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Chapter 61

Party Hardy!

Draco knew he was going to get in trouble but honestly he didn't care. He was going to his friends party! He needed to get out of the damn castle. He loved Hogwarts but he was bored out of his friggin mind. Plus, he just found out Hermione was going to be there. It was probably the only time he was going to be able to see her until the fall term started. He took a quick trip through the Room-of-Forgotten-Things and found Harry an old Chudley Cannons jersey. Draco was guessing it was probably from the 30's. He had to use a few spells to get it looking nice, remove some stains, mend a tear before it was good enough to give as a gift. He was sure Harry would appreciate the gift. He also found a wand holster in nearly new condition. Whoever owned it first must have hardly worn it before they lost it.

He wasn't naive to the fact that he was technically stealing but the objects only appear in that room when people stop looking for them, so it wasn't as if the items were going to missed. Draco had really wanted to go shopping and pick something out personally but he would have had to ask his mum and Severus to take him shopping and at the moment he wasn't speaking to them, so the come-and-go room was good enough for the time being.

He waited until his mum and Severus went to bed and he wrapped the gifts with newspaper he had charmed to flash "Happy Birthday 2nd best quidditch play currently at Hogwarts!" He placed it in his school bag along with a towel and his swim trunks. He planned to sneak out right around noon when the party was due to start, he would stay in his room until then.


Narcissa didn't know what was wrong with her. She was completely exhausted, and the last few days she felt sick to her stomach. Pepper-up potions didn't seem to be doing anything so she decided the best thing would be to go to St. Mungo's. She didn't want to alarm Severus so she told him she simply had a regular check-up. Sitting down at the breakfast table she let out a sad sigh as once again her son refused to join them for meals. She understood why he was upset but these were dangerous times and she was trying to keep him safe. Eventually he would see reason, she was sure of it.

"I have to head out to Diagon Alley today, do you want to come with me?" Severus asked his wife then taking a sip of his morning tea.

"After my appointment, sure. I wanted to get a new pair of heels anyway. Plus, maybe we can convince Draco to come with us. He's been complaining about being stuck in the castle this would be a good opportunity to get him out and about. Perhaps it will stop him from all his sulking."

"We can certainly offer." Severus understood why Draco was frustrated but the world did not revolve around his needs and wants. They were at the precipice of a war and there were more important things then being able to attend a pool party and snogging his girlfriend.


It was half past eleven when Narcissa headed to her appointment. Draco waited not so patiently for Severus to head out, his bag was packed and ready to go, he just needed him to leave his quarters so he could sneak out and use the floo. He waited another twenty minutes before the bat of the dungeon finally left his lair. He knew there would be consequences for his actions, he sure as hell would have grounded Scorpius for a good long time if he pulled what he was about to. Maybe he would get lucky and get back before they noticed he was gone.

Grabbing a handful of floo, Draco stepped into the fireplace, called out "Potter Manner" and through down the powder. In a flash of green he vanished from Severus' quarters and appeared in the main room of his good friends house.

"Draco, you made it!" Harry greeted his Slytherin friend. "I thought you couldn't come."

"Thankfully I managed to escape." He answered vaguely, giving the impression he simply convinced him mum to let him come.

"I'm glad you managed to get out. I think Hermione will be even happier," He said with a wink.

"Oh, is she here?" He asked hopefully.

"Not yet, but she should be soon. Your brought your trunks, right?"

"There in my bag, speaking of trunks." He said glancing at Harry's. The young Slytherin couldn't help but laugh at the sight of Harry Potter in a tank top, and flip flops. Not to mention his swim shorts had pictures of dozens of tiny broomsticks covering them. The part that really got them was the fact that the brooms were literally flying all over his shorts.

"Did one of those brooms just do a Wronski Feint?"

Harry laughed but shrugged, "Probably. Sirius charmed them to do all sorts of moves. Pretty cool huh? Come on, were still setting up outside."


Narcissa didn't know if she should laugh, cry or scream. They had talked about having a family together but there was so much going on right now they felt having a baby in the midst of a war would have been selfish to say the least. But there she was, pregnant, and not with just one, but three babies. Three! No wonder she had felt so exhausted lately. Draco had been such an easy pregnancy, just a little fatigue, mostly during the end, she never once felt nauseous or dizzy or anything really.

The Healer had given her a prenatal nutritional potion to take daily and scheduled her for bi-weekly check up's. She was excited and terrified all at the same time. She didn't think Severus would be upset but she supposed she would have to wait and see. Perhaps Draco finding out he's going to be a big brother will pick up his spirits. When he was younger he would often ask for a sibling, now he would finally have with wish come true.


When Hermione arrived at Harry's the last person she expected to greet her at the floo was her boyfriend. She had thought he wasn't coming, that's what his last letter said but there he was as handsome as ever and wearing nothing but a pair of grey swim trunks.

"Draco!" Dropping her bag she wrapped her arms around the boy she loved. "I thought you couldn't come."

"I managed, as any good Slytherin would, to sway things to my way of thinking."

She laughed and playfully rolled her eyes. "As cocky as ever, I see."

"Of course. Come on." He said slipping his hand into hers, "Everyone's outside."

Harry's pool really was magnificent, the whole back garden was like a mini paradise. An abundance of greenery, and exotic trees framed the main patio. A rushing waterfall flowed into the pool, which was surrounded by multi-colored stone flooring. From there was a stone path that leads up a small hill to a multi-level patio area which included an outdoor kitchen and wood burning fireplace. Next to that was a huge gathering area decorated with dozens of balloons and a banner that read 'Happy 15th Birthday Harry'.

"Wow, this is amazing Harry." She told the birthday boy.

"I know. Sirius did it, can you believe that. This puts Dudley's party's to shame." The wide grin Harry had been holding slipped just a little at the sudden reminder of all the birthdays he missed because of his crappy relatives.

"You should take a picture and send it to them." Draco said, "Make it a wizarding picture too so they can see you laughing and smiling."

Harry laughed but shook his head, "Not worth my time. Anyway, come on, we were just about to start a game of Marco Polo."


Severus was so stunned he honestly didn't know how to react. They had always been so careful when it came to contraception, yet here was pregnant and with triplets. That's nearly unheard of in the wizarding world. Twins were considered a good omen as they were so rare but triplets…

"Are you...are you upset?"

Severus looked into his wife's beautiful blue eyes, eyes that dimmed with worry.

"Of course not." He reassured her, taking her hand in his. "Just surprised. We talked about having children one day...Perhaps it's a little earlier than expected but that's okay. I'm actually quite looking forward to being a father."

Her eyes widened with hope as her husband pulled her into his arms. "Of course, three will take a lot of time and effort but there wont be a witch or wizard in Great Britain that will not see us as blessed. And...perhaps in the midst of everything that is happening," he said, placing his hand on her belly, "this is a promise of hope for a better future."

Narcissa buried her head in her husband's neck. She wanted to think of it that too, but she had enemies even in prison Lucius had a long reach. Plus The Dark Lord had promised to free his servants and she had a feeling it would be soon. Dumbledore had warned the Ministry of the possibility but as usual they thought they had everything under control and dismissed his concerns.

"Everything will be alright, darling," Severus told his wife kissing the top of her head. I will keep you safe, I will keep all of you safe."


After the games, the food and cake and opening of the presents, everyone headed back in the pool, everyone one except a blond Slytherin and a curly haired Gryffindor. Draco managed to stealthy sneak away with Hermione. They found a large tree towards the very edge of the back garden that blocked view of the rest of the party quite well.

He had missed kissing her, she had missed it too and so despite the inappropriateness of the setting, they enjoyed a nice snog.

"I missed this," He hummed as he sent peppered kisses down her neck."

"So did I," She breathed.

"Your lips are like honey," He breathed against her parted lips. Draco then took her bottom lip between his teeth gently and pulled. Not hard but enough to get a startled reaction from Hermione causing her to pull away.

"Do you not like that?" He asked worried he may have actually hurt her.

"No...I mean it didn't hurt it just surprised me. You've never done that before."

"No, I thought I'd try something new, but if you don't like it we don't have to do it again." He certainly liked it but he wouldn't force her to kiss him like that if it made her feel uncomfortable.

"No, we can do it again, at least now I'll be prepared

Draco laughed, "Only you Mione can make kissing sound like having to study for a test."

She giggled but then the young couple quickly went back to their snog or at least they did until it was ruined by a very angry Potions Professor.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, out here NOW!" Severus Snape's baritone voice rattled through the back garden like a dragon's roar. There was no denying it, he was pissed.

"Well, crap." Draco sighed, "I guess the party's over."

"Draco, what is going on? Why is Professor Snape looking for you and why does he sound so angry."

Draco rubbed the back of his neck nervously, "Well, I might have snuk out."

Hermione gasped, and by the look on her face Draco could clearly see she was not going to let this slide. "You serious snuk out! Didn't you learn from the last time? You nearly gave your poor mum a heart attack when you took off last time."

"Look, Hermione, I-I missed you okay. I just...you're worth it."

Hermione expression softened. She was still upset with him for sneaking out and lying about it, but she understood why he did it. She missed him too.

Hermione sighed as she took her hand in his. "Come on, better get this over with."

Walking out into the pool area everyone was now staring. All their friends as well as the adults, it was seriously embarrassing. "Time to face the music." He kissed the top of Hermione's hand before letting go. He then took a few steps closer to his step father.

"Hello, Severus. Come to join the party?" He joked.

He heard Harry snicker and Ron say, "No bloody way".

"You are in a gigantic amount of trouble young man." Severus growled.

"Yes, I suppose I am." Draco turned to Harry and called out, "Sorry about this, mate. I'll see you in a month."

Grabbing his bag he looked back at his girl, smiled and said, "Love you, see you on the train."

Severus then grabbed Draco by the arm and with a 'crack' they both disappeared from view.


Draco had been grounded for the rest of the summer, he was not allowed to leave Severus' quarters without direct permission. So, no flying, no visiting Hagrid, no exploring the castle, nothing!

It was still worth it, or so he felt. He supposed it gave him lots of time to write Hermione as well as his other friends. He still hasn't gotten any letters from Crabb or Goyle while he had sent them several each, which was curious and a little bit concerning. It was later that evening, his mum had come into his room and sat down on the edge of his bed.

"Your going to give me grey hair, Draco." She said with a sigh. "I was so worried, we looked for you for over an hour."

"I'm sorry mum I didn't mean to worry you. I just missed my friends."

"I know...the world is not a safe place right now darling. We have to be careful."

He knew first hand how true that was. Because of what had happened during the third task things were a little different this time, but the Dark Lord still had a new body, and while this time no one is calling Harry a liar, the Ministry is still trying to pretend they have everything under control and that there is nothing to worry about. Just because there hasn't been a Death Eater attack yet, doesn't mean there won't be soon.

"I know, your right, I'm sorry."

"There is something Severus and I need to talk to you about, can you please join us in the front room." Draco nodded and followed him mum out of his room. Sitting down on the sofa, his mum sat beside him on the right, Severus stayed standing.

"So…" Severus began, "We have some news. It's unexpected but a blessing nonetheless."

As Draco watched his step-fathers lips turn into a small, yet content smile, his eyes shifting to his wife, who had her hands placed on her stomach, it didn't take an Alchemist to figure out what was going on.

"Draco, darling," Narcissa reached out and took her sons hand, "Your going to be a big brother."

There were very few things in his life Draco had ever been proud of, becoming a father had been one, he thought this was probably a close second.

"That's wonderful! Congratulations!"

"Thank you." His mother replied. "We are excited, but well...I'm not just having a baby, Draco, I'm having three."

"Three! Holy cow, Severus, you virile son of a gun," Draco laughed, standing and playfully punching his step-dad on the shoulder.

Narcissa's face flushed in embarrassment, "Oh Lord, Draco."

Severus was actually grinning seemingly proud off the off-collar complement. As he should be. Draco couldn't be happier, for both of them, but Severus deserved this. He had once died in a cold, dirty shack, not a friend in the world, but now he was married and expecting triplets! There was a war looming in the distance, everyone's future was uncertain, but even in the dark, you can find light.

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