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Of Cuts and Pills

Chapter 1: Castaway

Agitated, Sally Jackson paced back and forth at the room. Paul hadn't come back yet. She knew that her fiancée was currently having one of those diplomatic discussions with her son's future psychiatrist.

To see that it would come to this! Ms. Jackson – soon to be Mrs. Blofis – did not expect this to happen, or at least a little bit sooner to smite them. She always knew that his son was different, strange in many ways, and as far as she could, she tried to protect him from the dangers of the real world.

His son is troubled…

Surely, she wasn't ashamed of him, especially now that her child needed her. Now that he made one of the biggest mistakes in his life…

They were going to fix this.

"Percy," the mother turned to her son who was drumming his fingers out of impatience, staring at the white linoleum with a calm yet uncomfortable expression. He did not respond to the sound of his name.

Sally knelt beside him and cupped his face.

"Everything is going to be alright, dear. Don't you worry. Paul made sure that you will receive the best treatment that is offered here."

"But I don't want to be treated," his voice grew forlorn and flinched away from her hand. "I don't want to be back to what I was before. I like the new me. How can you not accept that?"

"Because this Percy, this boy… this is not who you are," Sally spoke calmly, her eyes holding back a fountain of tears. "What happened to that brave, strong boy that used to be my son?"

Percy's retort rippled with anger. "That boy is dead. That's not me anymore. You don't know me any more than you know Dad. You're taking away my whole life, Mom. You and Paul are just ashamed of harboring a delinquent."

"No! That's not true, Percy. We are trying to protect you. We are trying to save your future –"

"So spare me from the saving!" Percy stood up angrily. "Whatever it is that you're trying to do, stop it, will you? I don't need any of you! I don't want to live a life that you want me to live! I don't want any of you to try and tell me what to do! This is my life, Mom! And I don't want you, or Dad, or Paul, or any nutcase psychiatrist in it!"

"Please, Percy – "

"Leave me alone, mom," he gritted his teeth, retracting his arm from his hold. "You and Paul should better go. You've got a book-writing exercise seminar at 10."

"Sweetie –"

"Bye, Mom." His voice a dead monotone. "I'll see you whenever."

He stormed out and headed through the hallway, a dark aura engulfing him.

Sally Jackson watched as her only son walked away from her, carrying the burden of the world with him.

What kind of mother was she?

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