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Title: "Yes, My Lady"

Characters/Pairing Involved: Ciel Phantomhive / Sebastian Michaelis

Summary: Ciel had always hated that pink ball gown his aunt made him wear when they had infiltrated one of Lord Aleister Chamber's social gatherings for an investigation. He swore to himself that he will never ever wear that dress again. Or so he thought. When an invitation to a party for the beautiful young lady, the late Madame Red's "niece", from the Viscount of Druitt arrives, Ciel has no other choice but to attend or Sebastian will, as he had threatened his master, reveal to everyone the little robin's true identity.

"Yes, My Lady"

Chapter 6: Une Nuit pour Deux (A Night for Two)

"Young Master, please pay close attention—" Sebastian frowned as Ciel continued gazing idly through the window. A subtle sigh escaped the butler's lips when his master did not respond. "Young Master?" He inquired, looking a little worried. Ciel finally took notice of the man in front of him and stiffened a little the moment his eyes made contact with Sebastian's.

The boy quickly looked away before giving a reply. "What are you looking at me like that for, Sebastian?" The butler continued examining his master's features, as if he had something on his face. Ciel was feeling more and more uncomfortable. His butler's stare was burning his skin (of course he was exaggerating; he was just getting flustered over it). "Sebastian!"

"I'm sorry, Young Master. You just seem so distracted that I was under the impression that you might probably be not feeling well." Sebastian carefully took off the glove from his right hand and placed it over Ciel's forehead, feeling his temperature. The young lad quickly slapped the hand away from him and jumped out of his seat. "What do you think you're doing?" He exclaimed.

Sebastian blinked. Straightening himself, the butler slipped his glove back on. "I was merely checking if the Young Master was having a fever or not. I must say, you are acting quite odd today." Ciel frowned and turned away. "I'm just not in the mood right now. Call me when lunch is ready, I'll be staying in my bedchamber 'til then."

As he watched his master head towards the door, the demon bowed, "As you wish, Young Master."

Ciel buried his face on his pillow, hugging it close to him. "That bastard is acting as if nothing happened!" The young Earl closed his eyes tight and reminisced about the things that took place last night. I don't even know why something like that is bothering me…

As the memories flashed through his mind, Ciel couldn't help but turn red. He shook his head, hoping to shrug it off, and also tried to ignore the pounding feeling in his chest at the same time. The embarrassment is just too much for me to handle!

"S-Stop with your foolishness, demon." Ciel retorted, turning to face his butler once more. The young man smirked, crossing his legs and letting his elbows rest on his knees. "I don't see anything foolish with greeting my dear mistress during Valentines." Ciel bit his lower lip, eagerly trying to hide a blush. He noticed Sebastian stand up from the bed and head towards him. The boy took a step back, but the demon was too quick.

Ciel found himself in his butler's arm, a gloved hand gently caressing his cheeks. "You look absolutely gorgeous tonight, Young Mistress…" The young Phantomhive caught his breath, unable to make any sudden movements. The demon has definitely caught him under his spell. As Sebastian drew closer and closer to him, Ciel felt anxious. Panicked, the boy pushed the butler away from him and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. The heavy dress he was wearing didn't make things any easier for him either. Ciel cursed under his breath and kept running without any specific location in his mind. He just wanted to be away from that bastard as far as he can.

Arriving at the garden, the boy finally gave up and fell to the ground. The moment Ciel realized where he ran off to, he grumbled. "Panicking and running off to a random direction… tch. How pathetic of me." Looking around, he breathed heavily. "I should go back inside the mansion." The Earl tried to stand up, but his legs won't let him. Ciel groaned as he felt the pain coming from his feet. He then realized that he had been running whilst wearing high-heeled boots. "Oh, honestly! I don't get why women wear these kinds of things at all."

"Playing around in the dark? That isn't lady-like at all, Young Mistress." A deep voice whispered behind him. Just before Ciel could turn around to look at the owner of the voice, he felt himself being lifted from the ground. "W-Wha—Hey!"

"My, oh my, I'd have to punish you for being so naughty." Sebastian's blood-red orbs glistened as he gave a sly smirk to his master. Ciel felt shivers run down his spine as the demon's eyes examined his body. Even without a mirror in front of him, the young Phantomhive could already imagine how red he must be right now. Why was Sebastian's gaze making him so uneasy now when all these years, they have been together? Damn it, Sebastian!

"Put me down this instant, Sebastian!" Ciel exclaimed, pushing the butler away from him. Sebastian remained calm, smiling at his master as if it was the most normal thing to do. "As you wish, Young Master." Carefully placing his contractor down on the ground, the butler clad in black brushed the dirt away from his master's clothing. "You should really be more careful with yourself, Young Master. You do know you have a tendency to attract trouble."

Ciel shot his butler a death glare and huffed. "What are you saying? I'm perfectly fine, aren't I? Stop treating me like a helpless brat." Sebastian grinned. "But Young Master… in that outfit and in this kind of dark place, anything could happen."

The Earl ignored his butler's remarks and started walking away, dragging the heavy skirt in his small hands. "Don't make me laugh, what could possibly happen to me in my own garden?" At that moment, Ciel had regretted saying those words when he felt a strong hand grasp his arm, pulling him back. "What the hell are you doing?" The boy angrily spat. Sebastian's grasp was too tight that Ciel winced in pain. "Let go of me, you bastard!"

"Anything can happen, Young Master; especially with a hungry demon around." Sebastian's voice was so deep that it gave chills to Ciel. "What are you—" The boy's words were cut off when he felt Sebastian's lips pressed against his neck. Ciel gasped in surprise. What… What's going on?

Sebastian felt the sudden change in Ciel's breathing. He smiled as he continued feeling his master's skin with his lips. The sensation he was getting made him crave more and more for the boy. The butler took a moment to glance up at his contractor and the sight gave him a feeling of accomplishment. Oh how he loved the sight of his young master panting, eyes closed and cheeks as red as the roses in the garden. Just like the helpless child that you are…

Loosening his grip on the boy's wrist, Sebastian's hand made its way to Ciel's back. Just like the skilled butler that he was, he had untied the lace that kept the gown in its place. Feeling his clothes slowly slipping down his shoulders, Ciel's eyes shot open as he instinctively moved his hands to grab the fabric before it completely fell off. "Have you gone insane?" He yelled, holding his clothes as close to him as he could. Sebastian paid no mind to his master's anger as he took off the hat decorating Ciel's head. "Sebastian, are you even liste—Mmph!"

Ciel had been cut off once more when Sebastian had finally pressed his lips over the boy's. The young Earl stood frozen as his butler wrapped his arms around his petite figure. I-I'm not…going to… Ciel raised his hand to break away from the demon's grasp, but all his strength was being drained away by that weird sensation he was getting from the kiss. …give in.

Sebastian pulled away for a brief moment and smiled at the flustered Ciel Phantomhive in front of him. "You see why you need to be more careful, Young Master? Things happen when you least expect them to." Noticing Ciel's raised hand, he chuckled, "Are you going to try to push me away in that state?"

Ciel frowned. I hate you, you bastard. "Wrong, demon."

Using his free hand, the boy pulled the demon closer to him and this time, initiated the kiss. Being the inexperienced teen that he was, Ciel wasn't very sure how a kiss should be like. He just moved through instinct. Sebastian had to admit, his master kept surprising him at the most unexpected times. The demon wasn't going to let the boy take the lead, however.

Having left Ciel's gown open, Sebastian had slipped his hand under the fabric and ran his hand down the boy's bare back. Ciel felt shivers run up his spine causing him to moan into the kiss. The butler smiled at his master's response to his action. Deepening the kiss, Ciel wrapped both his arms around the demon's neck and pulled him closer to him. Why can't I stop?

Feeling Sebastian's other hand running down under the thick layer of frills of his skirt, Ciel felt his knees weaken. Tightening his embrace, Ciel felt the heat rising out from inside of him. …Why do I keep wanting more?

Focusing on the sensation coming from Sebastian's soft lips, the boy kept craving more for it. He felt the need to keep his lips pressed against his butler's. He felt like giving up on air as long as those lips were his. Wait— what?

Yes, that's right. You belong to me, and only to me, Sebastian; Your time, your attention, your body, your stained soul. Everything that is yours is mine. And mine alone.

"S-Sebastian…" The young noble managed to say the moment the demon had pulled away. "What is it, Young Master?" Looking at Ciel's flushed face was a priceless thing to see. Sebastian couldn't help but keep wanting to ravish the boy until his hunger was satiated. Leaning closer, Ciel muttered weakly, "Don't—"

"STOOOOPPPP!" A high-pitched voice echoed throughout the garden, causing the two to look away from each other in search for the intruder. Having been interrupted, Ciel grew irritated. Finally able to breathe normally again, he growled. "Sebastian, make sure to kill whoever this intruder is." Looking at his butler, the Faustian contract on his right eye glowed. "That's an order."

Still holding on to Ciel's torso, the demon bowed slightly, "Yes, My Lord."

Just then, a tall figure jumped out of the trees. "Oh, my dear Sebas-chan! How could you choose a snotty little brat over me?" Hearing those lines made the two realize who their intruder was. Sebastian looked at his master and asked, "Young Master, is the order still the same?"

Knowing that it was that stupid shinigami who interrupted them,—why am I getting so frustrated about being interrupted anyway?— Ciel just became more furious. "You heard me, Sebastian. Kill him." Sebastian was more than happy to oblige.

Grell Sutcliffe finally showed himself with his death scythe in hand. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. And here I was, thinking of finally giving myself to you as a Valentine's Day gift!" The redhead dashed and aimed the chainsaw at Sebastian, who immediately jumped out of harm's way with his master in his arms.

"You certainly are an annoying imbecile, Grell Sutcliffe." The butler smiled. However, the aura that he let out wasn't as pretty as his smiling face. The shinigami grinned, his shark-like teeth showing. "Of course, anything for you, Sebas-chan~!" At that moment, Grell had jumped up and swung his death scythe at the butler's direction. "Wah!" Ciel screamed as the chainsaw's teeth almost hit him. "What are you doing, Sebastian? Finish him off!"

"My apologies, Young Master, but my hands are full at the moment." Ciel immediately realized that the demon was still carrying him and could therefore not fight back. Landing on the ground, Sebastian carefully seated Ciel on the grass and excused himself before running off to repel another attack from the shinigami.

Just as Sebastian was about to launch an attack, Grell was suddenly knocked out from behind by another man. Holding a garden hedge spear, the man walked towards the redhead and grabbed him by the hair. William T. Spears adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat. "So I see you were causing trouble in places you shouldn't even be at, Sutcliffe." Shifting his attention to the demon in front of him, the bespectacled shinigami frowned and sighed. "I'm sorry for the trouble this…thing… has caused you." Both Ciel and Sebastian knew how much Will hated demons. And to be apologizing to one was something he hated more.

Sebastian responded with his usual smile and replied, "Oh, no need to apologize. I was about to kill it anyway." Grell was about to protest but Will had managed to stab the end of his death scythe over his head. "Unfortunately for you, demon, I'm taking Sutcliffe with me." Sebastian was about to answer back when Ciel had called his attention. "Sebastian, leave them. I want to return to my room now."

"Well then, we shall be on our way." And just like that, Will and Grell had disappeared into the darkness.

Returning to his master's side, Sebastian asked, "Is that really okay for you, Young Master? You did give an order to kill him." Ciel just sighed and stood up. "I wouldn't want to waste time on them anyway. Just bring me back to my room now."

"As you wish."

Even despite the fight that just happened, Ciel's mind was still stuck at the event that took place before Grell showed up.

If that shinigami never showed up, what would have I told Sebastian? What would have happened? Ciel laid on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Remembering the things that happened last night made him feel a little light-headed. He turned to his side and looked at the window. After putting him to bed last night, Sebastian had returned to his own bedroom without saying anything about what happened between them. This morning, he seemed like he didn't even remember anything from last night. Why am I the only one bothered about it?

Hearing a knock on the door, Ciel sat up. "Young Master, Lady Elizabeth is about to leave. Won't you see her off?" Sebastian's voice said from the other side of the door. The boy sighed, "I'm coming."

Before reaching the door, the boy suddenly remembered what he was about to tell his butler before they were rudely interrupted.

Don't ever look at anyone else but me.

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