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Her nails raked over his naked back in a frenzied passion, her fingers soon finding the raven locks that contrasted sharply with his pale, moonlit skin.

His own calloused hands roamed adventurously over her lithe figure, trailing up the flare of her hip to the curves of her chest, before burying themselves into the tousled brown curls cascading down her back.

He kissed her furiously, his tongue thrusting into her mouth, and she responded with an animalistic lust, her teeth scraping against his lips.

"Harry," she moaned throatily as his lips slid down to the column of her neck, « Harry, I love you… »

Her hand moved downwards, almost dangerously, and she pressed herself closer to him, grinding her hips against his hardness.

He gasped out at this, his emerald eyes clouding over with desire. Her chocolate ones mirrored the same expression, and she thrust forward again.

"Aaah ! Hermione !" he groaned this time, his voice thick, and he grabbed her by her messy curls, nearly devouring her face this time, the fingers of his other hand trailing across her inner thigh.

"Harry, I need -" she began, her voice desperate and pleading, but she never completed her words, for at that moment there was a flash of silver and smashing sound, followed by a loud screech, and their love-making bodies disappeared with a rain of red and blue sparks.

The silver locket fell to the forest floor with a thump, looking deceivingly innocuous as it lay along the leaves, a large crack across it's shiny surface.

Ron heaved a huge sigh, crumpling to the floor, his blue eyes wet, and he forced out a choked sob.

Harry just stood rigid behind him, his green eyes wide as he took in the scene that had just occurred moments ago, his breathing labored and his heart thumping painfully against his ribcage.

He swallowed, glad for the darkness that hid his rising blush, tightening his sweaty grip on his wand, and crossed his legs as inconspicuously as possible.

Only one thought ran clearly through his head as he stared at the destroyed remains of the Horcrux:

What if?


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