Civil War Chapter One

Our story begins in Stamford, Connecticut where a group of young super heroes known as the New Warriors attempt to take down a group of hidden super villains while filming reality t.v. show…

The New Warrior's manager and liaison paced around the control room for WTNH-Channel 8. "Okay, how many super villains are we talking here speedball?"

Speedball crouched in the bushes behind a suburban house with Night Trasher, Namorita, and Microbe. "Three." He said. "No, wait. I think I see Coldheart in the backyard emptying the trash. That's four of 'em in total, and all four are on the FBI most wanted list, right?"

Information popped up on the screens in the command center. "Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Speed Freak, Nitro… yep. They all broke out of Rykers three months back and all of them have records as long as your arm. Whoever tipped us in, we owe them big for this. Coldheart fought Spider-man a couple of times and – get this – Speedfreak almost took down the Hulk."

"He what?" Night Thrasher asked.

"These guys are totally out of our league, man." Microbe said, a bead of sweat dripping down his head. "No way should we be going in there."

"But think about the ratings Microbe." Speedball said. "This could be the best episode of the second season."

"Speedball..." Night Thrasher moaned.

"So what's the plan?" Namorita asked.

"We go in hard and fast." Night Thrasher said. "We need to take out Speedfreak first, make sure nobody gets away. Speedball, you'll have to handle Nitro. Your energy powers mean you can handle him better than any of us. And remember, these guys are big league, so don't hold back."

"Uh oh." Microbe said.

"Whassup Mike?" Speedball asked.

"We've been marked."

Coldheart ran into the house. "Everyone in costume!" She yelled. "It's a raid!"

"Let's go!" Speedball yelled, jumping into the fray first, as always. He smashed through the window right at speedfreak.

"Holy #%G!" He yelled. As Speedfreak plowed straight into him and out the front of the house.

"I've heard that clothes make the man Speedfreak…" Speedball yelled, punching him in the mouth. "…and in your case it's totally true!"

"Sound was off for a second there, bud." The cameraman said. "Any chance of that last part again?"

"Sure thing." Speedball kicked Speedfreak in the head. "And in your case it's totally true chuckles!"

"Wait a minute." Coldheart said, defending herself from Namorita. "I know you guys. You're the idiots from that reality show. I'm not getting taken down by goldfish girl and the bondage queen."

"Yeah because Namorita sounds so much straighter." Microbe gently pushed Cobalt Man over. "I've got my bacterial beasties rusting Cobalt Man. Does Speedball have Nitro?"

"Nah." Speedball said, kicking Speedfreak again. "I'm still tangled up with Speedfreak."

"Not to worry." Namorita said, already in the air. "I'm on it."

The manager smiled at the monitors. "Keep it up baby, this is gold!" He suddenly looked behind him, and saw somebody else in the room with him. "Woah!" He yelled, backing away from him. "Who are you?"

The man with the giant head raised his hand at the monitors. "I am Uatu, the Watcher. I am tasked with watching important events in earth's history… but never interfering."

The man looked from the Watcher to the monitors. "Will the ratings be that good?" He asked.

"No." The Watcher said. "That bad."

Namorita flew into Nitro, pinning him to the schoolbus. "On your feet Nitro." She said. "And don't try any of your stupid explosions either, because that'll only make me hit you harder."

Nitro wiped blood off of his mouth. "Namorita, is it? Well… they said you guys were idiots. I can't believe I didn't believe them, but that was before you pushed a guy named Nitro into a gas tank near a school." He grinned. "I'm not the bargain basement loser you guys are used to baby. You're playing with the big boys now."

He exploded. The blast all but incinerated everybody within a couple of miles. The children, the school, the villains, everything.

The cameras went dead. The New Warrior's manager put his hand to his mouth in shock.

"And so it begins." Uatu the Watcher said, fading from view.

A/N: Hello to you, from the ClownWithAChainsaw. I have this hobby, where after I've read a new story or watched a new movie I think about how it could be improved. This is a great mental excercise, and I've decided to publish one of these on fanfiction. Keep in mind, this isn't changing the whole story into a better story. This is going to stay true to the principles of the story; Spider-man will reveal his identity, Tony will deal with supervillains, Reed will clone Thor, etc... but everybody will stay in character and it will make a whole lot more sense. I won't be writing this in my usual style; To keep the effect of the graphic novel, my story will not include what the characters are thinking so you the audience can fill in that blank for yourself. And I will be following the actual Civil War pretty closely until the big changes happen, so it's probably best to read this alongside a copy of the actual Civil War. I will put author's notes after each chapter to explain why I changed what I change. Skip them if you want. But I hope you enjoy this story.

So, starting with the opening chapter of the Civil War. This is where it all begins. Lesson number one: Accuracy. Graphic novels present the unique chance for many writers to get on board and write their own stories about these people (by unique, I mean it's an oppurtunity shared only by writers for Star Wars and Star Trek). But unless they keep it accurate to the events happening before, it's nothing but bad fanfiction. The first problem with accuracy seen here, is that Night Thrasher is the leader of this incarnation of the New Warriors, not Speedball. However, Speedball acts like the leader in the beginning of Civil War, probably so later the writers can stick him in his Penance suit. In my story, the reason Speedball gets blamed is because it actually was in part his fault (as opposed to Night Thrasher's fault for letting the comic relief be the team leader). Also, Uatu the Watcher shows up at the beginning of grand events, especially if this is a crossover which will effect as much as it does. He does not show up a little after the beginning during the superheroe's get together.

Until next time, True Believers!