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Work today was hard. Well, it wasn't really hard, just annoying and tedious. Newton Corp. decided we needed a complete overall of our software system, so that meant outfitting all 3,000 computers within the organization with new and improved software. Had we all converted to Apple computers, like I suggested last year, my job may have been slightly easier, but since employees use both Macs and PCs, I and my staff were nearly at our wits' end and well on the way to having completely fried brains.

That's why I was so happy to be here at home, lying next to Edward in bed, dicking around on the internet. I'm sure you're probably wondering why someone who works on computers all day would want to then sit in front of yet another computer in the solace of his own home. Well, this isn't work. I'm just doing stupid stuff: reading gossip blogs, checking sports scores and trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to dress up as for Comic Con this year.

This will be the third time Edward and I will venture down to San Diego to absorb all the cool nerdom at Comic Con. It's a pretty special place for us since it's where we finally expressed our feelings for one another and embarked on our relationship, still going strong almost two years later. We dated for a little over a year until Edward asked me to move in with him. I'd only been hoping and praying he'd ask for about six months, but I didn't let him know that because I didn't want to seem clingy. However, knowing that he wanted me lying next to him in bed every night and waking up together every morning was one of the best feelings in the world.

Integrating our lives was pretty easy. I'll admit I was a little nervous about working and living together, but Edward explained we had nothing to worry about because we work in two totally different departments and still managed to date each other for 13 months without incident. Why would something suddenly change now that we lived together? As always, he was right. Even though we work for the same company, our jobs are separate enough that they don't overlap our personal lives, and I couldn't be happier.

As looked over at Edward, who was intensely watching Man vs. Food, and smiled. He is a wonderful man, an incredible boyfriend and a loving, passionate partner. I couldn't have asked for more in man; although I may have to rethink that sentiment when I tear him away from one of his favorite shows in a minute. I swear, if he met Adam Richman he'd probably squeal like a fangirl. When the show went to commercial, I seized the opportunity to speak to my boyfriend.

"Hey, Edward."


"Have you thought at all about your costume for Comic Con?"

He turned his head and I immediately saw the excitement and mirth in his yes.

"Yes, why?"

"Well, and are you going to tell me about your ideas," I asked slowly.

He looked off into space for a moment and pretended to think.

"I don't know. I haven't decided yet."

"Oh, come on, Edward!"

He chuckled. "Stop whining. It's unbecoming."

"Unbecoming my ass…"

"Your ass is mighty delectable."

"Shut up," I said feigning annoyance, but the smile on my face betrayed the façade.

"I don't have all the details sorted yet, so I want it to be a surprise."

After the success of our costumes two years ago, Edward and I made a tradition of dressing up one time for the masquerade party. I don't think we're dedicated enough for more costumes, but maybe one day.

Last year we worked together and came up with what I thought were cool costumes. Edward dressed up as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, complete with the big hat and gun. He looked so good in uniform. I could barely keep my hands to myself all night. I kept trying to grope his 'gun,' much to his embarrassment. Needless to say we attacked one another when we returned to our hotel room that night. We originally planned on me dressing up as Rick's right-hand man, Shane, but I decided to go with Daryl Dixon instead. I just thought it would be cool to go a different route and do something unexpected. So I found some distressed jeans, cut the sleeves off of one my old flannel shirts, put on my most worn boots and strapped a cross bow to my back. Daryl hadn't yet reached the level of absolute awesomeness on the show yet, so I'm happy I was one of the first to cosplay him.

This year I seemed to be having more trouble coming up with the perfect costume.

"Edward, I don't know what to do this year," I grumbled.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and kissed my temple.

I love when he does that.

"Don't worry about it, babe. You'll think of something."

Just then the trailer for The Avengers played on the TV. Edward and I went to see it opening night and acted like two pre-adolescents as we sat wide-eyed and watched our favorite superheroes kick ass.

"I've got it," he exclaimed.


"Thor! You should dress up as Thor!"

"Are you drunk? I could never be Thor. Sure, I have somewhat blonde hair, but he's so…big!"

"I think you'd do a great job. You're hardly small, you know," he said with a lecherous wiggle of his eyebrows. "If you started growing out your hair now, you wouldn't have to wear a wig."

My hair was already chin-length, and longer than I'd ever let it grow in the past, but Edward seemed to like it, so I kept it. I had been planning on at least getting it trimmed in the next couple of days because it was starting to get on my nerves, always falling in my face and getting in the way.

"Thanks, Edward, for your vote of confidence, but I don't want all of Comic-Con laughing at me when I walk in portraying the god of thunder. Maybe I could be Loki?"

"Like hell! You are not going to cosplay Loki! You are Thor!"

"Yeah, sure. Just promise me you'll get me out of there when the fanboys start throwing tomatoes and iPads at me."

"Don't worry. You'll have your hammer to protect yourself."

"You are such a dork, Edward, but I love you anyway."

He leaned in close and whispered, "Mmmm, and I love your big hammer. You sure know how to use it."

My blood pumped furiously through my veins as my heart sped up. Edward lightly licked my neck and nuzzled deeper as his hand drifted down my chest, stomach and finally landed at my groin.

"Oh! Looks like your hammer is poised and ready for some action."

"For you, Edward, my hammer is always ready for action."

I thought I'd give you all a quick look into the guys' life since we saw them last. I will be attending Comic Con again this year, so I plan on updating the story again afterwards. I'm sure I'll receive a lot of inspiration! Stay tuned and I'll see you in July! :)

Cosplay: Costume Play


After thoroughly sucking, fucking and convincing Jasper that he would make a great Thor, I wracked my brain trying to come up with something suitable for myself. When I told Jasper I didn't have the details of my costume ironed out yet, I wasn't lying. I actually have no idea what I want to do.

Slowly slipping out of Jasper's embrace as he softly snored and mumbled in his sleep, I quietly padded into our walk-in closet. I don't know what I expected to find, but I hoped I'd get some kind of inspiration. Scanning the various articles of clothing, I felt at a loss. I didn't want to disappoint Jasper, since Comic Con is so much fun for him, so I needed this to be perfect. Ever since our first trip to Comic Con together two years ago, he's opened my eyes to a world I never thought I'd be interested in. He now has me reading comic books, watching more superhero movies than I care to admit and we've even gone to smaller cons in the area. He is slowly transforming me into a nerd and I love every moment because it's part of who he is and I love everything about him.

Frustrated, I turned to switch off the light when my eyes fell on two small round LED lights, like the ones you use in cupboards and closets, that Jasper bought a few days ago.

An idea suddenly hit me. I knew exactly who I was going to cosplay in July!

LOL! You know after watching The Avengers, I had to leave a little something extra at the very end! Do you think you know who Edward's going to cosplay this year?

p.s. If you haven't seen The Avengers yet, go see it and be sure to stay all the way through the scrolling credits.