A/N: This is an old one shot I wrote years ago. One of my personal favorites though, so I just thought I'd share.

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Silently, a young girl makes her way through the town. She goes unnoticed by most, and it doesn't bother her. She is unwanted by all, and being noticed means that she has to hear all those 'comments' about her. A faint smile creeps over her lips as she comes upon her destination.

A tall, old, withered Sakura tree sits just a few yards ahead. Gently, the girl takes a few steps closer, afraid of what she might find. A mysterious note, left on her door, led her to this tree. No name, no reason as to why she should come.

Meet me under the Sakura tree...your Sakura tree. Tomorrow, seven o'clock.

Nothing more said. Now, being the sweet, trusting girl she is, she came. In her mind, she feared it was one of them. One of those people who enjoy tormenting her. Why they do that to her, she doesn't know. She has learned nothing of what is wrong with her, nothing more than the fact that there is something.

Could it be...?

Just a few days ago, the young girl was found sitting under this very same tree. Her cheeks were wet, and her eyes were red. Little droplets fell from her eyes, leaving dark circles in the dirt at her feet. Her head was bowed, her hair framing it. To most people, it would be a no big deal. Most people wouldn't notice the little tears streaming to the ground. Most.

But, this was not most people. This was a young boy, just the age she was. His dark eyes searched her form, looking for answers as to what was wrong. Without finding the answer he was looking for, he began to walk away. But something in his heart stopped him. Something that longed to help the girl, to make her smile again.

Oh that smile.

That smile he loved so dearly. The one that would make his heart melt, no matter how bad of a mood he was in. He couldn't leave her, alone and crying. No, he couldn't leave her until that smile was back on her face, where it should be.

He silently turned back to her, once more searching for an answer. When none came, he did the last possible thing. Crouching in front of her, he lifted her chin. Their eyes locked as her hair fell back, revealing her tear-stained face. Gently, he pressed his lips upon hers.

Once they were apart, that smile was back. That smile was where it should be. And it made the boy happy. He stood to leave her, his heart melting. With one last look at that beloved smile, he walked off.

No... that can't be it... That may explain why some people hate the girl. But the adults? Why would they hate her for sharing a kiss with someone?

As she sits quietly under the tree, waiting to be met by who left the note, her mind wanders. She tries to think of all the reasons why the villagers might hate her. But more so, she tries to think of the reasons why that boy doesn't.

Little tears form in her eyes again, as she begins to think that she won't be met. It was one of those cruel jokes by the villagers. Bowing her head, she allows the tears to fall.

Being in the same position as before, that same memory floats repeatedly through her head. Like a broken record, just playing and playing, the exact same thing.

Just as before, that young boy arrives, seeing her tears. His heart begins to break, not seeing that smile. He crouches down in front of her again. Lifting her face to look at him.

"I thought you would've learned the first time." He gently presses his lips to her, hoping to receive that smile.

Pulling away, he studies her features. That smile is back, and Sasuke's heart melts. It's all because of that smile.

Oh that smile.