That afternoon Rito sat in his bed thinking about all the good times he had with Haruna. He suddenly thought it was finally time to let those feelings out. "Finally all these years, I'll tell Haruna how I feel once and for all." Rito said to himself thinking out load. Rito went out of his room just to find Lala naked right in front of him.

"Lala put on some clothes, don't walk around in the house like that." Rito ordered her as his face turned beeped red. "Okay then, PEKE GET ME SOME CLOTHES WOULD YOU?" Lala asked. Peke rushed in to dress Lala then crashed into Lala as she fell on Rito. "Lala get off of me." Rito said trying to get up.

"Hey sis have you seen the…?" Nana came in unexpectedly and found Lala on Rito. She then got easily irritated. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THING YOUR DOING TO MY SISTER YOU BEAST?" Nana shouted as she stomped Rito face and got Lala off of him.

Mikan came in and found Rito collapsed after the strike from Nana. "Good grief what did you do this time?" Mikan asked not having any remorse for her brother whatsoever. "Hey it wasn't my fault." Rito said trying to ease the pain on his nose heading out the door for school.

"Hey, Rito wait for me!" Lala cried out as she followed Rito to school.

Rito and Lala ran to school together. "Great because of you we're going to be late for class." Rito lectured. "Don't worry I know how to get there quick and easy." Lala suggested. She gave Rito one of her inventions and activated it shooting Rito ahead like a cannon. Out of the blue he crashed into Haruna as they were both pinned down to the ground.

"Sorry Haruna didn't see you there." Rito said, but he didn't realize that he accidental cop a field on her breast. Haruna had noticed it before her and got really shocked. She then raised her hand and smacked Rito in the face offended by his rough actions.

"You're committing shameless acts again Yuuki Rito." Kotegawa lectured Rito as he was collapsed on the ground. "It's not what you think Kotegawa is just so reckless." Rito corrected Kotegawa. "Save your excuses for after school cleaning." Kotegawa gave Rito a note.

"Well, lucky me." Rito commented himself taking the note. "Rito what are you doing sitting down there we're going to be late for class." Lala asked appearing in front of Rito. Rito signed. "Who do you think got e like this to begin with?" Rito mumbled?

"What was that?" Lala didn't hear Rito last remark. "Never mind let's just go already." Rito said.

Meanwhile while the teacher was teaching Rito could not take his eyes off of Haruna as concentrated on her school work. "Haruna, I wonder what you are thinking?" Rito said as he could not take is eyes off Haruna in class.

"Yuuki would care to answer this question." The teacher suggested to Rito as he was not paying attention to class whatsoever. Rito was terribly lost in the subject as he stood up in class. "Um, an alien invasion theory..?" Rito guessed. "I expect you to follow along more Rito, and then give me an irreverent answer like this. Which, you'll be studying in detention." Teacher authorized Rito as the whole class laughed at Rito.

Later on that day after school Rito was moping the halls as Lala caught up to him. "You were funny today Rito." Lala teased. "Not really I was just lost in thought and I got distracted." Rito replied as he continued to mop the floors in the halls. "The question was so easy even for human standards." Lala replied still teasing Rito. Haruna passed by Rito as he was continuing his school work.

"Rito, this afternoon I have to tell you something, so could you meet me at the park by then." Haruna offered which had Rito very surprised. "Uh, sure I'll meet you at the park then." Rito got excited as he felt that he was being asked out on a date with Haruna. Rito was so overjoyed that he was lost in thought again.

"Um, hello, Rito are you there?" Lala asked as she waved her hand in Rito face as he was still lost in thought.

As the school bell ringed, everyone was already leaving school. "Lala, listen why don't you go on home without me, I got something to do." Rito suggested. "I got time as well, so I'll just go with you." Lala offered. "Thanks, but it will be a while, I'll see you when I get home all right." Rito said as he left school campus to meet up with Haruna at the park.

"This time I'm really going to confess to her after all these years of waiting this will finally be my chance." Rito spoke out loud in public daylight which drew the crowd's attention to him. Most of the crowd looked at Rito with an awkward silence others were happy on the fact he was going to confess.

"Uh oh…" Rito was shocked on the attention from the crowd as he ran away from them trying not to draw even more attention.

That evening he arrived at the park as he found Haruna stand at the playground waiting for him. "Hey Haruna I'm over here." Rito called out to her. "Rito you're here." Haruna replied waving to him.

"So what did you want to tell me about, you go first?" Rito asked excited to be with Haruna. Haruna turned her back at Rito. "Rito, this semester…I won't be around here anymore." Haruna stated. "Huh, what do you mean Haruna?" Rito asked as he was plagued with confusion.

"I will be transferring to another school." Haruna replied.

"What" Rito replied?

"Also someone had confessed to me from another school, and I said yes." Haruna said. "What, but whom?" Rito replied still filled with confusion.

"I cannot say at the moment, but for the sake of both of us I think its best we not see each other again, or it will be hard on me. The times we have spent to together me, you, and Lala was very nice and memberable." Haruna said as she had her head down.

"I don't understand Haruna I thought that we had something together…" Rito tried to defend.

Rito quickly placed his hands on Haruna shoulder. "I LOVE YOU!" Rito shouted.

"I'm really flattered that you feel that way, but I'm afraid you're too late, I will already be in a new relationship with someone else." Haruna replied back at Rito. Rito released his hands from Haruna shoulders as Haruna looked down at Rito.

"I'm SORRY." Haruna said as she bid farewell to Rito after his confession as she ran away from him.

Rito had his head down feeling like her suffered a heavy defeat, as he dropped down to his knees. The weather become cloudy as the rain started pouring down really hard. Rito sat at the park swings very quietly deep in thought of what to do next.