Authors note: Drabble-and-a-half, after the battle, but before Marcoh offers the Stone to heal Roy's vision. No pairings.

It was weeks before Ed saw Mustang. But when he did he stood still watching the now blind man with his people. Bradley had been a fool to think that splitting this team would thwart Mustang-all it did was widen the Colonel's intelligence network and sphere of influence.

Ed was incredibly relieved with how well Mustang was reacting to his handicap. Though he would never admit it, he admired and respected the man.

Allowing a smirk to cross his face he deliberately stomped into the room just as he always had into Mustang's office.

Mustang started but gave a small laugh, "That could only be Fullmetal."

Ed immediately scowled and placed himself at the end of the bed, hands on hips, "I'm not an Alchemist anymore."

Mustang looked amused, "You might not be an Alchemist, but you're always going to be Fullmetal."

Ed thought a moment and then smiled, "Yeah."