It won't", he whispered . That's why we have protection. "

"But what about?" Diana interjected

Dan put a finger to her lips. "We won't be late, Di. I promise. Just stay here with me for five more minutes and then we'll jump in the shower and go okay?"

Gazing deeply into his piercingly blue eyes, Diana pulled him closer to her and in between kisses said, "You know that I can't say no to you when you give me that look , Dan Goodman.. " I love you."

An hour later, Diana and Dan ran down the hall. "I knew that just five minutes would turn into more like twenty. ", she muttered. Damn it, Dan! You knew this was an important exam. It's the fucking final for Heaven's Sake! If Hinkle doesn't let us take the final because we're late, we won't pass the course and if I don't pass this course, you are a dead man!"

"Don't worry, Di", Dan said, "You'll be just fine. We both will. We've studied long enough. We know what we're doing. Just try to relax."


"Di, calm down! "

"You don't understand. If I don't pass this class, I won't graduate and if I don't graduate .. I'll be just like...her "Diana stopped short of the door and trembled at the thought that was running though her head."

Dan had seen this happen before and knew what to do. He embraced her.

"You won't turn out like your mother, Di. ", he said softly.

"How do you know", she said, whimpering.

Dan smiled at her and took her hand in his.

"Because I know you. . . I believe in you. I—I love you, Diana Hawthorne "

In those few moments, Diana knew that everything would be okay. He believed in her the feeling felt odd. Other than her father, no one had really believed in her before.

"Thank you." she whispered. "We better get inside before Hinkle has a meltdown."

He nodded. "Let's do this thing".