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Norrington exhaled deeply after hearing Will's story, not sure what to say.

Jones had stabbed Will during the battle, and with Jack's help, Will had stabbed Jones's heart, which killed him. It was the only way to ensure Will's life, though it placed him under the curse of becoming Captain of the Flying Dutchman. He and Elizabeth had been married, and she was now on an island inhabited by a small colony-Europeans, Will assumed. He would be able to see her one day every ten years, when he could set foot ashore. The Black Pearl had gone its separate way, though no doubt onto their next adventure, since Jack and Barbossa had been fighting over the navigational charts.

Beckett was dead. The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman had attacked the Endeavour, and they were sure there had been no survivors.

"Groves told me what had happened to you," Will offered. Bootstrap, standing nearby, lowered his head a bit.

Norrington looked at him. "How did he know?"

Will hesitated. "He said Annabelle told him."

Norrington's heart skipped a beat. "When did he see her?"

"Groves told me she was brought onboard the Endeavour after your...demise. He said Beckett was holding her in custody for interrogation." He saw Norrington's demeanor change before he added, "She was placed onboard another ship. She was not onboard when the Endeavour was attacked."

Norrington only nodded, trying to take it all in. He didn't know if Annabelle was still alive despite not having been on the Endeavour, but now there was a good chance his friend Groves was dead. And now he was onboard this cursed ship. It seemed this nasty cycle would never end.

Norrington tightened his grip on the rail before looking at Will again, preparing himself for whatever answer he was about to receive. "What fate awaits me now?"

Will's lips twitched before he answered. "I won't ask you to become part of the crew, seeing you're alive and Jones did not incite the curse upon you. That is, unless you wish to, then I have no other choice." His insides felt heavy as he admitted, "I can't, however, return you to Port Royal. My curse is to sail the seas for ten years. I have already had my one day ashore. I can't sail too close to land, and part of my curse is to wander the seas."

Norrington nodded, which told Will he didnt have to explain further. "I do not wish to return to Port Royal, at least not without a way of restoring my life again first." He sighed.

"May I offer my counsel, Admiral?"

Norrington looked back up and gave Will his full attention. "My advice would be you chose any path other than remaining here."

"Why?" Norrington was curious, so he went along with it. "There's nothing left for me."

"I doubt that."

"How would you know?"

Will swallowed. He had to be careful. He wanted to tell him his suspicions of Annabelle's affections, but he wasn't entirely sure if he was correct. After all, Groves had not mentioned whether she admitted love or not when she'd been on the Endeavour, and Will certainly never heard her say it. Still, he doubted Norrington would believe him, and he had no way of knowing if Norrington felt the same.

"I only know there is almost always some reason that wills a person to keep living." Will wished in that instant that he was certain, but he had no way of knowing. "The best offer I can give you is to place you on the Pearl, though it would take a couple days to reach them."

Norrington tried to hide his anger. Blast that curse! Because of it, he had no choice but to either join the crew or go back to the Pearl. Then an idea hit him. It was far-fetched, but perhaps he could find his own way back to Port Royal if he did board the Pearl. Perhaps when they docked somewhere he could find passage elsewhere. He wouldn't be betraying them. If he remembered correctly, they would probably be glad to be rid of him after that-at least Jack would. Or maybe he could find passage aboard another ship entirely. After all, Norrington would rather die than become part of this crew or any crew. He wanted to rid himself of piracy and regain his life as it once was.

He thought back to stabbing Jones and feeling the will to live. What did he have to live for? Will had just stated there was almost always a reason for a person wanting to live. Maybe when he returned to Port Royal-however long it took-he would find out.

"Well, Admiral," Will's calm voice brought him back to the present. "What is your decision?"