The Founders' Intervention

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 1

Godric Gryffindor sighed as he sat looking at his close friends and his wife, Rowena Ravenclaw, sat next to him with no expression on her face. Salazar Slytherin sat on his other side looking quite angry. And then there was Helga Hufflepuff, who was sitting in the last seat in between Rowena and Salazar. She had a thoughtful look on her face.

"So we've heard the what the prophecy said, Salazar's heir will wreak havoc in the world and it's up to my heir to stop him," Godric said.

"I don't like this at all Godric, having to rest the weight of the entire world on the poor boy's shoulders" Rowena said sadly.

"What choice do we have, I mean according to the spells we've done they'd be much suffering if he did nothing" Salazar said snappishly.

"Yes, but he loses so much, and then he gets shipped off into a loveless marriage afterwards" Rowena said.

"I don't care for that part either, anyone with eyes can see who his true soul mate is" Godric said frowning.

The four friends using many forms of ancient magic and saw a version of the future to come and none of them liked what they saw.

"There is something we can do, but we'd have to manipulate quite a few things," Helga said speaking for the first time.

"Helga, I never thought you'd be the one to want to break the rules" Rowena said staring at her best friend with shock.

"This is for a good cause, or what that old man calls the 'Greater Good'" Helga said.

"Hmph, Greater Good, my arse. He's just doing what he feels like doing whenever he feels like it" Rowena muttered.

"I agree with that Rowena, the man should never have that much power," Salazar said.

"And you're the one who wanted to rule the world once upon a time" Godric said quirking an eyebrow at his friend

"I've learned a great many things in my life Godric, and one of them is when to step down from a position of power" Salazar said folding his arms.

"So we're agreed that we must help this boy and those who follow him willingly?" Helga asked bring their attention back.

"Yes Helga, what is your plan?" Rowena asked curiously.

/Scene Break/

Many, many years later

A five-year-old Harry Potter collided with the wall of his cupboard and he saw stars. His ribs were screaming in pain and he could taste blood in his mouth. He didn't even know what he did this time to get this beating. He sighed as he slumped onto his ragged mattress knowing it provided no comfort at all. He learned how to control his breathing as to not jar his ribs anymore than he had to. He fell into a restless sleep.

"Harry Potter."

"Who are you?" Harry asked in a scared voice.

"My name is Godric Gryffindor," the man said.

"Am I dead?" Harry asked.

"No, you are not, but I have come to help you" Godric said.

"No one can help me, why would you want to help a freak," Harry said despondently.

"You are nothing of the sort my boy, and those who have told you that are ignorant" Godric said.

"How can you help me?" Harry asked curiously.

"I can take you to a place that you will be safe" Godric said.

"What do I have to do?" Harry asked.

"Just take my hand" Godric said as he held out his hand to the boy.

Harry took the man's hand knowing he could trust this man to do what was right. A blinding flash of light and Harry disappeared from his cupboard.

/Scene Break/

Harry had to blink a few times and found himself in a room like no other. Torches hung on the walls and the room had a strong feeling that Harry couldn't describe in anything else, but magic. He looked around and found that the room was decorated in four colors. Red, blue, green, and yellow was everywhere as were depiction of lions, griffins, ravens, snakes, and badgers.

Where am I? Harry thought.

"You're in what's called the founder's chamber Harry."

Harry spun around to find a tall woman with black hair with a long braid and a silver diadem on her head. She wore a royal blue gown that looked something out of medieval times. Her face had an aristocratic look and her storm grey eyes held much knowledge and wisdom in them.

"W-who are you?" Harry asked nervously.

The woman smiled gently, "my name is Rowena."

Harry was still quite nervous and Rowena could sense the boy's emotions easily.

"Relax Harry, you are in no danger here, in fact you are quite safe" Rowena said calmly.

"But why am I here?" Harry asked then shut his eyes waiting to be hit.

Rowena frowned at this, she could read the boy's thoughts easily and knew what he was expecting. She instead moved toward Harry then got down on one knee and gently pulled the boy into a hug. Harry stiffen at the contact.

"It's alright Harry, you'll never be hurt by those people again" Rowena whispered into the boy's ear.

Harry started to cry as he wrapped his small arms around Rowena. They held each other for a while as Rowena let Harry release all of his feelings he had kept bundled inside. When they parted Rowena had smile on her face.

"Come Harry, we need to get you cleaned up," Rowena said taking Harry's hand.

She led Harry into another room, which had another woman waiting for him.

"Harry this is Helga, she is going to help you from here" Rowena said.

"Can you stay with me, please?" Harry asked pleadingly.

Rowena always acted very aloof when it came to children even her own and showed very little affection to them, but she wasn't a cold person and showed enough warmth to let her children know they were loved. But the little boy holding her hand called out to her and she just couldn't deny him.

"Yes, I will stay with you" Rowena said softly.

Helga was amazed to see this change in her friend, but would question her later on it.

"Hello Harry, as you've heard my name is Helga. What I'd like you to do is sit up on this bed so I can get a good look at you" Helga said.

Harry looked at Rowena, who nodded. He went over and climbed onto the bed that's when he realized his ribs were still hurt. He winced in pain, but got up on the bed. When he was sitting on the bed he got a good look at Helga. She had long blond hair, though it was shorter than Rowena's was. Her gown was canary yellow. She was a bit plump, but had a very caring face and her light brown eyes that put Harry at ease.

"Now Harry, I'm just going to do a check-up, nothing to be scared of," Helga said smiling gently as not to scare the boy.

Harry felt completely at ease with Helga and with the way she was speaking. He felt like could trust her totally.

Helga waved her wand and frowned as she waved her wand a few more times. She then flicked her wand to a cabinet and potion vials came flying towards them and landed gently on a little table that Rowena had conjured.

"Harry take this, it will take away the pain" Helga said gently.

Harry did as he was told and drank the stuff in the vial. He felt it working instantly and his ribs no longer hurt anymore.

"Now Harry take this, it will make you drowsy so you'd best lie down" Helga said in the same gentle tone.

Harry took the potion and then laid down and quickly fell asleep.

"How bad was it Helga?" Rowena asked as soon as Harry was asleep.

"The boy was starved and he had many injuries that were healed, but poorly. I think he patch them up himself" Helga said sadly.

Rowena was angry, how could someone hurt a child. She didn't think it was possible and it didn't matter if they were non-magical or not they had to be punished.

"Rowena, I know what you're thinking, but we need to think about this before we spring into action" Helga said calmly, though she was a little surprised she was the calm one in this. Because it was usually the other way around.

"I know Helga, but I want to throttle those things" Rowena hissed.

"Rowena, I never thought I'd see you become emotionally attached to anyone aside from Godric" Helga said smiling.

"I don't know what to say, Harry has done something to me. I've never felt like this before" Rowena said softly as she stroked Harry's hair.

"Come, we should let Harry rest. Let's get Salazar and Godric so we can plan a way to get those non-magicals" Helga said.

The two women left Harry and went to the meeting hall and called Salazar and Godric.

"I tell you Godric, that man is disgracing the name of Slytherin. If I were alive I'd hex the damn fool" Salazar said angrily.

"I know what you mean Sal, but he isn't the real problem," Godric said.

Salazar sighed.

"How was your watch?" Rowena asked.

"Terrible" Salazar grumbled.

Ever since the four founders died so many years ago they anchored their souls to the school by using their magic and willing it so. They now could watch over Hogwarts and watch as it grew in splendor. They watched the good times and the bad with an observant eye. They had also kept up with the times during their watch and learn the great many changes that had taken place after their passing. They had a subtle mental link to all the students though it was not very intrusive. The sorting hat was linked to them and they help greatly with sorting of the students. Though lately they've been slightly blocked by the current headmaster.

"I see, it's the potions teacher again, huh?" Helga asked though she knew the answer.

"Yes, he's befouling my house, he is turning it into a disgrace" Salazar said gearing up for a rant.

Godric shook his head since he's heard these rants from his old friend for quite some time.

"So how is Harry?" Godric asked changing the subject.

"He's fine, but we've have got some problems" Helga said.


Helga went on to explain what she found in her scans and Rowena told the two men what she found in the boy's mind. This made the two wizards very angry.

"That old coot is dead, if I was alive I'd sic Nellie on him" Salazar said loudly.

"Yes, he needs to be dealt with, but we can't do anything to him right now. So we go after those he put him with," Rowena said with a glint in her eye.

Godric could sense his wife was very vehement about this, it surprised him.

"Rowena has seem to have taken a liking to the young lad" Helga said smirking.

"No way, this can't be! Rowena Ravenclaw has feelings," Salazar said shockingly.

Godric chuckled a bit.

"Oh shut it Sal, I saw how you used to cuddle Nellie when she was an egg and then when she hatched" Rowena said glaring at the man across from her.

"Alright, lets get back to business, shall we" Godric said hoping to stop a confrontation.

The plan was set and thanks to some knowledge of the current laws in the non-magical world thanks to Rowena's library, which updated itself continuously with both magical and non-magical books. They got the Dursleys arrested for child abuse and the investigators found evidence thanks to some carefully placed magic by Rowena, she wanted the bastards to fry.

/Scene Break/

Harry awoke to find he was in a room that was very unfamiliar to him. It again had all the same colors and depictions that the founder's chamber had, but in a more subtle setting.

"Hello Harry, I hope you're hungry."

Harry turned to find Rowena standing by his bed holding a tray.

Harry nodded.

Rowena set the tray down and watched Harry eat. She noticed that he seemed to savor the taste of each bit of food like he was sure that he'd ever eat again.

"You don't have to worry Harry, you'll never go hungry again" Rowena said as she stroked Harry's hair gently.

Harry looked at Rowena and smiled at her. This lightened her heart immensely.

/Scene Break/

Albus Dumbledore, the great leader of light was in a bind. The people he placed the boy with were charged with child abuse. Now Dumbledore didn't think much of it since he thought that the Dursleys were just very strict with Harry. Even though report from the squib that he had placed there gave him reports that said otherwise. But now Dumbledore had a big problem and had no idea what to do. The boy was missing. He decided to wait for the boy to show and then he could get his plan back in place. He had a feeling that he was safe, but didn't know where. Which was enough for the old man for now.

/Scene Break/

Once Harry was better physically the way he should be for his age he met the other two founders.

"Hello Harry, I'm Godric," the man said.

Harry looked at the man who saved him and saw the he had red hair that looked like a mane of a lion. He also had a red beard with it. He wore a red shirt and brown pants. His eyes were a piercing blue that could frighten you, but also could make you feel welcome too.

"I'm Salazar," the other man said.

Harry turned to him and saw a the Salazar had black hair like Rowena, but he was taller than Godric, though he was more slender and he had a goatee. His face was pale, but was kind. He wore a shirt and trouser like Godric, but his shirt was green and his trousers were grey. His eyes were black and had a menacing look in them, but it was contained and all that showed through was kindness.

"Why am I here?" Harry asked.

"Harry, you're here because you have a destiny that you need to be trained for. Now, normally your schooling would play a part, but we've seen what you need to do and have taken it upon ourselves to teach you personally" Godric said.

Thus the training began. Rowena was teaching Harry mind magic and Charms, Helga taught him Herbology and Magical creatures, Salazar taught him potion making, and Godric taught him Transfiguration. Later when Harry had a firm grasp on those Rowena began to teach Harry Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. The four founders taught Harry magical combat. Harry also got taught about the history of the magical world, the real accounts. He learned the Goblin customs and how to treat Centaurs as well as other magical creatures. The founders wanted Harry to understand that every magical creature has a place in this world and deserves respect also, no matter how small they are.

"Now Harry, you can't rely on one thing to win, you must be unpredictable" Salazar said one lesson in magical combat.

"So if my opponent thinks I'm going to apparate, I attack," Harry said.

"That's it, I knew you'd get it" Salazar said smiling.

As the lessons progressed Rowena grew more attached to Harry and watched him closely like a mother watching her child.

"You know Rowena, you've become his mother" Helga said smiling.

"I have not, I could never replace Lily" Rowena said.

"I know, but you're the closest thing to her and I think he sees you like that too," Helga said.

"What should I do?" Rowena asked as she was totally out of her depth in this area.

"Rely on your instincts" Helga said putting a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder.

Rowena nodded.

It wasn't just Rowena who grew close to Harry, the rest of the founders found Harry to be a joy. They loved how dedicated he was, but he could be so relaxed when he wasn't studying. Soon it was time for Harry to enter Hogwarts, though he already was there, he had to make the trip like all other kids, but he'd stay in the room he's lived in.

Harry went to Diagon Alley like every other student to get his supplies, but he did his own shopping. He went to Gringotts to get some money then got his robes, then his books. He stopped when he felt a presence he made his way into a shop that sold owls and other animals. He walked up to a snowy white owl. The owl stared right back him and he felt a connection with her at once. He was out of the store with a new friend. His last stop was to get his wand.

"Mr. Potter, I was wondering when I'd be seeing you?" the old wizard said.

"Well then, I guess you know that I need a wand" Harry said.

The old wizard, Ollivander nodded then after he measured Harry out he then began going through wands, trying to find one that suited Harry right. Wand after wand was tried, but each one didn't feel right. That was until a wand made of holly and phoenix feather. After Harry found out that his wand's brother was the one that gave him the scar on his head he left and head back home.

Back at home the founders were confused as to why Harry bought an owl. Harry just told them that he felt a connection to the owl he had. Helga understood right a way, since she had an affinity with animals and could sense the fledgling bond. Harry already had started a familiar bond with the post owl. The boy still had ways to surprise you even after knowing him for so long. Harry also told the founders about his wand and that its brother gave him the scar that is on his forehead. The founders were curious about this and promised to look into it.

/Scene Break/

The day came when Harry had to get on the train, the founders thought it would be best that Harry took the train like all the other students just so he didn't stand out yet.

"Now Harry, you be careful and make sure your mental shields are up" Rowena said in a mothering way.

"I will" Harry said.

"Watch out for Dumbledore and Snape, they'll try and read your mind" Godric said.

Harry nodded.

"Don't tell anyone about us unless you trust them completely" Helga said.

"Don't worry, I won't" Harry said.

"Be safe and be on your guard" Salazar said.

Harry nodded.

Rowena watched as Harry apparated away to get on the train and she wiped a tear away.

/Scene Break/

Harry made his way to the platform with plenty of time to spare. He walked over and looked at the hustle and bustle that was taking place and took a deep breath. He headed towards the train and found a girl with bushy brown hair struggling with her trunk.

"Here, let me help you" Harry said.

"Thank you" the girl said.

Harry waved his wand and the trunk was now lighter.

"How'd you do that?" the girl asked.

"Magic" Harry answered with his eyes twinkling.

The girl rolled her eyes, but laughed a little also. They made their way onto the train and found an empty compartment.

"I'm Hermione Granger," the girl said.

"Harry Potter."

"Oh my gosh you are, I've read all about you" Hermione said.

"Hermione, don't believe everything you read" Harry said.

"Why not?" Hermione asked stubbornly.

"Because those writers have no idea what happened that night, let alone how I survived" Harry said, "the only ones are myself, who can't remember and Voldemort and I highly doubt they talked to him."

Hermione bit her lip.

"All I'm saying is to not believe everything you read until you've seen it" Harry said gently.

Hermione nodded.

"Good, so shall we get to know each other better" Harry said.

Harry learned that Hermione was a muggle-born and her parents were dentists. She was extremely intelligent. Harry read through Hermione's mind and saw she had an almost blind belief in authority figures that he'd need to crush if they'd be close friends. Harry started slowly and told Hermione of his life with the Dursleys then how he was taken away and now lived with some other relations. Harry didn't exactly lie since he was descendant from Godric and Rowena and probably had a bit of Hufflepuff and Slytherin in his blood too. As he told Hermione of his life he pointed out things in Hermione's life that would have her questioning her teachers.

Another girl with blond hair and a cool attitude popped her head in and asked if she could join them. Harry said she could and then looked at Hermione and she was nodding her consent.

"I'm Daphne Greengrass," the girl said coolly and formally.

"I'm Harry Potter and this is Hermione Granger" Harry said gesturing his traveling companion.

Daphne's eyes flicked to Harry's scar then back to his face.

"It's nice to meet you" Daphne said in a warmer tone.

"You too" Harry said smiling.

Daphne came in and Harry helped her get her stuff put away. After that was done with Hermione got a crash course on how some students would act by Daphne. Daphne though didn't believe in the whole pureblood thing, but many other families did. Hermione was quite shocked at how much bigotry was in this world and wondered if she should stay a part of this world. But Harry got Hermione to see the good and what she could change when she had enough schooling and that he'd help her every step of the way too.

Daphne watched the two and knew that these two would change the wizarding world and decided it was best to befriend them early then she'd be able to get a good career later. She wasn't afraid of hard work when it came to getting something you wanted. But the more she learned from the two the more she started to like Hermione and Harry. For Hermione, it was because she was a very smart for a muggle-born, and as for Harry, she liked him because he wasn't like other pureblood boys. He was nice and didn't care about his fame at all, this was a nice change.

The three kids got to know one another when a boy with mousy brown hair and still had his baby fat stuck his head in.

"Have any of you seen a toad?" the boy asked nervously.

Hermione shook her head as did Daphne.

"No, but I can find it for you, what's it's name?" Harry asked.

"Uh, Trevor" the boy said.

Harry took out his wand and waved it a few times and the toad appeared.

"Trevor!" the boy shouted.

"How'd you do that?" Hermione asked shocked.

"My relatives taught me how to control my magic" Harry said.

"Could they teach me too?" Hermione asked excitedly.

"Me too?" Daphne asked with the same enthusiasm.

"I'm not sure, they told me that they'd only teach people who I trust completely," Harry said.

"You can trust me Harry" Hermione said.

Harry looked into Hermione's mind again and saw that she was very trustworthy and loyal. He also scanned the minds of the other two and found the same, but wanted Rowena's opinion on this, as well as the others.

"I'll owl them later and ask" Harry said though he knew that wasn't necessary.

Hermione and Daphne nodded.

The rest of the trip they got to know each other, Harry found out that the boy was Neville Longbottom and thanks to the history lessons he got from the founders he knew of the boy's parents. When the train finally stopped the trio got off and made their way to the half-giant that was calling them. On the boats Harry shared with Hermione, Neville, and a redhead. Daphne was in another boat. After they got off the boats the half-giant led them to a stern looking professor. She then told them a bit about Hogwarts and about the houses, then left.

"So it's true, Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts" a boy with blond hair sneered.

Harry ignored the blond boy.

"I'm talking to you!" the blond boy shouted.

Harry turned to the blond boy.

"My name is Draco Malfoy," the blond boy said.

"I really don't care who you are since you are very rude" Harry said.

Malfoy glared at Harry.

"You should treat your betters with more respect Potter or you'll end up like your parents" Malfoy said.

Harry glared at Malfoy, but said nothing.

The stern professor came back and the group entered the hall. Hermione was stating a fact she read in one of her books, but Harry didn't listen as he was looking at the head table. The sorting went well Hermione was sorted into Ravenclaw, Neville was put into Hufflepuff and Daphne in Slytherin, but when Harry's name was called everything went silent. Dumbledore sat up.

Once the hat was on Harry's head he heard a familiar voice.

"Hello Harry."

"Rowena, I'm surprised that you'd take over the sorting hat."

"Well I wanted to sort you personally, and I can tell you that you've already made an impact on your new friends. Daphne was hard since she had the brains for Ravenclaw, but Salazar wanted her to be put in Slytherin because of her ambitious nature. Hermione was put in Ravenclaw where she rightfully belongs with the confidence she once lacked. Neville was a tricky one, but we decided to put him in Hufflepuff since the boy has sheer loyalty. But the real question is where would you like to be?"

"Well, I'd like to be with Hermione, I feel a connection to her that I can't describe."

"Alright, but to just let you know that the old goat wants you put in Gryffindor so you'd be close to the redhead that was standing by you."

"Well we best disappoint him then shall we."

"Yes we shall," Rowena said chuckling.


This shocked the entire hall as everyone thought Harry would be in Gryffindor for sure. Dumbledore frowned and send a probe to the hat ordering it to place Harry in Gryffindor. But Rowena blocked him. The rest of sorting went well, but when Ron Weasley was called the hat took a long time until finally placing him in Gryffindor.

Harry sat with his friend Hermione enjoying the company. The feast went well and after Dumbledore's announcements the students left. Harry followed the Ravenclaw prefect to the Ravenclaw tower. Once in the tower Harry relaxed in one of the chairs.

"I can't wait for classes start," Hermione said happily.

"Calm down Hermione, they'll start soon" Harry said chuckling.

It was late and Hermione said goodnight and left Harry in the common room alone. He snuck out and wandered until he found the founder's chambers. He tapped his wand on the stones in a particular order and the door revealed itself.

"Harry" Rowena said pulling the boy into a hug.

"Hi Rowena" Harry said grinning and hugging the woman back.

"I see you've already started things up young one" Salazar said ruffling the boy's hair.

"Yes I have, but I know I need to be careful" Harry said as he smoothed his hair down.

"We've been talking Harry, and we think you can let your new friends in, we felt that they'd trust you indefinitely" Godric said.


"Yes, and the fact that you have friends in three of the house is most excellent, though I suggest you find an ally in Gryffindor house" Salazar said.

"Okay, but who?" Harry asked.

"Well I'd suggest the twins there, they are quite smart and I think would be a great resource," Helga said.

"Okay, but what about their brother?" Harry asked.

"Which one?" Salazar asked.

"The one with the horrible manners" Harry said.

"Oh him, he was very difficult to sort since he has no loyalty at all," Helga said.

"He has no thirst for knowledge either" Rowena said.

"He has no courage to speak of" Godric said.

"He has ambition, but is too lazy to do anything about it" Salazar said.

"So why did you place him in Gryffindor?" Harry asked confused since the boy they were talking about had not traits that appealed to any of the houses.

"That wasn't us, the old goat did that" Rowena spat.

"I see, so I should be careful with him," Harry said.

"Yes Harry, that redhead is part of a scheme with the old goat," Rowena said.

"Alright, well I'm a bit tired so I'm going to bed" Harry said yawning.

The founders said goodnight and Harry went to bed.

/Scene Break/

The next couple of days of Hogwarts was quite fascinating as Harry learned that his transfiguration teacher was an Animagus. He liked his head of house and Charms teacher and he liked his Herbology teacher. Potions though was no as fun as he hoped since the teacher was quite bias and would take points from him for stupid things. He also felt the potions teacher trying to probe his mind, but thanks to his skill in Occlumency he could block the greasy git quite easily. He also spend a lot of time with Hermione, Daphne and Neville. It seemed quite odd to the rest of the school to see two Ravenclaws, a Hufflepuff, and a Slytherin together.

"Hermione, you need to settled down," Harry said gently.

Hermione was once again cramming for a test that was two weeks away.

"But Harry, we need to study" Hermione said urgently.

Harry sighed.

"Hermione, come with me" he said standing up and holding out his hand.

Hermione didn't look like she wanted to move, but Harry yanked her out of her seat and dragged her out of the Ravenclaw common room.

"Harry, where are we going?" Hermione asked.

"It's a surprise," Harry answered.

About halfway there Harry found Daphne and Neville standing looking confused as to why they were standing there in the middle of the corridor.

"Daphne, Neville, what are you guys doing here?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I don't know, I just had this strange urge to be here," Daphne said.

Neville nodded in agreement.

"Well since you guys are here then you can follow me," Harry said grinning as he had a feeling as to who made his two friends feel like standing there.

"Where are we going?" Neville asked following Harry.

"It's a surprise," Harry answered.

Harry led them to the wall that held the door to the founder's chamber. He took his wand and tapped the stones in the sequence that he knew. When he finished a door appeared. He led them in.

"Ah Harry, I see you've brought your friends" Rowena said looking up from her book.

Harry's three friends stood in shock. With Rowena, who was sitting reading, Helga was watering her plants, Salazar was writing in a book he had, and Godric was looking quite bored lying on the couch.

"Harry, who are these people?" Hermione asked nervously.

"Hermione, I'm surprised that you wouldn't know that you're standing in front of the four greatest magic users in history," Harry said.

Hermione was stunned, which left Daphne to answer.

"Are you telling me that these are the founders of Hogwarts?" she asked.

"I knew she was a great selection to Slytherin, Rowena" Salazar said smirking.

"I still think she'd make a good Ravenclaw" Rowena huffed.

"No bloody way" Neville uttered.

"It is the truth young Hufflepuff" Helga said with a smile.

"Well there's no use in standing around, come and sit down" Godric said as he waved his hand and more chairs appeared around the table that Rowena was sitting at. The three friend walked in a trance and sat down still not believing what they are experiencing. Harry took a seat next to Rowena, which she always left open for him.

"But you're supposed to be dead" Hermione said after regaining her focus.

Godric chuckled, "yes we're dead, but we put so much of ourselves in this school that when we passed on, we became a part of the school."

"Oh, alright, but why are we here?" Hermione asked.

"I knew I made the right choice in putting you in Ravenclaw, with a mind like yours, you're going to be a great witch" Rowena said smiling

Hermione blushed from the praise.

"You are here because Harry trusts you with this secret" Godric said.

"And we've looked into your minds during the sorting and found that you are trustworthy to keep this secret" Salazar said.

After that the founders began their lessons with Harry's friends. Hermione was excited to being learning from some of the greatest magic users of all time. Neville was clumsy, but a thirst to learn. Daphne was cool about this all, but you could see in her eyes that she was just as excited as Hermione.

"Now the first thing we're going to teach you is Occlumency" Rowena said.

"What's Occlumency?" Hermione asked.

"Occlumency is what's called mind magic. They're two forms of mind magic one is Occlumency, the other is Legilimency" Rowena said.

"Occlumency is used to blocked Legilimency" Daphne said.

Rowena nodded, "that's correct."

"So what do we have to do?" Neville asked.

Rowena first had them to clear their minds and then had them begin to organize their thoughts and memories. Hermione already had an organized mind and this was quite easy for her, Daphne was second, and then Neville, but he had trouble due to his lack of self-confidence.

"Neville, you are a very powerful wizard," Helga said.

Neville bowed his head, "no, I am not."

"You are Neville, the wand you're using isn't your true wand, but your father's, that's why you're having trouble with your casting" Salazar said examining Neville's wand.

"But what can I do about that?" Neville asked.

"We could get you a new wand, but I have no idea what to do with your father's" Salazar said.

Helga thought for a few minutes then nodded to herself.

"Here, try my wand and see how it feels," Helga said.

Neville was stunned.

"I can't use your wand," he said in protest.

"Yes you can" Helga said and held out her wand for Neville to take.

Neville took the wand and he felt a warmth that he never felt before. He waved it and sparks flew from its tip.

"Just as I thought, my wand was calling out to you" Helga said smiling.

"But I can't keep this" Neville said.

"Yes you can, just keep your father's as a keepsake," Helga said.

Neville nodded though he was still uneasy using a founder's wand.

What the three students didn't know was that when they entered the founder's chamber was that time slowed for them and they spent many days in there training. They got Occlumency training, learned potion making the right way, Charms, and transfiguration also. By the end of the weekend of normal time it had been many weeks of slowed time. The four now had a very strong friendship with one another and knew that they never would doubt the others. The founders cautioned them to not show their true powers so not to stand out from the others. Hermione, Daphne, and Neville also learned of their headmaster's treatment of Harry and promised full disclosure in their next meeting.

As Harry shut the door the friends parted ways, satisfied with what they've learned and what was to come.

End of chapter

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