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"Don't move."

"I'm not moving."

"You are, you just did and you need to not no more."

"You never took English in school did you?"

Danny stared at his partner, willing with the power of his mind to control the urge to strangle the idiot. Steve swallowed in fear at the intense look he was receiving.

"Shut up . Don't move."

"Copy that."

Danny wiped his hand on his leg , sighing he looked up into the pained filled eyes of his partner. No, wait, idiot partner.

" This is a mess you know. A mess. And why is it a mess? I'll tell you why, because you have to go running in wild without checking for danger first."

"I checked for danger." Protested Steve.

Danny raised his hand, Steve sighed and motioned for him to continue.

"So you run in, complete disregard for danger and get yourself attacked. And why ? I'll tell you why, " Steve started to roll his eyes but stopped when Danny raised his "As i was saying, you just act, no thinking, no considering, you just act on a situation as you see it at first glance and that's what gets you into this mess." Danny paused , expecting the tall man to respond. "Well?"

"The dog was in the back room, Danny."

"Your point ?"

"Wasn't a clear and present danger at the time i ran into the warehouse."

"It was a pretty damn clear and present danger when i ran into the warehouse."

"Because the second gunman let it out. If i hadn't of run into the warehouse first, you, partner, would have been dog chow."

Steve sucked in a breath as Danny pulled hard on the makeshift bandage around his ravaged leg. He hadn't had a good look at the damage, the amount of blood had told him all he needed to know. The dog had had a hold of him long enough to rip through the flesh from his ankle to calf. The banter with his partner had helped to keep the pain and nausea at bay but both were returning with full force . He would not throw up in front of Danny. Nope, no , no way , uh uh and never.

"Steve? You ok?"

With that the taller man emptied the contents of his stomach on to the dirty, oil streaked warehouse floor. Danny helped to steady him, gently rubbing his back as Steve lost what felt like every meal he'd eaten that week.

Danny's eyes searched the warehouse until they landed on Kono, kneeling onto a suspect as she handcuffed his hands behind his back.

"Kono, EMT's?"

"Chin's calling them." She looked up in her cousin's direction. He gave her a thumbs up. "On their way." Kono stood up , allowing their one and only surviving gunman a chance to take his first deep breath since being floored by the lithe woman.

"He ok?"

She knelt down on Steve's other side, mindful of the pool of vomit. He was pale and sweating but seemed to be fighting the urge to throw up again. Not that she thought there was anything left for him to throw up. He nodded at her and smiled, gesturing toward her suspect.

"He give you any trouble?"

"Not once you'd distracted him with the wolf taming, Boss."

Danny snorted at the look Steve gave their rookie. It was a mixture of love , respect and complete annoyance. He decided to quickly change the subject.

"You and Chin take him down to lock up, with all the evidence we have already there's no way his lawyer can get him out on bail."

"No problem," said Kono as she stood. "You going with Steve?"

"Yeah, i'll make sure he doesn't injure himself further, and that he doesn't skip out before being discharged ."

"Guys i'm right here." Steve complained.

Danny ignored him and gestured toward their handcuffed trophy. "Book 'em Kono."

Kono and Steve glanced at each other then turned their perplexed looks on Danny.

"Doesn't have the same ring to it, Danno." Smirked Steve.

"Ring? What ring? What ring could it possibly have?" Defended Danny.

Kono pursed her lips as she studied her second in command. "Its just, when Steve says it, it sounds kinda cool."

Steve beamed at Danny, pain and nausea forgotten as he basked in his victory.

"Really?" Danny glared at Steve, then Kono. "Look , whatever , just go book him ok. I'll deal with the pooch wrestler over here."

It had taken barely a second for Danny to register the danger as he ran behind Steve into the warehouse, the dog had seemingly appeared from nowhere and made a b-line for Steve, or more accurately, Steve's right leg. Its jaws had locked around his calf and it's body had pulled him down to the floor before he'd even had a chance to register his surprise. Dangers came from guns and men running at him with knives. Not two foot tall flea carriers. He'd fallen to the ground hard, dislodging the dogs teeth just long enough to attempt to pull his leg away, giving the dog just enough time to seek out his ankle and clamp down hard through the flesh. As teeth scraped bone he finally found his voice and cried out , as the pain fully registered the adrenaline followed, giving his brain the push it needed to spring into action. He raised his gun, aimed at the dogs head but then paused. Grace had been carrying a stuffed dog the last time he'd seen her. No way was he going to be known as Uncle Steve the dog killer. With that image in mind he fired next to the dogs ear, the noise loud enough to cause it considerable pain. The dog yelped and backed off, took a step towards him in anger but ran off as Danny came charging toward it.

"Whoa man, you ok?" Danny reached toward his partner's leg but Steve rolled to the side, the searing pain making him overly protective of the limb.

"Fine." He ground out , trying to avoid looking Danny directly in the eye. Whatever it was about the hot headed Detective he could make Steve spill the truth before he'd even had time to think up a lie.

"Let me see." Danny tried to manoeuvre his partner so he could get a better look at the injured limb. Steve stayed on his right side, flatly refusing to allow Danny access.

"It's fine, go see if Kono and Chin are ok." Sweat had broken out along Steve's forehead, making a lazy trail down the side of his face toward his neck. He risked a glance toward Danny and instantly regretted his action. "Hurts like a son of a bitch. I think he bit my leg off."

Danny smiled sympathetically as he gently rolled Steve onto his back , he edged further toward the fallen man's leg and gasped when his eyes took in the amount of blood around the lower half of the limb. Steve's eyes shot up, for one terrified minute he was convinced Danny was going to tell him the limb had been severed.

"It looks worse than it is, ok?" Danny tried to reassure the injured man. "I'm just gonna have a closer look." He gently pealed away what was left of the bottom half of Steve's cargo pants, the dog's teeth marks clearly visible in the muscle around the calf. The gashes not all as deep as he had feared, but there were two or three that were going to need a hell of a lot of stitches. One gash in particular, around Steve's ankle, was bleeding profusely. Danny removed his tie and looked up at his partner, trying to prepare him for what he was about to do. Steve had raised himself up on his elbow's, he alternated between glaring at Danny and glancing at the blood around his leg. He finally conceded, nodding only enough that if Danny hadn't been paying close attention he would have missed it. Being as gentle as he could, he carefully wound his tie around Steve's leg, just above the worst of the gashes. That was when Steve tried to pull the limb free.

"Don't move." Ordered Danny.

"I'm not moving." Countered Steve.


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