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Chapter 1: New students

Forks! Here I was again. Back for another year of months without sun and endless moisture!

Walking my way into the familiar parking lot of my school, I thought about the two months of holidays I had passed with my mom Renee in Florida. Maybe, if I though very hard about my stay, I could pretend to be still there. On the beach, with the sun...But right when I was trying to impregnate myself with the feeling of the sun on my skin, the already heavy rain gained in strength and I knew that it would soon infiltrate my too thin parka. I would have run to avoid being all wet but I fall a lot when I run. Falling in a puddle was hardly what I needed just before my first class of the quarter. And sure enough, by the time I arrived under the porch of the cafeteria, water was running down my hair and my sneakers were soaking. Great! Why was I here already?

Watching the rain falling sadly on Forks' greeneries, it was hard to believe that I had asked for living in this nightmarish place. I had even insisted. This time, it had been even more complicated to convince Renee to let me live in Forks. The reason why I had come to live here on the first place wasn't valid anymore. Phil, my mom's new husband, had found a durable place in a baseball team in Florida so he didn't have to travel that much anymore. They both lived in a huge house right next to the sea. It was perfect and I even had a room assigned to me there.

But I couldn't do that to my dad. Charlie had been so happy all the time I had been living in forks. I didn't know him that much before, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't usually that cheerful. And even if he had told me that I was free to do whatever I wanted, I still remembered the look of distress he had given me when he had left me at the airport for my flight to Florida. I bet he was worried I would like it so much there that I would never come back. Well, I must admit that Forks had little chance against the heaven that was the life in Florida.

But besides coming back to Forks for the sake of Charlie, I had to admit that I felt a little bit at home here. Or more accurately, I didn't felt at home in Florida. Forks was just the next place on line to provide me with a house. I was still very close to Renee but somehow, things had changed. She had Phil now and he took good care of her. During the summer break, I was feeling helpless in their house, having nothing to do. Phil was also really nice to me and everything, but he had never been my father and we had virtually nothing in common. So even if I knew I was welcomed to their place, I wasn't comfortable to live there to an extent period of time. In a way, I was giving my mum a chance to take a new start. Without child.

Anyway, coming back living in Forks wouldn't be as bad as my first time. I already knew all the school and I kind of liked the fact that it was really small, once I had got used to everyone knowing every gossips about everybody. And it wasn't as if I was stucked in Forks for all my life; it was only for one year. Hopefully, after that, I would be in college and living by my own in some sunny place.

Speaking of sun, it wasn't today that I would see it. I was still watching the downpour from my refuge, waiting for the other students to arrive. I hadn't wanted to arrive late for my first day of school. Consequently, I had arrived so early that the school was still quite empty. The few people that were already there had greeted me but I didn't know them enough to try to socialize. I might not be a new student but I had only done one quarter and half in this school. Not enough to be very comfortable among people that had known each other since their birth.

If I was being honest, the fact that I was still rather new was just an excuse. I guess I just wasn't comfortable in any social situation. And after that, my mom still wanted me to be the new student in a school in Florida! It was almost worth living in Forks if it meant that I didn't have to be the new student in school once more.

Little by little, cars began to arrive and more students gathered under the porch. The fist of my usual group of friends to arrive was Eric. He hadn't changed a bit: He was still a little bit awkward but still very nice to me. He gave me a huge smile when he saw me.

"Bella, you are not in Florida?"

I almost answered that I was indeed in Florida and that the person in front of him was my evil twin sister before remembering that Eric's capacity to spot sarcasm was fairly limited. Instead, I just smiled and gave him back his high five. He seemed happy to see me though. And he seemed genuinely interested when he asked me about my summer break.

Hopefully, Mike arrived soon after, so I didn't have to speak of myself for too long. And mike too seemed delighted to see me.

"Bella, I was sure that the sun of Florida would keep you away from us. I'm so glad you are here!"

And seeing how his face had lighted up when he had seen me, I had no trouble believing him.

Mike hadn't changed much either. He was still the popular boy, from head to toes; confidant, talkative and dressed apparently casually but with study. Maybe his face wasn't so round anymore but it still seemed to me like a cute baby face.

It was a little bit strange to see Eric and Mike hang out together. It had surprised me when I had first arrived: The popular boy and the chess club boy? But it hadn't taken me too long to realize that they weren't friends at all before my arrival. It just happened that Eric and Mike were the 2 first people I had met in this school. And since they were both willing to stay around me, they had to bear being always together.

Now, a flow almost uninterrupted of people was arriving. For a city famous for its bad weather, Forks was rather bad prepared for the rain. The only dry place to stay was the porch where I had seek refuge and it was now really crowded. Everybody seemed exited to be back at school and in the jabber; it was hard to keep up a discussion. Not with everybody shouting at each other.

I was becoming more and more uncomfortable in this limited spot, surrounded by people. Mike and Eric seemed to have agreed to grill me and it was really not helping.

Why oh why did I decide to be at least a little bit social? I should have stayed in my car to read my book as I had first envisaged.

In the crowd, Jessica Stanley and Lauren Malory spotted us. Jessica was the overactive and gossip queen type. Not really my usual kind of people. But for an unknown raison, she seemed to consider me as her friends. Well, the raison was not so unknown: I had since long realized that she appreciated popular mike more than my actual company. Lauren wasn't exactly my biggest fan either. Well, it was an understatement, but it was still a relief to see them because they were more than willing to participate in the discussion. It was much better when I was free to remain silent and just listen at their chatter!

I realized that Jessica was distant with Mike and that got me worried. The last time I had checked, Mike had invited her in the girl choice dance, one month after my first arrival in Forks and they had dated ever since. They even went to prom together. Or at least it was the plan. I had no way to check because I purposely skipped prom.

But it didn't keep Jessica to make us a full rundown of Forks' exciting life. It wasn't really scoops. The Denali's and the Volturi's have had some fight during my time out of town but it was old news. These two big Families were really powerful and were often fighting about everything. Jessica didn't tell it but I knew Lauren family, the Malory's was in it too. The Malory's and the Volturi's were known to be worst enemies.

Apparently, they were still disagreeing over the taxes on the textile factory. Given the fact that the factory was on the Volturi's territory but the main shop was on the Denali's; it created endless issues. It seemed that my Father, Forks' police chief, had had a lot of work this summer.

In the distance, I could see Kate and Garrett Denali and Rosalie and Jasper Hale, their cousins. Lucky them, they were waiting for the start of the class in their cars. It was understandable given the fact that their cars were the most luxurious cars you have ever seen. They stood out among the other cheap looking cars. Not to mention next to my red old truck! Only Lauren could have afforded such expensive cars. But she was even worst; she had a chauffeur who was driving her to school every days.

"And I kept the best for the end" said Jessica, winning back my attention.

She had finished gossiping about the divorce of Taylor Crowley's parents and was obviously reaching the news that had her all excited.

"There are new students in the school!" she announced, visibly thrilled.


Lauren was as excited as Jessica. I wondered how she didn't know it already.

I didn't know why they were making such a fuss of it; it was the first day of the quarter. It was likely to have some new faces. There were also a whole bunch of freshmen. But apparently, it was a big deal!

"They came in great secret" explained Jessica, using a mysterious tone. "But my mom talked with her mechanic who talked with Jason Scott, the Lawyer, who knew they inherited a house."

Wahoo, I must admit, I was impressed: In the Stanley's, gossiping was almost an art!

"And..."Jessica continued, prolonging the suspense. "They inherited the Cullen' house."

"What?" Eric, Mike and Lauren said at the same time.