Hey, ok so Perlia? is on hiatus until I rewrite it. I got inspiration for this while wearing a pretty outfit. Hope you like it. Also, if I don't update for a while, it's because both of my brothers are home from deployment and I want to spend as much time with them as possible.

Izabell POV

"Princess Izabella?" my messenger, Herman, asked timidly. I looked up from my book, Mythology Throughout the Ages, and smiled at him. "There are four people here to see you. What shall I do with them?"

I sighed and marked my page. "Tell them I'll meet them in the throne room." He bowed and ran out.

Great, I thought to myself. More people complaining. With that happy thought in mind, I slipped out of my relaxation outfit, and headed to the throne room.

Nico POV

"Why are we here, again?" Oh, Clarisse, the ever so optimistic. Luckily, Chris was there to help.

"We have to get a new demigod, remember? Please, don't kill her. She was trained to act 'girly', as you put it." Chris grabbed her hand and she relaxed a bit, but her glare didn't soften.

The messenger, Herman, came and told us to go to the throne room. "Blah-ha-ha!" Grover bleated. "Where is it?"

Herman subtly rolled his eyes. "Follow me," he drawled out. It was then that I realized that he sounded quite like Snape from Harry Potter. We followed him throughout the castle. It was beautiful. I looked kind of like my dad's castle, except bigger, whiter, and more cheery. There were statues of famous Greeks. People in fancy clothes looked at us like we were trash while Clarisse and I glared back.

Here's the thing: after the war, Clarisse and I became good friends. You could call it best friends, but Clarisse and I didn't roll like that. Basically, we talked and didn't try to kill each other too badly.

Chris noticed my starting and he glared. I gave him an apologetic look saying: Sorry. Inner monologue. She's too old for me and not my type, anyways. He smiled and chuckled. This did not go unnoticed by Herman and Grover. Herman looked at us with a bored look, and Grover raised his eyebrows suggestively. I winked, smiled and put my finger in a "shush" gesture. I looked over at Chris and Clarisse. Chris was smiling, trying to hold in his laughter, and Clarisse rolled her eyes and muttered: "Idiots".

We were so busy trying to keep in out laughter that we didn't notice Herman-iac (yes, that's my new nickname for him) stopped behind and entrance to a big spacious room. Of course, we only realized this by stumbling over him. Grover muttered several apologies while Herman-iac tried to shush him.

I heard the sound of a trumpet and a mans voice yelling: "Now entering, the Princes of Greece, Princess Izabella!" I heard the sound of high heals on marble and shuffling feet.

I heard another voice, a girl, telling somebody to bring somebody in. Herman waved for us to go in.

When we walked in, you could hear our shoes clicking on the floor. The throne room looked like the one in Disney's Cinderella (Persephone made me watch it). On the dais, there were three thrones: two big and grand ones and one smaller, more graceful one. It took me a while to notice that everybody (given Grover, Chris, Clarisse, and myself) was bowing. It took me even longer to realize that there was a girl on the smaller throne.

The girl was pretty; not Aphrodite-type, like Annabeth. In fact, she looked a lot like Annabeth: blonde hair, calculating look, and an athlete's body. At closer inspection, you would know that her hair wasn't curly, but strait. Even with her high and mighty look, you could that she had some playfulness that hasn't been out in forever. She had not any athlete's body, but a swimmer's body. She also looked as though she danced, but could have been my mind playing tricks on me. You could see that she refused to wear makeup, even if her blemishes showed. She looked about my age, 16, and I could see her as being an Athena girl.

She was wearing a white, flowing skirt, a white, flowing blouse, and a crystal tiara.

"If you have half a brain," the girl, whom I assumed was Princess Izabella, started. "You follow the rest of the people in my court." Her voice made her sound as though she thought she was one of the gods.

Grover dropped to his knees like the cowardly satyr he is. Chris hesitated, and then slowly got to his knees. Clarisse stood her ground. I knew she wasn't going to bow to the girl for all it was worth. I, personally, was still getting over the shock that we were in Greece and taking a princess to camp.

"Apparently, you two don't know how to respect those of higher class than you," said the princess.

Clarisse growled. Chris looked like he was torn between calming her down and helping her tear the princess to pieces. She was getting pretty annoying. "Listen here, Miss. Princess," Clarisse barked. "I'm not gonna kowtow to you, just because you rule Greece! We're here on orders to come and bring you to safety, not listen to you ordering us around." By now, Clarisse and Princess Izabella were nose to nose. Izabella's hand was up, as if she was about to slap Clarisse.

"Oh, dear! Izabella, what are you doing?" Everybody turned around to see the girl who spoke. She was running in with a man. Both were wearing crowns, so I assumed they must be her parents. Why she had to parents puzzled me. I looked over at the others and I saw looks of confusion on their faces, too. Mutters of "My lord and lady" could be heard around the room.

The man spoke next. "Are you from the camp?" He asked this as though he couldn't bear the thought of being separated from his daughter. I nodded in answer to his question. "No! It is not her time to go to that wretched camp! She has been perfectly-" He stopped and looked around. Every eye was on him in his weekend state. He dismissed everybody except us and those of the royal family. "She has been perfectly safe here."

Grover sniffed the air. "No she hasn't. I smell monster even now." Grover saw the glare emitting from the king and queen. "I-I just mean that…" I held in a laugh. Grover's eyes went goat style.

Chris jumped in. "We wouldn't want the princess to get hurt. Please, you highness-es. We will take good care of her."

"Wait!" said the princess. I jumped back, as did many other people there. "If this involves me, shouldn't I know what's going on?" Her face had anger, confusion, and bit of excitement, as if she couldn't wait to get out of there.

The queen went over to her daughter and hugged the life out of her. The queen the looked at us with a stern glare. "Swear on the River Styx that you will do all in your power to protect her.

"I swear," we all mumbled. She nodded and turned back to her daughter. She looked at her and they had a quick discussion in Latin that I couldn't understand. The mother had tears running down her cheeks, as did Izabella, and the dad looked as though he wanted to cry, too.

Izabella got her stuff quickly. After another teary goodbye, it was just the five of us in the throne room. "So," she said. "How are we going to get to New York?"

I looked at the others, smirked, and called Mrs. O'Leary. "Say hello to my little friend."

Ok, so I just wanted to say that the lost hero didn't happen, and Nico is 16, a year younger than Percy. So that's AU. Also, I have no clue if they have princesses in Greece right now or whatever. Review?