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Why did I come in here? Because you knew he would be in here. Shut up, who ever knew I would be able to think so much that I actually start to have arguments with myself?

Snapping out of his thoughts sharply, Reno pulled at the white collar of his white dress shirt as he watched the blonde wash himself in the SOLDIER shower room, his eyes were closed as he lifted his perfectly sculptured face upwards so that the hot water ran across the skin of his face, his hands sliding around his body as the mud from his previous training slipped down his body and down the drain along with the water.

Damn you. Reno gritted his teeth as he gripped onto the wall he was hiding behind, his nails nearly coming off of his fingers as he stared in awe at the figure, it was hard not to stare, the blonde was without a doubt one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen, though he usually described said male as either 'sexy' or 'hot enough to screw every night' when he was chatting with 1st Class SOLDIER, Zack Fair, who Reno also thought was extremely attractive. This was Reno's problem, he wanted both Zack and the blonde, who's name he had found out from Zack, to be Cloud Strife.

He heard Cloud sigh and he bit down hard on his lip to try and control the effect seeing the blonde like this was having on him, his blue eyes travelling all over the developing body of the young man, watching as Cloud's blonde locks fell into his eyes as his hair flattened from the water, it was a rare sight to see Cloud without his trademark 'chocobo hair', but it made Reno want him more as he stared hungrily at him, his tongue running over his bottom lip as Cloud ran his hands through his hair, cleaning it from both sweat and dirt.

"What are you doing?" the voice made the Turk jumped and he froze when his eyes met those of Zack, who looked somewhat annoyed that he was evidently perving on his best friend.

"Calm down, yo, I got lost, that's all man," Reno said defensively and Zack folded his arms across his chest, a black eyebrow raised as he stared at the shorter man, not believing a single word that had left his mouth, after all, he himself had caught Reno peering in when he was taking showers as well, it made Zack a little uncomfortable knowing that Reno may have been doing this for a while without him realising.

"Leave him alone," Zack sighed and Reno rolled his eyes turning back around, only to be met by wide, slightly frightened eyes that could only belong to Cloud and he swallowed hard.

Ah, shit. Reno slapped his palm to his face as Cloud glanced from him to Zack who was clearly having trouble averting his eyes from the wet body in front of him, his trade mark mako influenced eyes landed on the towel that was tightly wrapped around the teenagers thin waist, the blonde's hand was tightly grasping it as a blush burned on his face.

"S-Sergeant Fair!" Cloud stuttered and used his free hand to shakily salute him which made Reno snort with a little laughter, he winced a little as Zack's hand smacked him around the back of the head, his goggles sliding onto his eyes from the impact and the red head grunted before replacing them to the top of his head, pushing the few strands of red hair out of his eyes as he did so.

"Sorry for the intrusion Cadet Strife," Zack smiled and watched as Cloud's feet began to shuffle nervously on the floor.

"N-no, it's alright," Cloud stammered as he quickly padded passed them, heading straight for the cubicles where his 'home' clothes lay.

As soon as Cloud shut and locked the door of the cubicle, Zack grabbed Reno by the back of his blazer and pulled him out of the shower cubicles, out into the corridor.

"Get off of me, yo" Reno huffed and pulled out of the mans grip, spinning the EMR in his hand until it rested on his shoulder casually.

"You are pushing boundaries Reno, you can't go around watching the Cadets shower!" Zack snapped, his raven hair shuffling slightly as he shook his head at the immature Turk who just tutted in his direction and strolled off in his usual casual swagger, whistling what Zack recognised to be the theme from the movie 'Jaws'.

'You're pushing boundaries', blah blah blah. This was one of the things Reno loved to do, mock people inside his head when he couldn't say it to the persons face.

He spun his house keys around his finger as he approached the apartment building he lived in, he liked living in a normal place, whereas most of the other Turks he had met lived in large mansions and had expensive things, Reno preferred to live normally.

"Reno!" he turned to see a short blonde boy next to the apartment elevator, his blonde spikes momentarily reminding him of Cloud…maybe they were related somehow?

"What's up, Roxas," Reno greeted the boy as he joined him in the elevator, his hand coming down on the spikes and ruffling them friendly.

"Nothing much, Axel invited me over," Roxas explained and looked up at the tall red head, it was incredible how much he looked like his boyfriend, he knew twins looked alike, but it was ridiculous.

"Oh wonderful, does that mean I have to listen to you two 'going at it' for hours on end like last time?" Reno sighed and smirked at the heavy blush that appeared on Roxas's face.

"You heard?" Roxas gasped and Reno half rolled his eyes.

"Bit hard not to, short ass," Reno mocked and Roxas held back a glare, looking at his black and grey shoes instead.

The elevator came to a halt with a stomach turning jolt and the doors slid open slowly and Reno snorted at the innuendo that popped into his head as he watched the doors before he walked out beside Roxas who was staring at him confused by what was making him laugh.

The keys jangled in the door for a while before finally turning after several attempts, it was almost as if something was stuck in the keyhole that prevented him from just entering straight away after one try of the key, he booted the door open with his foot, startling the other red head on the couch.

"Hey," Reno greeted lazily as he raised his hand a bit to his twin who flashed him a smirk, he was just as tall as him and was identical apart from a few features.

Axel had bright green eyes, his red hair was a lot more spikier and a little shorter than Reno's, he also had different birth marks in a different place to Reno's, instead of having to circular red marks on his high cheek bones, Axel had two small, black upside down triangles a little under his eyes.

"Roxas," Axel purred as he lifted the blonde up into his arms, attacking the boy with his lips roughly, Reno scrunched up his face in disapproval, slight jealousy creeping in.

Truth be told that Reno had always been a little of the relationship that Axel and Roxas had, they were strong and perfect for one another, whilst Reno preferred to go from girl to girl, guy to guy, secretly hoping that he would find his soul mate in the process, but alas, he never had.

"Be careful you don't swallow that tongue, Roxas," Reno said casually as he sauntered into the bathroom, locking the door as he soon as he shut it before heading straight for the bathroom cabinet and yanking the door open, he grabbed the bottle of hand moisturiser, he still needed to get rid of the little gift that Cloud had caused.

He threw his blazer off and unbuttoned a few more buttons of his shirt, unzipped his trousers and sat on the edge of the bath with his legs spread wide open, his erection standing tall and proud as he poured the moisturiser onto his right hand quickly, he grasped his member and soon began to coat his dick in the moisturising, moaning quietly as his eyes slipped shut, he began to imagine that it was in fact Cloud who was touching him, instead of his own hand. He imagined a smirk appearing on Cloud's lips as he ran his thumb over the top of his dick, a gasp escaping his lips as Cloud began to use his nails against his dick. Cloud would have smirked if he was really doing this, Reno just had a feeling he would and groaned lightly as he pictured it, the teenager would then cup his hand around his length, moving his hand slowly, but firmly over it, whispering dirty things into his ear. Reno jerked his hand quicker as he reached behind his head with his free hand and set his hair free from the small black hair band he always wore, his long red hair cascading down his back.

Cloud he moaned in his head as he saw the Cloud in his mind pushing his nail into his slit, his mouth nearing the tip, rubbing his lips on the top, not allowing any part of Reno's erection into his mouth. His hand moved faster now, his imagination getting the better of him as he began to believe it a little and he let out a deep moan as he came, his hand coated, in his mind, Cloud's face was coated, dripping down his chin, down his slightly muscular chest that Reno had previously been gazing at.

He panted and licked his lips, getting up and hopping over to the sink to wash his hand of the two liquids that were mixing in his hand, he then used a towel to clean his penis of the juices, slightly amused by how it was now shrinking when it had been standing so proudly just a few minuets ago, torturing him.

Zipping his trousers back up, buttoning up his shirt and holding his blazer with two fingers, he walked out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened and raised his eyebrows as he noticed that Axel and Roxas were no longer in the front room, heavy pants echoing from his twins bedroom.

For god's sake! he puffed a ball of air out of his mouth as he chucked his blazer over the back of the couch, stealing both Axels light and pack of cigarettes and walking out onto the balcony, leaning on the wall that prevented any sort of suicidal jumping.

He flicked at the lighter as he placed a cigarette into his mouth, lighting it expertly and the exhaling, blowing rings of smoke out to amuse himself before pulling his mobile phone out of his pocket, scanning through random files on there, stopping as he cam across his 'photo' folder and grinned to himself as he took another drag from his cigarette.

How I took these photos without getting caught is beyond me he sniggered as he flicked through the many pictures of both Cloud and Zack that he had some how managed to acquire when he had had nothing else to do on campus, most of them were when the two other men had been working out, Zack looked especially attractive when he was doing his usual squats, Reno liked to watch as the raven haired man SOLDIER swung his arms around at each squat, causing the muscles in his arm the flex and the 'antenna like' part of his hair to sway in front of his face.

He nearly swallowed his cigarette as he flicked to the next photo, completely forgetting he had it on his phone, it was of Cloud pulling his shirt off, allowing Reno to captured the developing muscles in the boys pale stomach, letting out a small growl, Reno was even tempted to lick the screen of his phone, just to imagine what it would actually be like to lick the stomach of Cloud Strife, hearing the blonde moan at the touch of his tongue would be the ultimate sensation.

Oh you've gotta be fucking kidding me Reno looked down as he felt his crotch stir into life again and he took a long drag of his cigarette, his eyebrows knitted together in annoyance, you turn me on and you're not even fucking here! Fuck you, Cloud.

Reno let out a small laugh as he heard Roxas scream Axel's name from inside the apartment and gathered that his twin was good in the bedroom, not that he was jealous, but he had a little curiosity lurking in the back of his mind, wondering who was better in bed, him or his twin.

Reno sighed, bored, and looked down at the busy street that was several floor away from him and watched as the blur of cars and lights danced before his eyes, his mind wandering from reality again, back to the two men he so desperately wanted, but he knew that if he made a move, he would have to chose between the two of them and that was something he knew he wouldn't even have to think twice about, sure Zack was 'god like' in the red heads mind, but there was something about Cloud that drove Reno absolutely insane, so insane that he fantasised about the chocobo daily.

He flicked his now useless cigarette into the air, watching it fall until he could not longer see it and turned to lean his back against the wall, trying to block out the noises of both Roxas and Axel by drowning himself in the photo collection on his phone.

His best friend, Rude, had thought that he was mentally ill for keeping such absurd pictures, but Rude didn't understand, he couldn't possibly put into words about how both the SOLDIER and the Cadet made him insane, feel emotions that he wished didn't exist.

"You're a pervert, Reno," Rude's sunglass hidden eyes flickered to his friend, "next thing I know, you'll be perving on me,"

Reno chuckled at he remembered that last part, he meant no offence to Rude when he had replied with, "I have taste, so you don't need to worry,". Rude just wasn't his type, but he knew that Rude was defiantly Elena's type as she never shut up about the bald idiot.

"Why are you out here?" Reno looked up and grunted as he saw Axel in just his baggy blue boxers, his hair was even more wildly untidy than usual and he was a bit red in the face.

"Trying to get away from the noise of 'oh Axel' and 'uh, harder'," Reno imitated and Axel laughed a little as he walked out onto the balcony to be beside his brother.

"Still trying to get that blonde guy, huh?" Axel asked as he saw the photo that was on his brothers phone and Reno grunted, flipping his phone shut quickly and watching as Axel lit up his own cigarette.

"It's easier said than done my dear twin, he's too innocent," Reno complained and allowed his head to loll backwards and loud whine vibrating passed his lips.

"More than Roxas?" Axel asked a little surprised and Reno nodded, chuckling loudly.

"Incredibly innocent…plus…he has a really big crush on Sergeant Fair, it's quiet adorable watching the kid freak out whenever he's near him," Reno laughed and smiled as Axel held his cigarette out to him, allowing him to take one puff of it before returning it to his own mouth.

"Can't blame the kid in that area, I've seen that guy and I wouldn't mind having a piece of action with that," Axel shivered at the thought and quickly cleared his throat uncomfortably when Reno gave him a strange look.

Horny fuck Reno scowled in his mind, "as if you don't get enough action as it is, it's been five months since the last time I had a screw," Reno protested and Axel slapped a hand around his mouth to muffle his laughter.

"I get more action than my older brother, that's hilarious!" Axel laughed loudly and Reno quickly grabbed the cigarette out of his hand and threw it over the edge, "hey, I wasn't done with that!" Axel whimpered as he watched it fall.

"Serves you right," Reno smirked and slipped another cigarette out of the packet in his trouser pocket and held it out, Axel leaned forwards and took the cigarette in his mouth, lighting it quickly.

"Why don't you just jump the kid in the showers like you did to the others?" Axel suggested with a cheeky smirk and Reno looked at him sniggering.

"Because I would probably have Fair come after me with a shot gun," Reno replied with and was surprised at how much that thought turned him on.

I'm so sick in the head, damn it. Reno shook his head causing his long red hair to swing around his waist a little.

"Dude, you should cut your hair, you're starting to look like a woman," Axel criticised and Reno punched his arm.

"Shit head," Reno snickered and Axel grinned as they both entered the apartment again, Roxas was still in the bedroom, sleeping Reno gathered, from what he had heard he would be very surprised to see Roxas walking in the morning.

"I'm going to bed, night," Axel slapped him friendly on the back before strolling into his bedroom, closing the door quietly behind him as to not wake Roxas up.

Bed, that sounds like heaven…would be better if damn Cloud was there with me though.