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Jareth had escorted Sarah back to the castle with him, glad that she had decided to co-operate, and that she no longer thought that he had went to the Aboveground and whisked her back down to his Kingdom. That she had originally believed that showed two things. One she still thought of him as a villain and two she still read fairy tales or at least had them close to her heart. It was such a fairy tale beginning, the fair maiden being swept down into the depths by the villainous Goblin King. The mere thought of it made Jareth snort. It was so ridiculous, like he could take anyone without a wish being made. His life would be so much easier if it were that way, and the past few years would not have been spent mourning the loss of beloved Sarah. He had watched her from time to time in his crystals, her hopes and aspirations playing out in front of him. No longer did she desire to be an actress, instead she had grown up and had a more fixed and attainable desire for her future.

Jareth sighed and leant back in the chair in his study. There were voluminous amounts of papers requesting his approval for various different activities and stacked atop of those were several books and scrolls that Jareth had been leafing through. No matter how great his feelings and desire for Sarah was, she wanted to go back to the Aboveground. That much was clear to him, and he cared enough for her that he wanted her wishes and desires to be fulfilled over his own. If she wanted to go back to the Aboveground, he would do all within his power to make it happen. Which is how he had found himself spending the past few hours perusing various documentations, trying to discover the cause of Sarah's appearance in the Underground. At first Jareth had thought it was a stroke of luck that Sarah had appeared before him rather than somewhere else in the Labyrinth. Now though, he was not so sure it was luck and more that it had been engineered that way. Whoever or whatever had taken Sarah from the Aboveground had deliberately placed her within Jareth's reach. Now all he had to do was figure out whom or what had done it, why they had done it and how he could get Sarah back.

She belonged here in the Underground. Jareth knew it, all the residents of the Labyrinth knew it so it wasn't too far fetched to think that other's knew in the Fae Kingdom knew it. Lanie couldn't have brought Sarah back to him and the Underground. She was a terrible actress when she was fired up with a particular emotion. If she had brought Sarah back, she would have given herself away with excitement. So, it wasn't Lanie, meaning that Jareth would have to search the Labyrinth for clues, ask Sarah more questions and then leave the kingdom for a few days to try and find any leads. There was a problem with leaving the Kingdom though; when he was not there his lands were vulnerable. This left him with two options, stay and send Lanie to track down information or leave and tell Lanie to safeguard the Kingdom whilst he was gone. This wouldn't be necessary if, as he was being constantly reminded of, he had married.

As a King he was expected to rule justly, to have a Queen by his side, and to create the next generation with her. So far, Jareth had done none of these other than rule justly. During her visit to the Labyrinth, Sarah had been unable to see this. He had been cast in the role of villain and so had been forced to play the part. For those few hours she had ran the Labyrinth, he had been a despot and he had been glad when it was all over. Yes, he ruled a little harshly sometimes but he was no maniacal tyrant. He wasn't any kind of tyrant. Jareth resolved that before Sarah left for the Aboveground he was going to have to show her what kind of a ruler, what kind of a man, he was.

First though, he had to find out why she was here and then work out how to send her back. Sarah wanted to go back, even though she belonged here in the Underground. She belonged in the Labyrinth.

Jareth stopped reading and placed the scroll he had been scrutinising down on the desk. He had just been hit by a thought, and it was one he was most certainly going to follow up on. Sarah's mind wanted to leave and head back Aboveground. Her heart though did not and therein lay his chance. If Jareth worked hard enough, he could convince Sarah's mind that her heart spoke naught but truth. In this instance, it would be true for Sarah's heart was telling her what she should already know. The world she had been born in and grew up in, no longer was it the world she belonged in. The Labyrinth changed a person, and it had changed Sarah. It had changed her, perhaps, more than even she realised.

The Goblin King rose to his feet, the chair he had been sitting on scraping backwards along the floor. He didn't bother tucking it in, instead striding out of the room, heading in the direction of his throne room. The study and the throne room weren't all that far away from one and other so Jareth's walk through the corridors of his castle was not long at all. For the lost and the lonely however, it might very well feel like thirteen hours.

Soon enough Jareth reached the throne room and he threw open the doors with a satisfying bang as they hit the stone walls. The Goblins all stopped and looked over to their King, all of them bowing. Except for one. There was one Goblin who was standing beside the pit in the floor, placing a pillow on top of several others. Jareth slowly approached, the slight heel on his boots making a small clicking sound as he approached. Still the Goblin did not turn away. Rather, it scuttled away to the far corner of the throne room. Jareth watched the Goblin then turned and looked back to the pit, eyeing the pillow construction with barely concealed curiosity. This Goblin had made a pillow fort. For what purpose, Jareth didn't even want to know or care all that much for that matter. He turned and watched as the Goblin hobbled back over, a bottle of what looked to be Rum in their hand.

Jareth recognised the Goblin by it's gait immediately, that and the bottle of Rum in it's hand. Viper was the Goblin's name and she was one of the few female Goblin's who had chosen to become a warrior. Most female Goblin's married and settled down to have children and serve the King by way of servant work. A select few though, such as Viper, did not see that as their future. They served their King by fighting. Viper had always been the best, and Jareth had a small soft spot for the crippled, war veteran Viper. She had been the best of the Goblin Army during her service but now spent her days drinking in misery at the realisation that her career was over, and training in the hopes that one day she would be able to fight again. Viper was just the Goblin Jareth was looking for.

"Viper!" Jareth said sharply, drawing the attention of the Goblin immediately. Viper bowed and hurried over to sit on Jareth's boots, clinging to them tightly, the bottle of Rum temporarily forgotten. The other Goblins went about their business, deliberately leaving the abandoned Rum bottle. They all knew better than to incite the wrath of Viper.

"What can Viper do for King hmm? Can Viper fight for King?" Viper asked, her voice deep and scratchy. Jareth resisted the urge to sigh. Always the same question, and Jareth wished that he could give his most loyal and courageous Goblin the answer she wished for. He never could though.

"No Viper, you cannot fight today. However, the Lady Sarah has returned. Whilst she is here, she needs protection. I cannot always provide it. You are the best I have Viper, and you always have been" Jareth said, watching as Viper smiled, revealing a row of sharp pointed teeth. The long scar across Viper's face from left eye to the right side of her jaw seemed to stretch slightly with the action of smiling. It was a sad sight for Jareth and he had to wonder how Sarah would react when she saw Viper.

"Viper will protect Lady Sarah!" Viper said eagerly, hugging Jareth's leg's before scampering off as best she could with her bad leg dragging behind her slightly. Jareth watched with a small smile as Viper disappeared. He needed to go speak to Lanie about something. He disappeared, leaving only a small amount of glitter in the air and on the ground to indicate that he had ever been there. One Goblin crept over to the glitter and dipped their hand into it before smearing it all over their face. The Goblins' loved their King, no matter what station they were, and they always would do. Now though, they also cared for the Lady Sarah for it was noted by all of the Goblins that when the King had mentioned her name, his eyes had danced with happiness. The King was happy, and the Lady Sarah had made him happy.