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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant:

Ch. 1- A Night of Drunken Passion

What a wimp he was. Only three glasses and he was already getting glossy eyed. At this rate Wolfram would end up having to drink it all practically by himself.

Though, truth be told, at this point Wolfram didn't really mind getting drunk.

Tonight should have been their night. It should have been his night.

Tonight was the 27th Demon King, Yuuri Shibuya's 18th birthday, and he should have made a very important decision about his accidental fiancée, Wolfram von Bielefeld, and their engagement that he had instead decided to completely ignore and put off for another year.


This was the third time it had happened. The third time Yuuri had refused to make a final decision about his engagement to Wolfram. They had been engaged for over two and a half years now, (since Yuuri was in the last few months of his 15th year when they had become engaged). Since then three birthdays had come up, and along with them three celebrations in which he should have properly announced his decision to either marry or not marry Wolfram.

It was mazuko tradition to announce an engagement and a wedding day, or even a dissolvement of an engagement, at a special occasion. This was usually done at one of the engaged, usually the highest ranking ones, birthday celebrations. But, so far, Yuuri had refused to acknowledge, (actually he had completely ignored), the issue of his engagement to Wolfram.

Wolfram understood why he did so at his 16th birthday celebration. Yuuri had only recently been accustomed to the mazuko life, his engagement with Wolfram was still in it's early stages, and Wolfram himself was confused about what type of future they might have together.

Then came Yuuri's 17th birthday celebration. They had been engaged for over a year, and their relationship was going quite well. Sure, Yuuri was still a little confused, but he got along just fine with Wolfram and they had already started expanding their family by adopting a little girl, Greta, a few months beforehand. Wolfram was certain that he loved Yuuri by then, and he knew, he just knew that Yuuri loved him back.

Yes, he still complained about him sleeping in his bed, and yes, he still continued to flirt with every little tramp that he saw. But he was so much more comfortable, so much more happy with him than he had been over a year ago. They went on picnics together with their daughter at least every week, (as long as he was not on earth). They took regular baths together, where often Yuuri, (though just a tiny bit reluctantly), allowed Wolfram to wash his back. They always ate meals together, even if Yuuri was busy and Wolfram just had the maids send something up for them to Yuuri's office. And, though Yuuri was entirely unaware of it, a few times Yuuri had even slung one of his arms around Wolfram when they were in bed and slept with him like that all night. Those were the best night's of Wolfram's life, even if the days afterwards were hard for him because of the lack of sleep.

But, despite all of this, Yuuri still refused to acknowledge his engagement to Wolfram in the proper way, an announcement at his celebration. Wolfram had been a little less forgiving that time around.

And now here was his 18th birthday celebration, the equivalent of a normal mazuko's 90th birthday celebration, and he was still being a indecisive wimp! There was absolutely no reason at all for Yuuri not to acknowledge their engagement properly and start considering a wedding date.

It was obvious that by now he was completely comfortable with Wolfram. He no longer complained about them sleeping in the same bed, no longer put up any type of resistance to Wolfram washing his back in the baths, and he had even begun sleeping up against or with his arm around Wolfram at least once a week.

But still, he refused to make a decision!

It was no wonder Wolfram was beginning to consider getting drunk a fine option for the night.

Yuuri pressed the next glass of wine up to his lips and slowly let the liquid flow into his mouth. "And this wine is from our fine friends in the country of Eurotia, a delicate brand made from the sweet wild berries that grow substantially in the rolling country sides of their beautiful lands, and the next one is…." Gunter rambled on and on as each glass was presented to Yuuri.

Ah, another wonderful tradition of mazuko culture. According to a custom set up by the Great One centuries ago in order to introduce a mazuko king or queen into the colorful world of mazuko high society, on the eve of said king or queen's 90th birthday they are to taste the wine of every country allied with Shin Makoku and formally thank their leaders for their gifts. This ceremony will then continue on every year on the king or queen's birthday until he or she is removed from office.

Shinou had stated that it was an excellent way for the new king or queen to get introduced to every leader of their allied countries and begin a promising friendship with each, which would benefit everyone involved. Murata had told everyone that the real reason Shinou had set up this stupid tradition was so that he could get the best wine in the world for free and be given permission to get idiotically drunk at least once a year.

And, by the way Shinou's personality had appeared to Wolfram, he had to agree with his Excellency.

Then again, Murata had his own reasons for picking on Shinou on this particular subject.

You see, there was another aspect of this tradition, one that Wolfram hadn't really been looking forward to, that was designed to help the new king or queen of Shin Makoku get through the ceremony.

Or, as Murata had put it, a way for them to get frisky with their mates.

As the tradition states, should the king or queen become so intoxicated by the wine that they can no longer drink anymore without becoming dangerously drunk, then their marriage mate, or fiancée should they not be married, or most highly appointed advisor should they not be engaged, shall continue on the ceremony drinking the wine of the different countries until it is either entirely gone, or they themselves become dangerously drunk.

Whenever one of those happens, the party is over.

And this is why Murata was a bit picky with Shinou on this subject. You see, Shinou had never been married or engaged, and since the Daikenja had been Shinou's highest advisor, he had been the one to always finish the drinks after Shinou had become drunk.

And, from what Wolfram had come to understand, it was after one of these celebrations when the Daikenja had been absent that Rufus von Bielefeld had taken his place and helped Shinou finish his wine and had ended up getting just as much drunk as he was and spending the night out in the stables with him. Apparently, she had been trying to stumble her way to her horse so she could ride home, and apparently Shinou had followed her outside to try to help her, even though he was stumbling just as much as she was in his drunken state.

Anyway, long story short nine months later Wolfram's ancestor, the son of Shinou and Rufus, was born.

Wolfram knew that the Daikenja had been close to all of his ancient friends, Shinou's advisors, but even so he didn't' see a real reason for him to be so angry at Shinou for doing something like that. After all, he was drunk, and so was Rufus, and they were both consenting adults, and Shinou did make sure that she and her child were taken care of afterwards, even if he didn't marry her, for lack of love, or officially accept the child, for fear of the child's life being in danger for him being the son of the mighty Shinou.

It took some time for Wolfram to realize that, before the celebration with Rufus, Shinou had spent every other such celebration with the Daikenja getting drunk. This made Wolfram wonder how many times they had wandered into the stables alone, the Daikenja trying to find his horse and Shinou trying to "help" him.

No wonder Murata disliked these celebrations so much. Maybe they reminded him of a time in his life when he felt more betrayed than he ever had before. Or maybe of a time when he let his anger take hold over him and missed out on a life he could have had with someone he cared very much about. Or maybe just of a time when he acted a little too "wisely." Or maybe not wisely enough.

Well, anyway, none of that was important to Wolfram right now because here he was, the new fiancée of the new demon king, watching his wimp take sip after sip of each glass given to him and getting more and more drunk with each glass. Soon it would be Wolfram's turn to start drinking all the different wines presented to him, and eventually it would be Wolfram's turn to get drunk.

"Great, just great…" Wolfram grumbled, wondering how the night could get any worse.

He had no idea.

"Mmm…." Yuuri moaned, smacking his lip softly, "dis taste goooooood…" Wolfram sighed. It was just about that time.

"Are you feeling alright your majesty?" Conrart asked from the sidelines, placing his hand on Yuuri's shoulder. Yuuri looked up and smiled happily at him. "Conrad!" He declared, dropping the glass and what was left in it on the floor to spill on the antique rug, (which wasn't so bad since this particular rug had literally been through thousands of these celebrations and survived), and threw his hands into the air.

"Call meh Yuuri Conrad! You named meh! Hey! Why'd yoooooo name me such a stupid name? That's not nice Conrad….." Yuuri stated, pouting and looking away from his godfather in a hurt fashion. Conrart couldn't help but chuckle. Wolfram scowled. Only five drinks now and he had pretty much reached his limit. There was at least seventeen more left. Wolfram was lucky that tradition didn't vindicate them drinking every single drink, otherwise he'd end up with alcohol poisoning.

It was as Yuuri was looking away from Conrart that he took notice of Wolfram and brightened up. "Wolf!" He called out, practically jumping out of his chair and glomping Wolfram. "Wolfram! You're so pretty!" He sang out, his hands wrapped around Wolfram's shoulders.

Wolfram had never been so embarrassed in his whole life.

Slowly, Wolfram stood up and pushed Yuuri off of him and back into his seat, causing Yuuri to pout again. It took a great deal of strength for Wolfram to hid his smile from view. Yuuri was so cute when he pouted! "I know wimp, I know. And you're pretty cute yourself." This made Yuuri smile again.

Wolfram looked over to Conrart, who nodded his head, then to Gwendal, who affirmed the nod. Sighing, Wolfram sat back down and beckoned Gunter to hand him the next glass of wine. It was his turn to start drinking, and, despite how depressed he was about Yuuri's refusal to acknowledge their engagement at this celebration, Yuuri's declaration of how pretty he was had made him feel just good enough to regret having to get drunk tonight.


"Here you go your majesty, Wolfram," Conrart stated as he slowly helped each boy onto the oversized bed of the demon king's bedroom.

"Mmmmm…." Yuuri mumbled, leaning over until the side of his face was pressed into the headboard. Wolfram leaned in the opposite direction, his body being supported by one of the large wooden beams of the canopy of the bed.

"Shall I help you both get into your night clothes?" He asked, not really expecting an intelligent answer. Neither of the boys made any response other than to sigh in what Conrart had to take as a yes.

"Okay then…" He stated, going over to Yuuri first. Sitting Yuuri up straight he slowly unbuttoned each of Yuuri's shirt's buttons until it was open and he could take it off of him. Next he reached over to the sides of his shirt and pulled on them, pulling it over his head. He then got on his knees and began untying Yuuri's shoes. After he untied them he pulled them off, then pulled off his socks.

It was when he was moving to Yuuri's pants that Wolfram began to speak up. "Chttttttrrrrrr!" He cried out, pushing himself up off the bed and falling on top of Conrart, who caught him and held him safely in his arms.

"Wolfram! You could have hurt yourself!" Conrart declared, holding his little brother in his arms. Wolfram looked up at him, anger in his eyes. Yuuri looked down at both of them, confusion in his eyes. "Conrad….." He groaned, sliding down off of the bed onto the floor in a less-than-graceful manner.

Sitting next to Conrart, who still had Wolfram in his arms, Yuuri took his hand and laid it gently on Wolfram's midsection. "Wolf's my fi…fi…. Wolf's mine." He stated, moving his hand so that he took Wolfram's in his. Wolfram slowly turned his head to Yuuri and smiled.

Conrart couldn't help but smile as well. "Of course, Yuuri. Wolfram's yours." He stated, lifting Wolfram up and sitting him on the bed. "I guess you're taken pretty good care of, so I'll move onto him if you don't mind?" Conrart stated to Yuuri, who looked up and nodded. Slowly he pushed himself off of the floor, using the bed as leverage, and slid back down onto it, right next to Wolfram who was being undressed by Conrart.

Once Conrart had him in nothing but his thong he walked over to a dresser that sat in the corner and opened the top drawer and took out Wolfram's frilly pink nightgown. He then walked back over to Wolfram and pulled him up so that he was in a sitting position, then slid the nightgown on him, helping him slide each arm through each armhole.

Yuuri sat quietly observing all of this, getting a little bit jealous that Conrart got to put his hands all over Wolfram while he had to sit on the sidelines and do nothing but watch. When he was done Conrart helped, (more like carried), Wolfram over to his side of the bed and sat him on it, deciding not to slip him under the covers since it was a decently warm night.

Ruffling his hair in a playful manner, Conrart smiled down to Wolfram, reflecting on how many times he had tucked him in as a child. In fact, for almost three years of his life from the ages of eleven to fourteen, (about two to three in mazuko years), Wolfram had crawled into Conrart's bed every night and had spent it cuddled up against him. It was memories like these that helped Conrart ignore Wolfram's often rude behavior towards him.

Wolfram looked up at Conrart and smiled contently. In his excessively drunken state, Wolfram forgot how angry he was at Conrart for being a half breed and remembered all the warmth and love he had given to him as a child. "Good night Wolfram," Conrart stated, removing his hand from Wolfram's hair and slowly walking away from the bed.

"G' night lil big brudder…." Wolfram mumbled, stopping Conrart in his tracks. Eyes widening for a moment, Conrart remained frozen. Within a few seconds his eyes returned to normal and he smiled deeply, turning around to stare at his little brother. Wolfram just kept smiling at him, completely oblivious to how kind he was being to his beloved little big brother. Usually he was pretty good at hiding his sentimentality.

Conrart then turned to Yuuri, his smile never fading. "And good night Yuuri." He stated. Yuuri nodded his head back, forgetting to say good night but still giving Conrart a nice smile.

After reflecting on Wolfram's words for a moment, Conrart bowed to the two beloved drunken family members he had helped into bed and took his leave, locking the door behind him to make sure no one, (particularly an overly exciting Gunter who liked to wake the maoh up as early as possible to start his lessons), would wake them up to early in the morning and risk irritating their soon to be aching heads.

As he walked down the hallway Conrart made a promise to himself that he would never forget what Wolfram had said and that it would help him get through some of Wolfram's worst outbursts, remembering that Wolfram, as much as it might appear so, actually never changed his original beloved feelings about his little big brother.

After he left, Yuuri turned to Wolfram, who slowly turned his head to him as well. "Well…." Yuuri stated, expecting Wolfram to know exactly what he was talking about. Wolfram, of course, had no idea what he meant, so rather than ask he parroted back "Well…."

Wondering why Wolfram was unable to read his mind at such an inconvenient time, Yuuri looked down to his pants, then back to Wolfram. "Take them off." He stated, clearly and with no reservations. Wolfram's eyes grew a little. "Yuuri…" He whispered, slowly inching towards his fiancée.

Normally Wolfram would have questioned why Yuuri had asked him to do such a thing, and normally he would have considered that Yuuri didn't mean something sexual when he had said something that could be taken as such, but tonight Wolfram was not normal. Tonight Wolfram was drunk, and his libido had decided that it was to take full reign over his brain.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-SEX SCENE AHEAD!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

Now, what Yuuri had actually meant when he said, "Take them off," was "Well Wolf, you chased Conrad away and I don't want to sleep in these stiff pants so now it's your responsibility to help me get dressed into my pajamas." So, you can understand his surprise when, after Wolfram had unzipped and removed his pants, that he began pulling and the sides of his underwear and sliding them off of him as well.

"Eh?" Yuuri stated, sitting up quickly in bed. Drunken increased libido Wolfram took this as a good sign, so instead of removing himself from Yuuri, who's underwear now reached halfway between his knees and hips, he lowered himself down and flicked his tongue out over the tip of Yuuri's penis.

"Ah!" Yuuri cried out, grasping Wolfram's hair, in actuality trying to pull his head away but because of his loss of balance managing to put more push than pull and actually pushing Wolfram's head more into his crotch. Wolfram also took this as a good sign.

So, in return, Wolfram opened his mouth and took the tip of Yuuri's head into it and began sucking, letting his tongue trail over the tip. Yuuri gasped, this time pushing Wolfram's head down and actually meaning to. For you see, Yuuri unfortunately was suffering from the same increased libido affect that his poor blonde fiancée was suffering from, and this increased libido effect told him to stop pretending he wasn't attracted to Wolfram because he was a boy and start violating the hell out of this beautiful person whom he had been getting secret hard-ones for for the past year and a half.

So he did.

Slowly Wolfram began to slide more of Yuuri's member into his mouth, and slowly Yuuri let his eyes drop, stroking his hands through Wolfram's hair like he was petting a cat. Wolfram's tongue circled the underside of Yuuri's penis as he sucked gently on it, managing to get just over half of it in his mouth before he had to pull it out and get some air. Staring at it, Wolfram stuck out his tongue and began running it all over Yuuri's cock, leaving a thick trail of saliva behind.

After about five minutes of this torture Yuuri had had enough. Pushing on Wolfram's shoulders, he pushed him up and away from him, and then onto the bed right next to him. He then quickly reached down to his own knees and practically ripped his own underwear off of himself, flinging them like some horrible old rag off of the bed. Yuuri moved so that he was on top of Wolfram and stared him intently in the eyes, and Wolfram stared back at him with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and fear.

Yuuri then slid his hands to Wolfram's hips and entangled them in his nightgown, pulling it up until the ends reached his navel and his thong was clearly visible to Yuuri's wandering eyes. He then reached down to that, grasping each side of it and jerking as hard as he could, causing Wolfram to yelp a little from the small amount of pain that it had caused and the shock of pleasure that it had sent through his own member. Who would have thought that Wolfram von Bielefeld wanted a dominating lover?

Wolfram could have sworn that, just at the moment Yuuri ripped his thong away from him, that Yuuri's pupils turned into slits for less than a second.

Quickly, Yuuri again took hold of Wolfram's nightgown, this time gently pulling on it until it was up and over Wolfram's head. It soon also enjoyed a comfortable spot on the floor next to their underwear and other clothes, which Conrart had left for the maids to deal with. Now his beautiful blonde was fully exposed to him, his eyes roaming Wolfram's body as his mind imagined all the wonderful things he could do to it.

Yuuri then moved his hands to the backs of Wolfram's knees, grasping then and pushing them apart and forward. Wolfram eagerly complied, spreading his legs as far as he could get them, exposing his tight entrance to his soon-to-be lover. Yuuri eyed it intently, pressing his member up so that the tip was just barely touching it.

"Wait…." Wolfram whispered, grasping one of Yuuri's hands and catching his attention. "Mmmmm….?" He questioned, wondering why Wolfram was stopping him. Wolfram then slid his body over a little and reached out to a side table with a tiny drawer. Opening the drawer, he took out a small bottle and handed it to Yuuri who eyed it curiously.

"Inside…" Wolfram whispered again. Even in this drunken libido state Wolfram remembered the lecture his mother had given him upon having safe sex. Heck, how could he forget something that horrible? Her gruesome details on tearing and blood and sharp pains had been permanently imprinted into his mind, and even if he was drunk he had no intention of enduring anything like that.

Yuuri, after a minute or so, finally understood what Wolfram meant. Yanking the cap off of the bottle, Yuuri pushed it down towards Wolfram's entrance and pushed just the very tip of it inside of him, causing Wolfram to squeak and shift uncomfortably. "Srrrrrryyyyy….." Yuuri slurred out, squeezing the bottle so that the gel inside of it was oozed into Wolfram.

Wolfram shut his eyes and arched his back, half enjoying and half disliking the new feeling of a cold substance slowly entering his body. After Yuuri had squeezed maybe a fourth of the bottle in Wolfram he took it out and squeezed a bunch in his hand, then flung it along with his underwear off of the bed. Next he ran his hand all over his own member, hissing at the cold sensation of the liquid up against his hard cock.

Once he was properly prepared, Wolfram grasped his lubricated hand, catching Yuuri's attention again. Looking up at him, Wolfram moved Yuuri's hand so that it was at his entrance, then he moved the first finger so that it was poking it.

Yuuri got the drift. Slowly he inserted his finger into Wolfram, who by now was already completely lubricated on the inside. Once it was inside, he twisted it around, moving it from one direction to the next until Wolfram gasped and arched his back. Afraid that he had hurt him, Yuuri pulled his finger out of him, but Wolfram immediately took it into his hand and pressed it at his entrance again.

"No…good….do it again…." He whispered, seductively rocking his hips back and forth so that his entrance was stroking Yuuri's finger. Yuuri couldn't take much more. He thrust his finger back inside and began doing what he had been doing before until he got the same reaction out of Wolfram, then he quickly inserted two more fingers and scissored them, taking special care to always be stroking that spot inside of the blonde that made him feel so good.

So good, in fact, that Wolfram barely noticed the slight sting of the insertion of all of Yuuri's fingers at all.

It was less than thirty seconds of him stretching Wolfram before he couldn't take any more. Pulling his fingers out of him, Yuuri then put his tip and Wolfram's entrance. Looking to him for confirmation, Wolfram nodded, and Yuuri had half of his cock inside Wolfram's body before either could blink.

Yuuri cried out from the incredible heat, pressure, and pleasure that his entrance was causing him. Wolfram cried out because of the pain. Shutting his eyes tightly, Wolfram turned his head to the side and bit his inner lip. This was for Yuuri, his Yuuri, his most loved one. If it made Yuuri feel so good, then he could take it.

Yuuri, to absorbed in his own pleasure, continued to press forward until he was entirely inside. Once he was, he looked down to Wolfram and gasped in shock. Wolfram was in pain. It was written all over his face. Deciding that pulling out would be best, Yuuri began to pull backwards when Wolfram cried out again.

"NO!" He yelped, feeling his tight muscles squeeze Yuuri's member and suck it back inside him as he tried to leave. This hurt even more than being entered. Yuuri stopped moving and looked at Wolfram in guilt. "Srrrrrrryyyy Wolf…." He whispered, stroking Wolfram's hips gently, not knowing what else to do.

Then it occurred to him, like an epiphany. Yuuri slowly tiled his body and organ inside Wolfram, searching inside for a particular spot. After a few seconds, Wolfram's entire body jerked and he arched his back so far only his hips and head were touching the bed for about five seconds.

Yes, he had found it. "Th…there! There! It's good Yuuri! It's so good!" Wolfram cried out, rocking his hips against Yuuri's. That was all the encouragement that Yuuri needed.

Pulling almost all the way out, Yuuri plunged back into Wolfram, taking care to hit that spot inside of him that made him feel "so good" as hard as he possibly could. Wolfram screamed and thrust his hips up wildly to meet with Yuuri's. It felt so good, he had never imagined that anything could ever feel so good.

He wanted more. "Fast Yuuri! Faster! Harder!" He encouraged, lifting his hips off the bed and spreading his legs even wider. This was more than enough to drive Yuuri crazy. Without hesitation he began pounding into the blonde bellow him, gripping his hips so hard that there was no doubt it would leave marks in the morning.

Harder….harder….deeper….harder…. Yuuri thrust into Wolfram, driving the blonde crazy, until he could take it no longer and screamed out as he reached his orgasm, ejaculation his seed onto Yuuri's stomach.

This was enough to send Yuuri over the edge, and he screamed out as well, filling Wolfram with his hot seed before he collapsed on the blonde. Both of them breathed wildly until eventually Yuuri turned his head to look at Wolfram. The stared into each others eyes before Yuuri leaned in for a kiss.

At first just their lips touched. Then those opened and their tongues touched. Then those went inside of each other's mouths and just about everything they had touched. Their kiss deepened more and more, until both Yuuri and Wolfram were hard again.

Wolfram moved his legs so that they were wrapped around Yuuri's hips, and slowly Yuuri began to thrust into the blonde again. That spot, oh that spot. Yuuri loved that spot that made Wolfram writhe and moan underneath him, but there was not way in hell that Yuuri could possibly love that spot more than Wolfram himself.

Using all the strength he had, Yuuri pulled himself and Wolfram up with him so that Wolfram was sitting on his lap. This gave Wolfram the chance to take more charge in their wild love making, and he took it with no restraints. He bounced wildly on Yuuri's lap at a pace so fast Yuuri thought for sure that he was going to experience a heart attack and die just as he was coming inside his fiancée for the second time of the night.

This time Yuuri was the one to come first, shooting more of his hot seed in his lover. Wolfram continued to bounce on Yuuri's lap until he himself came, falling back onto the bed with Yuuri following and falling back on him.

Smiling up at the ceiling, Wolfram waiting patiently for his kiss, but it never came. "Tis thy turn now…." He heard Yuuri whisper into his ear, causing him to turn his head and look at him. Before he could say anything a hand was at his neck, pinning him in place, and he was then looking into the slitted eyes of Yuuri's alter ego, the Maoh.

Wolfram gasped and tried to free himself from the Maoh's grip, but before he could the Maoh released his neck and took hold of his hips and flipped him over so that he was on his stomach. Before he had a chance to try to escape or even react to his attack the Maoh thrust himself deep inside of him and began pounding into him with a strength that Wolfram didn't think was physically possible, hitting that spot inside of him full on each and every time.

Wolfram could do nothing else but scream out in pleasure like a wanton whore. "AH! AH! AH!" Wolfram cried as the Maoh thrust inside of him faster and faster, holding his hips to keep him from being flung forwards into the headboard.

The Maoh never spoke, he simply continued his thrusting and moaned out in his own pleasure. Eventually Wolfram came onto the bed sheet bellow him, not being able to take the amount of pleasure the Maoh was ruthlessly inflicting upon him. A few seconds later the Maoh came inside of him, and Wolfram assumed that that would be it.

But he was wrong, so wrong.

The Maoh then pulled him forwards so that he was on his hands and knees, and, taking a firm grip of Wolfram's hips, he began to thrust deeply and wildly inside of him again. Wolfram cried out again, the mixture of extreme pleasure and drunken weakness keeping him from being able to put up any sort of fight against the Maoh.

The Maoh then cruelly reached bellow Wolfram and took his member into his hand and began stroking it, driving Wolfram completely insane. He came less than ten seconds later, for the fourth time that night. Soon enough the Maoh came inside of him as well.

Grasping his hair in a rough manner, but not so rough as to actually hurt the blonde, the Maoh jerked him forwards, then pushed him into the headboard, his cock popping out of the blonde when he shoved him away from himself. This caused a good portion of the semen inside of Wolfram to leak out of him and down his legs, which made him shiver and moan and caused him to automatically become hard again.

The Maoh smiled at his handiwork. "Good, neh?" He asked, moving forward again before Wolfram had a chance to protest and shoving himself back inside the blonde, who screamed again. There was no doubt in the morning that his voice would become sore from all the screaming.

Banging Wolfram into the headboard and wall, the Maoh reached between Wolfram and the headboard and once again grasped the blonde's member and began pumping it, driving him out of his mind. Wolfram whimpered and involuntarily thrust into the touch, the feeling being too good to deny.

Five minutes later he came again, and a few seconds after the Maoh came again as well. It was obvious that the thing that sent the Maoh over the edge was the tight suction that Wolfram's muscles put on his dick when Wolfram had an orgasm.

It was his every intention to force the blonde to orgasm as many times as he possibly could.

Pulling out of Wolfram and turning him around, he grabbed onto the blonde's hips and picked him up off the bed and pushed him into the wall and positioned him on top of his organ. "Please…" Wolfram whined, his head lulling forward to lay on the Maoh's shoulder, "…please…no more…" The Maoh stopped for a moment, gently brushing his cheek against Wolframs.

"Thou art mine mate, thou shall not deny me." He stated, shoving his cock back inside Wolfram, who cried out into his shoulder. Holding onto Wolfram's hips to keep him from sliding down, the Maoh thrust into him, causing Wolfram's back to slide up and down against the headboard. If it had been a cheap wood Wolfram would have been covered in splinters by now.

Again the Maoh reached down and took Wolfram's organ into his hand, and again his touches to said organ eventually caused the blonde or orgasm again, which instigated his own orgasm.

Next he laid the blonde back on the bed so that he was on his side and held his left leg up above his shoulder as he entered the blonde, Wolfram's right leg resting between the Maoh's two legs. Wolfram cried out again, this time being entirely unable to move from the sheer exhaustion of experiencing so many orgasms.

Afterwards he turned Wolfram onto his back and lifted him up so that his hips and half his back were off of the bed, his legs spread and splayed out to either side of him, his knees at each side of his head. This position got him deeper into the blonde than he had been in any of the previous ones, reaching places inside of him that caused Wolfram to orgasm twice in that position.

When he was done with that position he pulled Wolfram to the side of the bed so that his legs where hanging off of it. Standing up in between Wolfram's legs and spreading them wide, the Maoh entered him again, causing a multitude of tears to stream down from Wolfram's eyes.

He wasn't crying because the Maoh wouldn't stop, and he wasn't crying because he was in any type of pain. He was crying because the pleasure wouldn't stop, it just kept on and on and it was driving him completely out of his mind.

When he was done with that, the Maoh flipped him over and pulled him so that his knees were on the ground and his body was resting against the side of the bed, which was supporting him.

After that, Wolfram lost count of how many different times the Maoh made him come and any other positions he used. For the way it felt for him Wolfram thought it had been thousands.

Finally, though, the Maoh had been satisfied, and he lay Wolfram gently on the bed and stroked his hair, leaning forward and planting a gentle kiss on his forehead.

"Know that thou hath pleased me," the Maoh whispered, " and that for such I shall always remain faithful only to thee. For thou art mine mate, and thou shall always remain as so." Then the Maoh lowered himself on the bed next to Wolfram and shut his eyes, both he and Yuuri drifting off into a deep sleep.

Wolfram was practically asleep as the Maoh had spoken to him, but still, somehow, the words reached his ears, and despite what he had been through they brought a comfort to his heart that made him feel as though it was all worth it, if only he and Yuuri can be together from now on.