Shakespeare's Lemonade

Rating: T

Genre: Friendship/

Summary: Someone from Steve's past is killed in a hit and run and the team is surprised that he wants them to take the case. As they try to find out what happened, they learn more about Steve's high school years and his best friend.

A/N: Never fear, I am still working on my other story, but I wanted to do one with a lot of Steve and Danny friendship stuff, so here it is.


It was probably way past midnight. This was probably way too dangerous for two fifteen-year-olds, or anyone for that matter. The moon gave the water an eerie shine and made them feel more brave.

There were probably sharks.

Their eyes were used to the dark by now and Steve could see Tom's elated expression as the got ready to stand up. Tom wasn't looking at Steve; he was looking ahead.

They hit the wave and went up, their boyish whooping echoing off the water.

They were surfing too close together. They knew that. When their boards collided and they fell into the ocean, they didn't think much of it.

Steve surfaced first, laughing until he heard Tom's cry for help.

Tom was the better swimmer. There was no reason he should need help.

Steve didn't know if he saw blood in the water or smelled it, or just saw the sharp fins surrounding them. He hardly thought as he jumped up on his board, pulling Tom up with him. Then he grabbed Tom's board and lifting it above his head, he brought it down on the sharks one by one. He hoped maybe they'd smell each other's blood then.

In any case, Steve was able to get back to shore and drag Tom to safety. The other boy was silent , but his eyes were wide open. Steve didn't think he heard anything he was saying. Tom's right leg was covered in blood and Steve didn't want to know how bad it was. He just drove him to the hospital. There he called Tom's mom. He didn't dare call his own father. She arrived quickly and the doctors told her what happened.

Steve waited. He looked now less like the daring surfer and more like a scared fifteen-year-old. He sat in the waiting room in his wet shorts with wide eyes.

Finally Tom's mother, Anna Dawson, came to talk to him.

"Steven, what happened?" she asked. There was no accusation in her tone, only the question.

"We were surfing," Steve said. "There were sharks. I didn't think they'd be there."

Anna nodded slowly, making no response for some time. "Did you call your father?" she asked.

"No," Steve said, hanging his head.

"Okay," Anna said, rubbing his shoulder. "I'll call him."

John McGarrett was angry of course. He didn't show it as he took a taxi to the hospital, picked up his son and drove his car home. The rules that had been broken paled in comparison to the consequences that already occurred.

Steve would be grounded of course, never allowed to drive the car again, required to babysit his sister.

He spent the rest of the summer playing Monopoly by himself. He didn't see Tom again until school started.

Steve hoped things would go back to normal, but the first time he saw Tom in the hallway at school, he knew deep down, nothing would ever be the same.

Tom walked with a crutch and he'd started wearing his glasses. They didn't speak at first, but went to their classes. Then, at lunch break, they met in their usual spot under the bleachers. They had spent countless hours down there talking about football, girls, life.

For a few seconds, neither of them spoke. Then Tom cracked a smile.

"Where you been, man?" he asked.

"Grounded," Steve said.

"What? Playing Monopoly and dress up with Mary Ann?"

Steve laughed. "Yeah, pretty much."

"That sucks."

Steve looked at his feet. "I'm really sorry," he mumbled.

"What for?" Tom asked. "This?" He gestured at his leg.

Steve nodded. "It was my idea."

"If I didn't want to go, I wouldn't have. Besides, you're the one who fought off the sharks. We both would have died otherwise."

Steve didn't really feel better. There was something else. "Will you still be able to play?" he asked.

Tom dropped his nonchalant attitude. "No." He shook his head.

Steve bit his lip. There it was; Tom would never play football. "What will you do?"

Tom laughed. "I don't know. I'm only sixteen. Gimme a break. I mean, it's kinda disappointing, but at least I can still walk."

"Why wasn't I hurt too?"

"What? Would that've made you feel better? No, it was so you could save my ass."

"Yeah, I guess."

"It was a stupid thing to do, Steve, but there's nothing we can do about it."

Steve nodded and they never spoke of it again.

Chapter One "Best Friends Forever"

"Excuse me?"

Danny Williams looked up from his desk to see a middle-aged woman with frizzy dark grey hair.

"I'm looking for Mr. McGarrett," she continued.

"Oh, sure," Danny said. "His office is over there." He pointed her in the right direction and the woman thanked him. He watched as she knocked on Steve's door and was invited in.

"Steven," she said when the door was closed.

Steve looked up from his desk and his eyes widened. "Mrs. Dawson?" He got up and hurried over to give her a hug. "What are you doing here?"

"It's," she began, "it's about Tom."

Steve stared at her for a second, his mind going in every possible direction. "Sit down," he finally said.

They pulled up a couple of chairs and Mrs. Dawson blew her nose.

"He was walking two nights ago," she said. "He liked to walk when he could. He was on his way home, crossing the street when... someone drove around the corner and didn't see him."

Steve's facial muscles went slack. "He's dead?" he asked, toneless.

Mrs. Dawson nodded. "I wanted to tell you in person... he said he was going to call you since you came back."

"Yeah, we had plans for next week... Do they know who did it?"

She shook her head. "It was a hit and run. The police are investigating, but..."

"We'll find out who did this," Steve said, standing up.

"That won't make it better Steven." Mrs. Dawson also stood. "I'll let you know about the funeral plans."

Then she left.


Danny watched the woman leave and saw that she looked upset. He wondered what she could possibly have wanted with Steve. He got the feeling it would involve something dangerous. Of course it would be dangerous; it was Steve.

Danny tried to be optimistic. Maybe the woman was selling cookies.

A few minutes later, Steve came out of his office and dropped a file on Danny's desk.

"I got us a case," he said. His voice seemed strained like there was something he was trying to keep from Danny.

"What's going on?" Danny asked.

"His name was Tom Dawson," Steve continued. "He was killed in a hit and run two nights ago."

"Hit and run?" Danny frowned. "Did you know the guy?"

"Just see what you can figure out. I'll be back."

Steve disappeared back into his office and Danny looked down at the file. Inside was what little information the police had found. When Chin and Kono came in a little later, Danny told them of Steve's odd behavior.

"Let me see that," Chin said, reaching for the file. He looked over some of the information then went over to the computer. "I thought so," he said. "Tom Dawson went to high school with Steve. He was on the football team until his junior year."

"Did Steve say any more?" Kono asked.

"Nope," Danny said. "I'm guessing he's pretty upset, because he's usually more loquacious than that."

"And he wouldn't have us working on a hit and run unless it were important for some other reason," Chin said.

Kono looked over at Steve's door. "Have you tried talking to him?"

"He didn't seem to be in any mood to talk."

"Is he ever?" Chin asked.

"Okay, no, but why does it have to be me?"

Chin and Kono shrugged and dissipated. Danny picked up the file and tapped it on the desk.

Great, he thought.


Meanwhile, Steve had found all the memorabilia he had from high school that he kept in his office. Tom's younger sister, Ashlin loved taking pictures so he had piles of them from the time he and Tom were about thirteen. He found his yearbooks, and a scrapbook that Ashlin and her mother had made for him for graduation. He found his old Monopoly game.

Then Steve found the voicemail message Tom had left him the week before. They hadn't had a chance to catch up since Steve came back to Hawaii.

All the things Steve wished he'd done or not done came flooding into his mind. He wished he'd called Tom on his birthday, gone to his college graduation, gone to see him the day he moved back.

Steve hadn't realized how much time had passed when Danny entered his office. He quickly picked up the books and pictures and turned to put them away. He didn't want Danny to see his face.

"Is everything okay?" the detective asked.

"Yeah," Steve answered quickly.

Danny approached the desk and Steve made sure his eyes were dry. He knew it probably wouldn't fool Mr. Sherlock.

"This Tom was your friend?" Danny asked, sitting down.

Steve nodded and turned back to the desk. He had missed one of the pictures and Danny saw it.

"Is that you?" he asked.

Steve grabbed it and threw it in the box with the others. "Yeah," he said, sitting down. He clenched his jaw, trying not to bite his lip. This was harder than he thought it would be. "That was his mother, Anna." Steve decided to distract himself with facts. "She came to tell me what happened and I told her we'd investigate."

"Look," Danny said, "we can take care of the initial stuff. Why don't you go home?"

"What? Why would I wanna do that?"

"Because you're a complete mess here. Just take the day and come back tomorrow. There's not much we can do now anyway."

"So, Kono's mentor is murdered and she's fine, your friend is burnt to a crisp and you investigate. Why is this any different?" Steve was becoming agitated and his raw nerves wouldn't allow him to hide it. He feared he might soon make comments he would regret later. "Never mind," he said. "I'll see you tomorrow." He picked up the box full of memorabilia and hurried out of the office.

Danny watched him go and thought, I don't know, Steve, but it is different.


Steve drove home with the box in his passenger seat. When he arrived, he thought he had better call Mary Ann. He didn't really want to, but she needed to know.

"Do you realize what time it is in California?" she asked when he called.

"Yeah, sorry about that, but it's about Tom," Steve said.

"Tom? Tom Dawson, your BFF?"

"He's dead."

"What? What happened."

"Hit and run. Look, I just wanted to let you know. His mom came to see me today. I guess they don't have any plans yet."

"Did they catch the person who did it?"

"No." There was a brief silence. "But I will."