Title: Good Enough

Rating: M (hot man on man action aka as Wincest somewhere in the world)

Summary: Crossing into the abyss here with my first slash fic and definitely the first and last foray into Wincest. Set at the end of "Houses of the Holy" Dean needs to find comfort for his brother and himself. Since it's always really ever been Dean and Sam the comfort comes from each other. So feet on the edge here goes the leap into the abyss…

Note: The italics are dialog from the actual episode which aired this week on TNT. Thanks closed captioning.

"How was your day?" He felt like he had witnessed something amazing but couldn't actually focus in on what that was. How was he going to tell his brother what he had witnessed with the accident? Sam was lethargically shoving clothes into the duffel and the look on his face was one that always broke Dean's heart.

Without even looking up at him all Sam said was, "You were right. It wasn't an angel it was Gregory."

His brother shoved clothes into the duffel looking completely dejected. Dean tried to decipher what he had seen earlier with the pervert and the iron beam but he knew that Sam came first. They would get through this crisis of faith…together. Alcohol would help so he got his flask, took a swig and handed it to his brother. While Sam took a swig Dean pulled his jacket off. Sam sat down on his bed and began to explain himself to his brother.

Dean felt like shit, he never would be able to be what Sam needed. He could protect, look after, keep him on the straight and narrow (he hoped) but he was just as mentally fucked as his younger brother and not someone who could help put the pieces back together. Once again he felt so damn useless! He stood over Sam as Sam began to explained what he was feeling – which was more than Dean would ever be able to do himself. Sam didn't look up at him as he spoke.

"It's so damn hard to do this…what we do."

Dean twitched his jaw and put on his game face. Sammy needed to get this out. Dean was never so happy that he could put on a blank face because Sammy now looked at him as he spoke.

"All alone you know and there's so much evil out in the world, Dean, I feel like I could drown in it. And when I think about my destiny, when I think about how I could end up."

"Yeah, well don't worry about that alright. I'm watching out for you." He took a seat on the end of his bed and leaned closer to his brother's defeated form. He would make Sammy feel better – he just wasn't sure how…until Sam's next words.

"Yeah I know you are. But you're just one person Dean."

Dean got the patented Dean Winchester face at those words. The stoic, determined, don't dare tell me I won't be able to save someone face, and it should have sent a shiver through his brother but Sam was so lost in his own emotions.

"And I needed to think that there was something else watching too, you know? Some higher power. Some greater good and that maybe…"

"Maybe what?"

"Maybe I could be saved." Tears formed in his eyes and then the next moment Sam was acting like Dean. Shoving everything down and pretending nothing had happened.

Dean couldn't let that happen. He had to tell Sam what had happened to the man. It was his turn to give something back to his brother. Dean wanted Sam to have faith, to pray everyday to believe in something good so he told him. His words got his little brother excited, he saw hope back in Sam's eyes and while his brother felt good Dean felt like shit because no matter what he would never be able to make Sam's eyes sparkle like that. As his brother kept quizzing him he finally said. "Maybe it was God's will."

The pieces snapped into place for both brothers at the same time. Both realized that maybe there was a higher power after all and that maybe they had witnessed it. But both were broken and the only way to fix that was to find comfort in what was in front of them…each other.

Dean reached for Sam, they were so close to each other, and let his hand rest gently on the back of his brother's neck. His long fingers stroked through the curled hair at the nape and his eyes searched the depths of Sam's looking for some remnant of his brother's tattered soul so that he could put it back together. Restore Sam's faith in him, in them, in family.

Dean's eyes were searching his soul and Sam wanted his big brother to find it, fix him like he always had. It had been so long since they had a chance to be intimate with each other like this. Hell, the last time Dean had held him, looked at him like this was a month before he was accepted to Stanford. Growing up it had only been them, their father would leave them for weeks at a time so the only comfort they had was each other. Sam simply gave into the comfort radiating from his brother's touch.

The kiss was sweet, hot, and Sam found himself groaning into Dean's mouth. The next instant Sam's large hands were on his brother's face trying to pull Dean completely inside of him. Using his height advantage Sam easily moved from his bed to his brother's making sure Dean went on his back gently. They never broke the kiss.

Dean's back was on the bed but his feet were on the floor and his baby brother was holding his weight off of his chest while straddling him. Their tongues were stroking everywhere in each others mouths. Dean had his eyes closed but Sam wanted to see his savior, his big brother, the man who had always made things right in his world. He knew every feature on Dean's face by heart and he wanted to look into his green eyes and see the love radiating in them. "Dean, open your eyes please," it was a plea.

"Beautiful," Sam said as he managed to pull away from Dean's mouth. He was on his knees over his brother and the next logical thing to do was get him out of his shirt.

Sam's hands were nimble for being so large and Dean sucked in a deep breath as he felt the warmth of the palms on his chest. His brother's fingers made quick work of the buttons. Dean raised up so Sam could pull it off of his arms, carelessly throwing it to the floor. The need to have his brother comfort him was growing but he wasn't the little one now. He could give as good as he got and first Dean was going to find comfort. It was time Sam put his brother's needs before himself. Gently he pushed Dean back down on the bed and let his hands roam over his brother's chest.

What was Sam doing? Dean should be the one on top of his brother, rubbing, kissing, comforting. Not this, not Sam trying to comfort him. He was the big brother, he was the protector, the giver! The passionate, needy kiss Sam crushed on his mouth however sent those thoughts out of his mind. He would let Sam have this. He hissed when warm hands touched his bare skin. Once again he raised up to allow Sam to remove his t-shirt. While he was up he unbuttoned Sam's shirt, removed it and pulled the t-shirt over his head. Now both relished the warmth of the others body.

Dean broke, he had to be the one comforting Sam, not Sam comforting him. He would find his own comfort when his brother was satisfied, free from worry and pain – if only for a few hours. He easily caught Sam off-guard, which wasn't difficult since neither of them were at their full game, and was on top of his large brother. Without giving Sam time to retaliate Dean was planting desperate kisses on his brother's neck, back up to claim his mouth, along his strong jawline, back to the neck and then to the chest. Now it was Sam's turn to hiss in pleasure and take in deep breaths.

"Ugh, damn Dean," he managed to say as his brother nipped at his collarbone before sliding his tongue down his chest toward his nipple.

Dean said nothing, just kept his ministrations up. He knew what his brother needed, a gentle lover, the rough stuff wasn't part of them. Their lives were too rough to begin with so the lovemaking was gentle. Dean also knew what buttons to push on his baby brother and as his tongue swirled around on nipple, flicking and sucking then flicking again Sam's hips bucked upward. Dean knew he had pushed the right button as he felt the tension, the doubt flow out of Sam's body. He continued to work his mouth down his brother's chest, making sure to nip at the spots he knew drove Sam crazy. However just before he got to the naval his large brother's hands grabbed his head and pulled him up.

Sam wasn't going to be the only one to find comfort in this. Dean deserved to be relaxed, to be comforted, to know that he was loved deeply and completely by his brother. It had been so long since they were intimate and the last time Sam was still too scrawny to deter Dean from giving. Not anymore, he was strong enough to pin Dean to the bed and he desired to be whatever his brother needed of him. Wrapping his legs around Dean's waist he maneuvered so that Dean was under him, securely and not going anywhere. Lustful green eyes met his equally lustful green eyes and Sam's mouth was on his brother's in a second, but it didn't stay there long. Sam followed the same path Dean had used on his body along his brother's.

Dean had always been vocal during intimacy. It was the only time he could be free, when he was caught up in the passion. Sam knew this well, having listened to Dean with his various conquests throughout the years. But Sam had never drawn those throaty, breathy moans and groans out of his brother, it had always been the other way around…until now. Sam let his tongue lick over Dean's neck wetting it with his warm saliva so when he blew on it it would send shivers down his brother's spine.

The shivers running down his spin brought out a, "god, Sammy!" and Sam knew he had hit the right spots. His breath was replaced by his teeth nipping and his lips sucking at his brother's ear, neck, collarbone. Each nip and suck pulled out another, "god" or groan. Dean was hard as a rock, so was he and he knew exactly how to fix that. He trailed light kisses down Dean's chest, over his stomach, and dipped his tongue in his naval but he had his hands on his brother's hips preventing Dean from bucking up. Those hands that were holding his hips down now worked the button of his jean loose and slowly unzipped them. Sam opened the waistband as far as it would go and smiled up at his brother, who was now looking at him with complete lust filled eyes. Dean's cock was tenting the briefs he wore and Sam freed him from the binding underwear.

"Holy shit," his brother moaned as Sam's lips closed over the head! His brother's tongue flicked under the head and after a few languid licks Sam's mouth was replaced by his warm hand. His hand worked up from the tip down to his balls in a smooth steady but firm stroke. Sam's hands were calloused and strong from years of hunting and the calluses added an extra bit of sensation along Dean's shaft. His brother kept working him like that for several minutes. Anticipation began to tingle through Dean's body and though he hated to admit it he was completely relaxed with letting his younger brother take charge. Sam's motion went from slow to quick, strong tugs and Dean rocked his hips into his brother's hand.

Sam wanted to give Dean everything. Let his big brother know how much he meant to him, how much he loved him, how life would not be worth living without Dean in it. Stanford had been ok, Jessica had been wonderful but she wasn't Dean. No one would ever be Dean and it was time Sam showed his brother how much he was Sam's world. He lips were grazing the head of his brother's perfect cock and he took the head inside his hot mouth. Dean's reserve left him for a moment and he fought to not fuck into his brother's sinfully delicious mouth. Luckily he regained control because the way Dean felt right now with his brother on his dick he was afraid of being too rough.

Quick light flicks of Sam's tongue pulled the pleasure straight from his balls. Sam continued licking and kissing down the shaft knowing just how to lick and tease him to bring him to the edge and then back off. If Sam kept this up Dean would be begging for release!

Sam knew his brother better than himself and he knew Dean was close and he knew what he needed to do, take care of his precious big brother. Sam took Dean into the back of his throat for an instant then slid up with lips tight and back down taking him into the back of his throat again. The bob got faster, his brother's tongue swirling, sucking so hard that Dean had no choice but to rock his hips in time to Sam's bobs. The string of words and groans that came out of his brother made Sam chuckle to himself as he kept his brother against his throat.

"Going to cum Sammy," Dean somehow managed to get out. He needed to warn his brother about his impending organism so Sam could pull off. But his brother didn't pull off and swallowed all of him down.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck….ugh," and then Dean collapsed into a boneless mess. He had wanted to comfort Sam. Show him that there was a higher power watching over him, loving him but his baby brother had turned the table.

"That's all you have to say," Sam came up to his brother's side with a beautiful smile on his face.

Dean couldn't form words right now but his body was still tingling from the excitement caused by his brother's awesome mouth. "Come here," he pulled Sam into him and softly kissed him. A rather large dick rubbed up against his hip. Of course his overgrown brother was proportioned in that department. Well endowed one would say. Dean put a hand on the bulge.

"Please," Sam whispered against his brother's lips.

"You never have to beg," Dean said as he gathered enough strength to shove Sam onto his back and work his jeans free.

After placing a few gentle kisses along his brother's cock he slowly licked around the head while his hand began to stroke up and down. The moans Sam made melted Dean and he began to stroke faster and harder up and down the length of his rock hard brother. His other hand cupped and kneaded Sam's balls while his strokes had slowed down to a painful tease. Dean's tongue still danced across his brother's head but Dean planned on working his little brother into the same frenzy Sam had worked him into before allowing release.

"Dean, not slow. So fucking horny. Need you so fucking bad," Sam was begging for his brother!

Dean was in his ear now with a breathy, "Yeah baby brother? Need me? You have me, you know that. Always have me. I'll always look out for you. Comfort you. Love you."

"Always?" he moaned out as he shot his release into his brother's hand. Those words meant the world to him. He would never need anyone else but his brother. They were soulmates in a cruel and fucked up world but they would always be together. Always be each other's comfort and misery and that thought was what brought Sam's orgasm. The unconditional love between them.

Dean licked Sam's now softening cock and his balls as his brother huffed in shallow breaths. They simply held each other for a few moments before going to clean up.

Wow! This was much longer than I thought it would be. Hope you enjoyed.