Authors note: Well this came to me on the bus this morning so here you guys are, and this is for my Labyrinth Girls; Ciar, Mika and Cadence (their character names obviously) Hope you like- Bee x

It was a well known fact in the Underground that the Labyrinth was sentiant and that it served the King of the Goblins. It was, however, a little known fact that the Labyrinth was actually an extension of the King. It changed depnding on his mood and it was continuously shifting in accordance with his wants and desires. It also adapted itself to the King's impression of the many mortal's who ran it's paths, attempting to try and earn back wished away children. Running of the Labyrinth was a test. It was a test to see if one was worthy of the gift they had wished away being returned to them, 'the child stolen' as written in lore. No had ever passed the test, at least till Sarah Williams. Her wish had been a mistake made in the heat of the moment when emotions were running high. Jareth had known that but the test still had to be undertaken. Wishing was absolute law and it had to be followed always. Sarah had ran the Labyrinth, which had been far easier on her than the others, and she had won. She had conquered the Labyrinth, and she had conquered Jareth's heart.

Sarah William's had left and the Labyrinth had let her. She was too young to know what she had done. She was too young to stay where she now belonged, in the Underground. So she had left with her baby brother, blissfully ignorant of the fact that on the dawn of her eighteenth birthday she would be returning forever.

Sarah had been eagerly awaiting her eighteen birthday. No longer would she be a child who believed in fairy stories, even though some at least were true. She would be an adult who now had her first job, as a Librarian. The letter had arrived in the post a week before, offering her a position and the whole family had celebrated. She was due to start her work on Monday which gave her an entire weekend to relish her leisure time, and explain to Ludo exactly what she was going to do. Sarah was extremely grateful that she was still able to contact Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus even though she was no longer in the Underground. All she had to do was touch her mirror and speak their names and they would appear.

Should you ever need us Sir Didymus had said that first time, his sentiment echoed by Hoggle. She did need them, and she couldn't think of a day when she wouldn't. They weren't the only inhabitants of the Labyrinth she thought of though. When she was feeling a bit miserable she though of the Fiery's dancing. It cheered her up and got her laughing for they were funny when they weren't trying to take off her head. The one person in the Underground who dominated her thoughts though was Him. Jareth, the Goblin King.

When she thought about it, how could her mind not dwell on him? He was the most charismatic, enchanting, handsome, intelligent and dangerous man she had ever met. She had incorrectly cast him in the role of villain for taking her little brother. After a few months had passed though, and some research on wish lore, she had found out that he wasn't actually the villain, not really. As soon as she had uttered those words, he had been bound by a magick so powerful to take Toby. He could refuse it no more than a lion could be a vegetarian.

As the years had progressed, and Sarah had become older and more woman than child, she had spent many hours thinking of Jareth's fine features and his almost ridiculously sexy appearance. She had thought back to dancing with him in the ballroom, her heart pounding in her chest as she remembered how it felt to have his body so close to her own. Even now she was still undecided as to what his intent had been. Sarah just could not believe that it had all been to stop her getting Toby back. There had been something more when he locked that mismatched gaze on her, held her close with one hand on the small of her back, and the other clutched in his own gloved hand.

Sarah sighed heavily and set down the brush she had been using to run through her thick black hair. In recent years it had started to curl naturally at the ends. It was almost time for Sarah to crawl under her warm blankets and sleep. All she could think of though was Jareth. She reached her hand out and ran her fingers along the smooth reflective surface, seeing his face clearly as though he were sitting before the mirror rather than her. She wondered how soft his skin would be, how his hair would feel like silk as she ran her hands through it. Would she get glitter on her hands? What would it feel like to have that noble mouth trail hot kisses all over her body? Her pleasure in hands that she assumed were skilled. Sarah shivered at the thought, tearing her gaze away from the mirror. The Jareth of her dreams and fantasies was very different from the real Jareth, and they could never be reconciled.

I'll paint you Mornings of Gold, I'll spin you Valentine Evenings, Though we're strangers 'till now. We're choosing a path between the stars, I'll lay my love between the stars. His words in the ballroom floated back to her from across the years, almost as though they could not be swallowed or lessened by time. The imagery in his words was beautiful, and he was beautiful. She and he though, they could never be, no matter how much she wished it. Wishes may be powerful, but even they would not and could not give her what she wanted.

Sarah William's was going to be eighteen in a matter of minutes, for it was near midnight now. She was going to be an adult and, she would have to let go of Jareth. She would never see him again, and if she did not let him go, she would spend the rest of her life in regret and misery, forever wondering and dreaming of what could have been, if she had accepted his offer.

"Goodbye Jareth" Sarah whispered softly, a sad smile on her lips as she heard the clock in the hallway chime the twelfth hour. One chime. Sarah felt very tired all of a sudden. Two chime. She could barely keep her eyes open. Three chime. Sarah fell forward onto her vanity, eyes shutting as she began to slip away into nothingness. Before she did though, she heard what seemed like hundred's of voices whispering all at once in her mind.

Welcome home Sarah