(Just a little snip it of something... I might continue it, I'm not sure.)

It is hard to say what made me trust the man so readily, especially considering that it had only been a month or so since we became flat mates. Perhaps it's the way he conducts himself; his unwavering air that may, to others, come across as arrogant. I guess I just readily saw past that and in my own way can have a similar air. Whatever the reasons it was inevitable that a friendship was forming.

This became evident when I received yet another one of his vague texts:


Windy place...

Meet me at park
in hour.


I must admit, it was odd to say the least, but I felt compelled to go. I used some deductive reasoning of my own and opted to grab my jumper on the way out of the flat. While I hoofed it towards the park, my mind was replaying the text over as I dissected it. I hadn't the faintest about what it could mean or what could have possibly been implied by a windy place.
Reaching the park I looked around for any sign of Sherlock, at first glance I saw nothing. I decided to head up the hill get a better vantage point. However, when I made it up to the top I ran smack into Sherlock himself.

"There you are, John." He stated simply, I was slightly taken aback when I saw that in his hand was the string of a kite. Not just any kite, mind you, it had some ridiculous child's character, or other, on it. I could help but chuckle at this.

"So this is what you meant by windy place." I said.

"Indeed," he said. "There is pizza, I just wrapped up the case I was working on, and needless to say we shall never be want of pizza ever again." Sherlock smirked, tweaking the kites string. "Oh and of course there is a kite for you as well."

"I'd never thought..." I shook my head.

"Kite flying in its own right is something of an art form in itself, wouldn't you agree."

"Quite," I chuckled rubbing the back of my head still trying to process the scene before me.

"And some daft man was selling them for only a pound."

"Well you cannot pass up such a deal." I jested, taking a bite of the pizza.

"My sentiments exactly."