Title: Love

By: Riri-chi

Summary: Yaya knows what this feeling is but she doesn't know if it should be there. After all, Yaya sees the way that Kairi looks at Amu-chi..

Author's Note/Disclaimer Note: This is in Yaya's POV obviously. I epically failed while writing this so give me a break since this is the first time I am writing as Yaya. This is another small drabble of mine and this time it is on Yaya's feelings. I do not own anything.


You know lately, Yaya has been getting this strange feeling in her heart. This feeling always comes in her manga books that Yaya consumes her time with at home.

Personally, Yaya never expected for this to happen. This feeling in her heart just wants to come out and explore. However, Yaya knows that she can't let it. She knows that if she lets this feeling in that there will be tears and heartache. Of course, Yaya's guides are her shoujo mangas because the moments are so realistic.

Yaya knows what this feeling is but she doesn't know if it should be there. After all, Yaya sees the way that Kairi looks at Amu-chi..

This feeling is the best feeling any girl can get even Yaya. It's the type of feeling that makes Yaya's heart pound. A feeling that lets butterflies roam around and makes Yaya get excited. This feeling is the feeling that Yaya treasures the most.

The feeling of love.

Yet sometimes Yaya wonders why she even feels this way. You would wonder why Yaya fell in love with Kairi. After all he is our very own Class President. Hehe.

Although, Yaya still wants to be the youngest. Hmph, sometimes Yaya wishes that Class Prez would chill out on his seriousness and just cut loose and have fun... hehe. Yaya can deal with it though. After all, Yaya is Seiyo Guardians' Ace. This is the part where Yaya winks with a peace sign.

But for some reason, Yaya's heart is breaking apart.

It all started when she heard Kairi's confession to Amu-chi. It was that same day that he was leaving to go back to the country side where his parents are. Yaya was with Rima-tan and we were surprised. Even Amu-chi was surprised as well. Yaya wouldn't blame her because a confession like that out of the blue is like a real live shoujo moment. Yaya must admit that she was impressed even if it did hurt.

So why does Yaya feel this way for Kairi? Yaya loves the way he tries to call her name but she hates it when he tries to add the honorific "senpai" at the end. Sometimes he calls Yaya "Ace" which Yaya doesn't like either. Yaya also loves how Kairi has a caring, adventurous side to him. When Kairi helped out with the poppy flowers... he was so courageous then.

Sometimes Yaya wishes that Kairi would be her ninja charming. Yet maybe just starting off as friends is a good thing. Yaya likes the idea of that...

Even if love tries to take over, Yaya knows that in she is brave in the heart. Even if Kairi still loves Amu-chi for Amu-chi...

Yaya is still Yaya and she will never change who she is even if it's for love.